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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Content and Communications Coordinator from Leicester.

I love handbags so much so that I can hear my bank account crying when I go shopping and I'm nearly always listening to music. If you want to send me some new music recommendations that you're loving, please do!

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Looking back at 2017

2017 has been very nice to me. It started off pretty uneventful but the last few months really gone well. In this post I'll be reviewing my year and letting you know about some of the things that I have lined up for the year ahead - and let me tell you, they're coming a lot quicker than you think.

What I Got for Christmas this Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas which was full of smiles and joy - I did. In fact, I had one of the best Christmas Day's that I've had in years. Watching my family open their presents was so fun, and of course I am grateful for all of the gifts that I received too. Christmas dinner was scrummy and the games we played between the dinner and dessert was super fun, my day was full with laughter.

What Are You - Naughty or Nice?

I don't use dry shampoo often but I was running low so I needed some more. Batiste are my go-to brand and they work a treat on my hair. They have a myriad of scents that you can't help but love. The smaller cans were on offer in Boots so I picked up two, Naughty and Nice. How appropriate c…

Get the Perfect Gift for Her, this Christmas

I went shopping with my friend the other day and he didn't have much clue on what to get his girlfriend for Christmas, other than something that she'd mentioned to him. He was telling me about how he'd love someone to produce a list of ideas to help him out (aka me, lol). So this is for all you lads out there that have no idea on what to get for that all important woman in your life this Christmas - or for a birthday. This guide will help you in any situation.

15 Ways To Get Your Crush To Notice You

So no way am I a flirting expert but I can definitely help you get your crushes attention. I've racked my brain (and the internet) on what will make a lad notice you. Getting them to understand that you like them is extremely difficult though. They can be pretty oblivious. But here's 15 way in which you can get the to notice you and also get them to like you that little bit more.

Mouthwatering Melt in the Middle Chocolate Cupcakes

It's been forever since I last posted a recipe and since seeing all of the delicious food that my blogging friend, Sophia, has been making, it got me in the mood to bake. This was meant to be up sooner but I took a surprise visit to A&E. 

Top Pick of the Week - Lauv

I've been loving this artist for a while and I have no idea why I haven't included him on my blog yet. What's wrong with me? Lauv is an American artist that has been smashing it with his chilled music.

Dress To Impress At Your Christmas Parties

I've been super busy online shopping, as per usual, this Christmas. I'm sure the rest of you have too. A few years ago, I did a little Christmas and New Years Party Outfits post and it seemed to go down really well so I've decided to bring you a more updated version! I hate shopping for parties, it can be super difficult. To help you out, I've put together three outfits for you to get inspired. I'll make sure to list every place where you can get each item, don't worry - they're form shops that you'll have heard of!

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