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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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My Blogging Highlights So Far

It's coming up to my blog's fourth anniversary (and my 18th - scary!) so I thought I'd spend this post looking back at my most favourite moments that have come from my blog. I'm taking a time machine back to 2016 when my blog really began to get exciting. 2015 was a good year to me but looking back, I started to get some really great opportunities mid 2016.

Photo Credits: Poppy Robling

Interviewing The Hunna

This was a risky move for me. I started interviewing bands and artists in 2015 but this was the first band that people at my school actually knew. It was also my very first face-to-face interview and I was terrified. You can read my very first interview with them here.

I had a great time with them though and we chatted for over an hour about god-knows what. I tried to get as much of it into the interview as possible but I have kept a few things to myself.

In January 2017, I interviewed them a second time and we spent around two hours (again) chatting about everything and anything before their show. We drew, rapped and spoke about our zombie apocalypse plans.

These lads are so genuine and I'll always support them. Go and listen to their new album, Dare - it's a real great collection of songs.

The Clothes Show 2016

I had so much fun at The Clothes Show in 2016. I had been invited to it and had to request educational leave to have the day off school. This is the first time I told people about my blog, a small collection of my teachers knew (media, digital applications and head of years) in order for me to go.

I found my identity badge from when I attended and it gave me so many good memories. When I went, it was the very last year of The Clothes Show being held at the NEC in Birmingham.

My Superdrug Feature

I was in the car on the way to Hunstanton when I got - by far - the most exciting email I have ever received. The Superdrug PR team had seen my review of their self bronzing products and wanted to quote me on an in-store promotional poster in stores all around the UK.

After a few emails back and forth, I was sent the poster before it's released and was so proud of myself (my mum was pretty proud of herself too since it was her photo of me being used on the poster).

I'd just started college when it was put into the stores in September 2017 and I remember going into my local Superdrug that frequently that the staff started to actually recognise me and they still smile even to this day!

Dawbell PR

I've got my fair share of contacts and when I had the opportunity to work with Dawbell PR (Harry Styles, Paul McCartney, Rhianna and so many more) on a live review of Barns Courtney, I was very excited. Since then, I have worked with them again.

JP Cooper

In October 2017, my college collaborated with Capital FM to bring JP Cooper to Leicester. With my motto - if you don't ask, you don't get, I confronted the marketing team at my college about arranging an interview with JP Cooper which wasn't allowed to be arranged for some reason.

I did have the chance to interview Tom and Claire from Capital FM though which was a blast.

When I was at the event, I managed to get backstage and I bumped into JP Cooper's manager. Me being my cheeky self, I asked for a quick interview with the performer. I got it.

I ran up and down ten flights of steep stairs to grab my questions I had prepared before the event and was a sweaty mess when I got into his dressing room but it was so worth it.


This was a stressful event to say the least but ended up to be one of the most exciting events I've been to. I had a scheduled interview with New Hope Club at the event and for some reason, wasn't allowed in the press section.

After bumping into Over Atlantic (who I later interviewed), we walked to the bands entrance together and I managed to grab myself a backstage pass. Yes - a backstage pass at the Genting Arena (inner fangirling even to this day). It was such an amazing experience.

After interviewing New Hope Club, I went into the press room (thank you all access pass) and met a few other Youtubers.

We spent the day wondering around and I casually bumped into Tom Daley backstage and we chatted for ages. I honestly still can't get over meeting him, I've loved him since before his very first Olympic game. Mad. I even caught it on camera!

I also bumped into The Shades backstage who I later interviewed at the Texfest.

Working With Vision Express

Never in my life would I imagine myself collaborating with Vision Express. They're such an amazing brand and I'm a big fan of always having a beaut pair of glasses.

When thy told me I had a certain amount of money to spend with them, I went and grabbed the Calvin Klein glasses I had my eyes on for a while. To this day, I am so grateful for them and am really proud to have worked with them.

Visiting The Capital FM Studios

As a result of interviewing Tom and Claire from Capital FM in October 2017, they offered me a chance to shadow them for an afternoon at the studio.

For my 17th birthday, I went to Nottingham and sat with them, planing their show, meeting some people in the office and sitting in on their show. We had a blast and it was a brilliant way to spend my birthday. You can watch my vlog here.

My RUSH Transformation

I'd worked with RUSH Hair and Beauty in the past and they have now become my go-to hairdressers. In March 2018, they gave me such a transformation on them.

My hair had an awful experience at a local hairdressers in 2017. I asked for a balayage and ended up going full blonde. So after it had grew out a bit, they offered for me to come in and have my hair sorted out. 

I absolutely loved my hair. I went back recently to have some lowlights put into it.

Developing My Music Photography

In March, I interviewed Fickle Friends and in April I reviewed Tokio Myers live performance. These are the events that have made me develop a passion for live music photography.

Since then, I have been refining my skills and will be buying myself a new camera for my 18th which is more suitable for the events. I even have my own website.

This Morning Live

I was very kindly invited to this event and had a whale of a time (am I using the right whale here? aha!). The train journey there was...horrific to say the least but I survived it after an intense panic attack.

When we arrived, I met some lovely people from different publications. I got a free Newgate watch (which I absolutely ADORE) and also won a Google Home Mini which I'm blasting music out of when I'm home alone.


This was my very first festival and although it's not the V Festival or Reading and Leeds I still had a really run day out with my mum and sister.

At the event, I interviewed The Shades, who I'd bumped into at Hello World a few months prior. I also interviewed The Hoosiers who were lovely.

The day as a whole was great, I had my hair braided (yes, I am secretly 5 years old) and went on the Twister too many times to count.

110 Above

I took my dad to this festival. It's truly an amazing event that barely anyone knows about. There were some brilliant bands playing and I finally got the chance to meet and interview (face-to-face) Marsicans after working with them on several occasions.

The festival as a whole was so fun and I'm planning on attending next year too - this time I'll be camping over!

IT Cosmetics

This is one of my most recent highlights. I was very happy when I got the chance to work with this brand - I have never tried IT Cosmetics before and I am absolutely in love with them now. You can read my review here.

What have been your highlights over the past few years?

Until next time...

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