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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Teenage Boys and Flirting

Hi guys, so I was thinking of some things today and I had this idea of a post about guys and flirting. I think that a lot of you guys will like this and find it useful and there is the reason behind this post today! So I am going to start with how guys flirt, maybe the not-so obvious signs, and then move onto ways to deal with it and flirt back.

Guys and their ways of flirting or expressing their feelings:

  • You catch him staring at you and then he looks away really quickly. This is an obvious sign that he likes you, if a guy does this it is a sign that he is into you but doesn't quite know what to do. He may be a little shy and awkward.
  • His friends look at you when they are talking. This is just life, it happens even with girls, you always know when someone is talking about you to their friends because they all look over. So keep an eye out for that!
  • Nervousness. Try and find any signs of nervousness when a guy is chatting to you. Stuttering, looking down every once in a while as if he is embarrassed, fidgeting, nervous laughter, etc. This is a big sign that he likes you, if a guy is nervous talking to you then just take over the conversation and guide him through it, guys love a bit of confidence!
  • He flirts with other girls to try and get your attention. If you like a guy and you see him flirting with girls when around you, this can hurt. But boys don't know how to deal with their feelings too well, so they will try to make you jealous and grab your attention. This one, however, is a tricky one to figure out, if taken in the wrong way, some serious heartbreak could be involved. I wouldn't look into that one too much if I were you.
  • Eye contact and touch. If he is keeping regular eye contact with you or always finding an excuse to touch your shoulder or something, this is an obvious sign that he likes you. Keep that in mind!
  • His voice changes when he talks to you. If you notice that a voice changes when he speaks to you, this is a possible sign that he likes you. Getting deeper, higher, slower, etc are all part of this. Even a simple 'hey' sounds different.
  • His friends always have to get involved or have to be around. Guys will always help out their friend, even if that's talking to you together or just being near when their mate is talking to you. this shows that they are supporting each other, or getting in each other business. So take this one into consideration.
  • Difference in his behaviour. Is he loud around everyone? Is he loud when he is with you? Let's say this guy is usually really loud but shy and quiet as ever when talking to you, vice versa, this is a sign that he might like you.
  • Shyness. If your guy blushes when you talk to him, looks down, doesn't want to keep eye contact, this is a sign that he is shy. Which is always good if you like him! Haha!

How to deal with it and flirting back:

  • Smile. If you catch him looking, smile at him, smile at him in the corridor, laugh around him, as long as your smiling, he will take it as a good sign. It also make you look 100% more attractive!
  • Pay attention to him and his friends. Guys want a little attention too, so pay attention to him and his mates, tease him, try talking to him too! That would be a good start!
  • .Relax around him. Guys love a girl that they can talk to and get along well with. This is not the point where you agree with everything he says and like everything he likes, I'm sorry but that's just creepy! Haha! But seriously talk to him and relax!
  • Ice breakers. Always carry a pack of gum or Tic Tacs, that way you can always break the ice by offering him one - 'Hey, do you want one?'
  • Compliment him. Again, pay him some attention, make sure he notice that you notice stuff about him. For example say 'Why do you smell so nice?/I love that shirt!'
  • Use your eyes. This is my favourite tip because you don't embarrass yourself by stuttering or something, it's all silent! Hold eye contact for 4 seconds then look away, when you walk by him, look him up and down and give him a slight smile with eye contact. And always look him in the eye (if you can) when you two are talking!

Okay, so their you go! I hoped that helped, if you have anything you want to add or experience to share, just comment, no one is judging you! I'd love to read them! Don't forget to go and follow me! 

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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