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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Barns Courtney - Live Review**

Saturday night I decided to tag along to a local gig at The Cookie in Leicester, where English singer songwriter, Barns Courtney, was performing. I had a wonderful night, in fact, I had so much fun that I'm still tired and trying to catch up on sleep on my day off. If you haven't heard of Barns Courtney than you're probably kidding yourself, you'll know his music when you hear it (especially you Fifa fans). Is Barns as good live, as he is in the studio? Hell yes!
Doors opened at 8pm and we all headed down to the basement where the performance would take place. I love the atmosphere of The Cookie, if you haven't payed a visit, it's a definite recommend - even if you don't go to see something live, the food is delicious! Supporting Barns Courtney was Georgie Keller, a new and upcoming artist that you're bound to be adding to your playlist. 

Georgie was phenomenal, he gave a flawless performance which the audience really enjoyed. Support acts never seem to get as much engagement from the audience but Keller had no problem getting the crowd to sing along to his catchy tunes. His singles include, Vibe and All On Me which was a collaboration with DHALI, both of which he performed for us on Saturday. We even heard his latest single which is coming out on 22nd September, Buzz. I'm excited to see where Georgie Keller is headed in the next year.

Georgie Keller - Vibe

After Georgie's fantastic live vocals, the audience were buzzing for Barns Courtney and I can understand why. From start until finish, Courtney gave his all into his performance - it was one of the most energetic gigs that I've seen (and I've seen my fair share of them). The audience seemed to bask in the energy he radiated as they had one of the best nights of their lives.

As you can probably tell, the lighting wasn't the best for pictures but I tried my very best for you. Barns Courtney gave an extremely animated show, jumping out into the crowd as much as he could. Even with a foot in a cast, Courtney gave the performance of his life, bouncing off of the energy of the crowd. You could tell the this guy loves his job, passion radiated off of him during every moment of the night and never faded. His energy didn't go amiss as the audience engaged by singing along, dancing with him and cheering at every moment they could. 

On several occasions he came to the edge of the stage, interacting with the crowd. At one point he wanted everyone on the floor but due to the sheer volume of his mic and the crowd nobody was able to understand what he was saying, so instead he jumped from the stage into the middle of the audience, to then lie on the floor and sing. The crowd loved it!

Official Music Video - Fire

With his folk pop/blues rock style, Courtney really did a fantastic job on the vocals side of things. I was amazed with how brilliant he was live. Not only did he perform his songs, Fire, Glitter and Gold and some more off of his latest release, The Attractions of Youth, we even heard some unreleased material that he has been working on when on the road. 

Once in a while, we heard a few slower and more intimate songs which were captivating to say the least. Not only did it mean he was standing still so my photos were better, but he seemed to capture the audience in this trance whilst performing his slower music.

To say that I had a brilliant night would be an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Saturday night, the energy was unreal and I'm so glad that I got to experience Barns Courtney live, in a more intimate venue. This lad is going places!

Until next time...

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Thank you to Dawbell PR for inviting me to review this show.


  1. A great post! I'm very impressed with your photos despite the concert lighting. SOunds like you had a good time. I always like reading your music posts and hearing about upcoming artists to listen to.

    Abby x

    1. Thanks! I always have a good time at a gig. It's really nice to hear that, thank you Abby xx

  2. Your photos still look great! I actually used to live in a little village near Leicester.
    Aleeha xXx


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