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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Top Free Apps All Bloggers Should Have

As a blogger, having different apps for different things is how we live our lives. There's an app for everything now-a-days but I'm going to walk you through the best free apps that all bloggers should have on their phones.


Are you really a blogger is you don't have a Twitter page? Twitter is a way that I generate the majority of my audience. Although I'm really rubbish at tweeting myself, I love to read other people's tweets and find some really good content on this app. I find blogging opportunities through Twitter and make new friends too!


This is my tweet scheduling app. To reach my optimal stats, I schedule my tweets throughout the night and there ain't no way that I'm waking up every two hours to tweet. The best thing is is that you can reschedule tweets, this has made my life so much easier. I just go through my profile now and delete any tweets that haven't had any interactivity so my profile doesn't get too cluttered.


I personally think that this is a dying platform but Facebook can be really useful. Facebook adverts are another way that I catch people's attention and they pay off! I'm included in several private groups where we all chat about things and find new opportunities. 


I love this app so much. I'm currently trying to post a photo a day and it seems to be going quite well. I never really enjoyed Instagram but recently, I've been up-keeping some themes and it's really fun. I've seen my followings going up and it's a great way of making friends!


This is what I use to edit my photos for Instagram. Initially, I'll give them a quick edit on Adobe Photoshop before I start my edit in this app. It's a super easy app which you can pick up easily and create some really gorgeous Insta photos. There's filters, shadow tints, sharpness, contrast, it all!


I keep track of all of my followers on this app. I ain't for you people who follow and then unfollow so that's how I keep track. It's great for the basics to see who you're following and who you're not as well as who has recently unfollowed you. I can see youuuuu.


I don't really watch many YouTube videos but it helps me get inspiration and to see what's trending at the moment. YouTube is a way of exploring new content and finding new things to talk about. Recently, I've ventured into having my own channel where I've begun uploading content. It's going really slow at the moment so if you want to go and subscribe ;) (some cheeky self-promo there).


This is for you Apple people. I love iMovie, I've recently gotten Adobe Premier Pro which is great but for a basic video, iMovie is just as good. It's super easy to use, although I do prefer to use it on a MacBook.


Pinterest is supposedly really good at generating an audience but I've never really gotten the hang of it. This is an app that I'm going spend some of my time looking into more this year!


This is an app that you can create all kinds of things on. I use it to create my media kit, Youtube Thumbnails and Pinterest posts! I even created my blog logo on here. Canva is an app you need for sure. 


I love this app. Whenever I get some time, maybe when I'm on the bus, I'll flick through my feed and have a read of some blogs. You can save them into groups so if you don't have time to read it you can go back and find it easily. Bloglovin' is a way of finding loads of blogs all in one place, I love it!


This is a great app to get your views up. I use it and I get short bursts of a large amount of views which does great. You submit your website to the app and it will come up on other people's feed depending on their interests.


Loads of blogger use this app, you basically write mini reviews of products. The more reviews you do, the better your ranking is. The better your ranking is, the more likely you're going to receive a VoxBox. A VoxBox is a box that Influenster send you for free with some products in from a brand like Rimmel London or Marc Jacobs.

What's your go-to app?

Until next time...

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  1. Infuenster sounds great, I think I'll have to download it! I actually don't have twitter, but I feel like I should get it. I'm going to try and free up some storage then download! xox

    1. You totally should have Twitter!!! I seriously love it!

  2. I love these apps too! I think I'll download Influenster, thanks for the tips.

    Abby |

  3. I have just downloaded Buffer and StumbleUpon. They sound really useful! Thank you for this post.

    Rachel |

    1. I love both of those apps! Buffer is fab! x

  4. I've downloaded a few you recommend but I can't seem to get the hang of Pinterest either! Thanks for the post :)

    1. Aw, you're welcome! Thanks for commenting xx

  5. All of these apps are fantastic! I definitely must check out stumbleupon because I've heard a lot of good things about it but have never used it myself. Wonderful post:)

    maria |

    1. I love StumbleUpon, it's definitely a must if you want to get some more traffic! x

  6. Aw I love so many of these apps! All definitely needed for a blogger! Xx


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