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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Spotted Sunday

It's that time again! Spotted Sunday this week is going to be EPIC!! There are six people on here which is more than usual and I think that they are all amazing. Go and show your support for them if you do like them because why not? Also, just enjoy it, you will love this weeks Spotted Sunday.

Autumn Looks

Hi guys! I feels like 5 minutes ago since I was creating Summer looks, now it's getting closer to Autumn! To celebrate my favourite season I have decided to make three looks for Autumn. Each look will either be from New Look, River Island or Topshop and there will be nothing from any other store in that set. Basically, if I were to be given a voucher to spend in each of those stores, this is what I would buy... I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Autumn wardrobe. Also, just click on the name of the item below the picture to be taken to it's link! Oh, and I have converted the British pound into US dollars for you readers in the US :) Enjoy!

You're Not Alone

Hi guys! I am writing this post for anyone who has ever felt lonely in their life. I get it. The other day I had a low point and started to think about who I have to go back to at school, it turns out I have nobody that really cares at school. My point is everybody at some point in their life has felt lonely and depressed and I want you to know that you aren't alone. 

Brett Steinberg (Kalimur) Exclusive Interview

SURPRISE! Another interview!! In Spotted Sunday I mentioned a band called Kalimur. Kalimur is made up of Brett, Tyler, Alex and Jonah. This interview is going to be with Brett since the rest of the boys weren't available. I'm not going to go into detail about the band but they do have an album out and a few singles. All the links will be at the bottom of this post as usual!

Before I start though, I want to mention how lovely Brett was and you should take the time to read all of this because if you don't, you're really missing out!

Spotted Sunday

I haven't posted in like a week! I feel so bad! there was meant to be  a post up yesterday but certain things managed to get in the way of that. I am going to put that particular one up tomorrow. This weeks Spotted Sunday has one artist that I have mentioned before on this blog, ages ago (#1), one was on Britain's Got Talent recently (#2), if you haven't heard of him...where have you been. And the third, I have an interview with which will be up tomorrow! 

The Body Shop Haul

Hi guys! So the other day I received a £10 off voucher and a free make up/skin consultation at The Body Shop. So I went into the Highcross branch and used up these offers. 

The woman that served me (Tasha) was lovely and a credit to the store. We spoke about the sensitivity of my skin and what products would work best. She then gave me a little make over to show me what products to use and how. The final product looked amazing and it really helped me when picking new skin care products for my skin type. We had a great chat and laugh during my visit too!

Unicorn Girl 2000 Guest Post - My Bucket List

Hi guys

Today Unique is unable to write a post but I am here to the rescue! I am the writer of Unicorn Girl 2000, and today I would like to share what is on my bucket list.

Spotted Sunday

Hi guys! It's that time of the week again, which means it's #SpottedSunday! YAY! I have found some amazing people this week, I think that you will love them all because I certainly do. I'm going to get on with this post now.

Phase Five Exclusive Interview

Hi guys, so this week I have managed to get a hold of ANOTHER exclusive interview! Again, it follows up one of the previous Spotted Sunday's. This week's interview is with the newest and upcoming boy band - Phase Five. All of them have contributed towards the interview and I would love it if you could show them all your support! The links will be below, as per usual. Before I start the interview though, I am going to give you a little background on the band and the boys themselves. So let's start!

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