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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

welcome to my blog

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5 After Midnight Talk To Me About Their EP, The Sauce

5 After Midnight came third in the X Factor 2016 and since then have been keeping their fresh sound, not forgetting those awesome dance routines! After their first single was released, Up In Here, it gained a massive amount of recognition with how catchy this tune was. Since then, the lads are releasing their EP, The Sauce. So far they have only let us hear the first track, Taste which is just as good as their previous single. 

Catching Up With JP Cooper

On Wednesday night I had the amazing opportunity to head down to a gig at The Athena in Leicester to see JP Cooper perform live. I've been a fan of this man for a while now and whenever his songs come on, I can't help but sing along. He adds a whole new sense of meaning to his music and I was very excited to see how he would perform live.

Meeting Tom and Claire from Capital FM

On Wednesday night I tagged along to a local gig that my college had organised. In collaboration with Capital, Leicester College had organised JP Cooper to perform at The Athena in Leicester and I was buzzing the whole day! I couldn't wait to get to the event, my tutors just gave up with me in my sessions.

I had a fantastic opportunity to interview Tom and Claire from Capital FM and they were lovely! I'm currently editing a vlog that I had done throughout the night and there are a few funny clips of them on there. 

If you're interested in working in radio, this would be a great interview to read as we chatted quite a bit about that topic. This is one conversation that you don't want to miss, although Tom and Claire are used to being the interviewer, I think they did quite well when the tables were turned.

Why You Need A Makeup Obsession Palette

A little while ago, I complimented one of the waitresses eye makeup in Nando's and she let me into her secret. Some Boots stores sell the brand Makeup Obsession - I had never heard of this brand before so I was excited to give it a go. I visited a store in Derby and they had it at the back of the store, I was impressed with the pricing of it, this brand is pretty cheap considering it's advantages. With this particular brand, you can mix it up as you can customise your palette with chosen shades of blushers, contours, bronzers, highlighters, lip colours and eye shadows. The temptation is real, and before you know it you've spent more money than you actually have in the bank!

Men's Clothes Rock

Women's clothes can be super uncomfortable, especially when you range from a size 10 up to a size 20. Yeah, that's me. Women's size charts irritate me, in different countries we're different sizes but men, they're all chilled and normal with their size charts. I love the Small, Medium and Large range, its so much more simple. Although not all of men's clothes are catered for women, some of them do. And half the time they are so much more comfy!

Meridian Leisure Park - Fun for All Ages**

A week or so ago, I was invited last minute to an event at the Meridian Leisure Park in Leicester. I love the park for it's array of eating places, fantastic Vue cinema and fun bowling allies. So when I got the email though, I was jumping up and down about the experience I would have that night. 

Interview with Chris from Coasts

On Thursday night, I headed down to a gig and had a great night. Coasts are a band that I have been loving lately and I was very excited when I got the chance to chat with Chris, the lead singer. I met the whole band and they were all lovely lads, they can give an amazing live performance too! I also got the chance to talk with the guys from Misfires, who were supporting Coasts at the time, and they were a great group of guys. You can read one of my previous reviews of their single, Come on Over, here.

Top Pick of the Week - Georgie Keller

A little while ago I went to a Barns Courtney gig and was blown away by the performance from Georgie Keller, I just had to share his music with you all. I was going to do this at the end of September but things got in the way but hey, we're here now! Aged 19, Georgie Keller is relatively new to the music scene and has released just two solo tracks so far. Two tracks that I can't get enough of!

The Best Drugstore Palettes for Autumn

If you're anything like me, this Autumn you're dying for that Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette but that's pretty much impossible because I never have that much money in my bank account. So I've been through some of my own palettes trying to find some that are perfect for Autumn. I only had a few so I popped down to my local Superdrug and picked up a couple more. I think I'm sorted now for Autumn. You're going to love these palettes!!

#TalkingPeriods My Most Unexpected Period

TOTM (Time Of The Month) got in contact with me the other day about a campaign that they wanted to start all about that dreaded 3-7 every girl has every month, this campaign is called #TalkingPeriods. I thought this was a great campaign as periods are such a taboo and I have no idea why, it's a natural process isn't it? So why are we so shush about the whole thing?

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash Review**

Body washes are a must for my shower, I don't know about you but I love them. The Body Shop are my favourite as they have a myriad of scents that are just too addictive. When I was sent some of Australian Bodycare's Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash I couldn't be happier as I love trying out new products. I've been using this for a while now and have been super happy with it.

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