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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

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Phase Five Exclusive Interview

Hi guys, so this week I have managed to get a hold of ANOTHER exclusive interview! Again, it follows up one of the previous Spotted Sunday's. This week's interview is with the newest and upcoming boy band - Phase Five. All of them have contributed towards the interview and I would love it if you could show them all your support! The links will be below, as per usual. Before I start the interview though, I am going to give you a little background on the band and the boys themselves. So let's start!

About the band:

Phase Five is made up of five guys - Jeremiah Neil, Alex Odon, Nelson Gabriel, Jay C. and Lee Brown. The band is Urban Pop vocal group which is based out of Los Angeles. The boys have joined together from all around the globe, from the USA to Belgium, however, California is the 'center of creativity'. The recently formed band have been a big hit in Los Angeles so far, but are aiming to go international.

Jeremiah Neil:
(Florida, USA)
Jeremiah fell in love with the entertainment industry at the age of eight when he first stepped into a dance class. Soon, he started travelling all over Florida with youth dance companies. Coming from a musical family, Jeremiah often sang gospel in church and choirs. Moving into media, in 2011 he started up a YouTube account, entertaining people with his vlogs, dance workshops and concept videos. As this time when on, he started to gather 700,000 views and still counting. By joining YouTube, Jeremiah was connected with  so many people who understood him and his personality. He can't wait to travel and show the world what him and his band mates can do!

Alex Odon:
(Brussels, Belgium)
Alex is the youngest member of Phase Five and is a native Belgium with Italian roots. When young, Alex grew up surrounded by girls (his mum and three sisters) and has always been observant of his surroundings and passions. Like Jeremiah, Alex found that dancing was one of this main influences towards his passion for the arts. At the age 13, Alex went to go and watch Chris Brown perform on tour, which is when he decided that music and entertainment was going to be his path choice. Later on in his life, Alex took a big step and auditioned for The Voice Belgium, representing his country amazingly. He wants to continue following his dreams, especially with the rest of the boys.

Nelson Gabriel:
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Nelson's love for performing has always been there, it only really started to show in church and school productions. He first was a part of the Puerto Rican production of High School Misicalon Stage in 2009. Nelson participated in other shows later on such as, Guys And Dolls, How To Eat Like A Child, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown and more, whilst moving multiple ties between Puerto Rico, Florida and Arizona. Phase Five is the newest chapter in his book and he looks forward to spending it with his brothers.

Jay C:
(Lafayette, Indiana)

Jay C and his brother grew up with their single mother. During middle school, him and his brother started to attend a skate rink, where Jay C first encountered dance.Taking up his passion of dancing, he started his high school show choir and also took part in different musicals like Peter Pan and Hello Dolly!Shortly after finishing high school, Jay C moved to Los Angeles in hope of joining the entertainment industry. With his luck, he managed to start in the dance movie Platinum! Jay C hopes that he can soon inspire the world with his story.

Lee Brown:
(Stoke on Trent, UK)
Lee is a dancer, singer, actor and model from the UK. He became keen at dancing when he attended regular classes at a local school in hip hop. It was evident at this point that he wanted to further this into his career. At the age of 16, Lee became interested in musical theatre and participated in college productions of West Side Story, Sweet Charity and The Wedding Singer. After college, Lee went on to train professionally at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). It was here that he went on to train in a variety of styles of dance like ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and tap. Since then, Lee has worked professionally in many large scale projects, landing himself a lead role is How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, as well as teaching several workshops around the UK. Being the newest addition to the band, he can't wait to create a new chapter with the boys.

Okay, so that's a little about the band and the boys! I will put a load of links at the bottom as well as some YouTube videos. But now for what this post is really about...the interview! So here you go!!!


How did you all get together and what were your first impressions of each other?

Instantly, we all clicked. It's very strange because even though we are all so different, we all share so many similar interests, grew up watching the same television shows, etc. So it's like we gained a bunch of new brothers!

If you could perform anywhere, where would you most like to perform?

We would all love to perform in our hometowns! If there was one arena, definitely WEMBLEY! 80K people would be an amazing crowd!

I noticed that you attended the Billboard Music Awards, did any of you get to meet your idols, if so who?

We interacted with so many people! J.LO, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Britney Spears! It was probably the coolest experience of our lives to be in the room with top notch musicians! One day, it will be great to look back at that experience from the perspective of a performer.

If you were looking to impress a girl by cooking a meal, what would you cook and can you cook it?

We all love to cook! We are all fans of (and can cook a mean) pasta and some type of protein! We all come from different cultural backgrounds so we could throw in a dash of those flavors into the mix!

Have any of you got any bad habits, if so what?

Often, we are so hard on ourselves because we want to be perfectionists at our craft. So we definitely need to work on enjoying our hard work at some point. But there is always room to grow. That's why we love being artists :)

And finally, have you got any exciting upcoming news that you can share with your fans?

We are coming to the UK in September!!!! We can't wait to meet all of our British Vibers! Thanks for all of the love and support!


There you go! I hope you enjoyed that, I did! I will list all of their Twitter names below the videos and just click them and you should go straight to that page. 

Go and buy the boy's new EP, The Rise!

Phase Five - Upside Down


Their Website:
Parimore Entertainment:

That is all! I will be back again tomorrow for Spotted Sunday! Don't forgot to go and follow me on those links below! I hope you liked this post, who are we kidding? I think that post was pretty awesome, haha! 

Until next time... 

Sophie xx

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