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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Content and Communications Coordinator from Leicester.

I love handbags so much so that I can hear my bank account crying when I go shopping and I'm nearly always listening to music. If you want to send me some new music recommendations that you're loving, please do!

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Spotted Monday

I have been so inactive lately, I am very sorry! It is also 6:45am, so I'm currently eating my breakfast, I've been piled high with coursework and pointless pieces of homework, therefore resulting in a lack of interaction with you all. I have managed to get this post done today and hopefully I will be back on track soon. This post was meant to go up yesterday since it is Spotted Sunday but it was my half sisters second birthday and I was tied down. I hope you enjoy this post until I can start focusing on Unique again!

Interview With Matt Roskilly From ROAM

So today is another interview! Before my holiday I had the opportunity to interview Matt Roskilly from ROAM. 

ROAM have been around since 2012 and are doing fantastically well for themselves. The band is made up of five members, Alex Costello (vocals), Matt Roskilly (bassist), Alex Adam (backing vocals and guitar), Sam Veness (guitar) and Miles Gill (drums). They have travelled virtually everywhere and are soon to be headed on their first headline tour in 2 years, you can buy tickets HERE

Quiz: Does He Like You More Than Just Friends?

So it's that time again where I do you all a quiz. Since my posts about boys do the best, I've decided that this quiz will be on the male species. I take these kind of quizes all the time so I've recreated one for your purpose. Enjoy!

Tommy Maverick, Me in Me EP Review

Tommy Maverick is a Nigerian singer, he has just released his new EP 'Me in Me' on Saturday 8th October. He very kindly sent me a copy to listen to before the official release date and I must say, I love it! His chosen genre of music is very difficult to explain, Tommy likes to describe his EP as Alternative, Indie, Afro (country) and Blues. I couldn't disagree with him on this one.

Intu Derby Autumn Fashion Event

The other day I was invited to the Intu Centre in Derby to watch their Autumn Pop Up Fashion Event. I had so much fun, and I'm pretty sure my bank account will be drained when I next go shopping. 

GUEST POST: The Best 10 Music Concerts Around The East Midlands

Autumn 2016 holds plenty of nice surprises for the music fans, no matter their age or preferences. Here are just some of the concerts in Nottingham and around East Midlands that will keep you warm on a rainy night:

Spotted Monday

It's becoming harder and harder to update regularly now, Thank God I'm not taking part in Blogtober! This is only a super short Spotted Monday today....I know, I'm a day late, again. But I do have some pretty cool people on here today! 

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