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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Content and Communications Coordinator from Leicester.

I love handbags so much so that I can hear my bank account crying when I go shopping and I'm nearly always listening to music. If you want to send me some new music recommendations that you're loving, please do!

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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My Autumn Top Five**


So the other day I got thinking about a post that I could write for you all and I realised that I haven't shown you some of my favourite beauty products in a while. They have completely changed since the last time I spoke about them all so I thought that I needed to document them all for you again. I'm going too start with my all-time favourite and work my way down the list!

Become An Autumn Fashionista On a Budget

I thought for a moment that I wouldn't be able to get this post up today as my computer decided to play up, but luckily a quick restart managed to fix my issue! My favourite season in the fashion and beauty industry is always Autumn. You ask why....The colours are beautiful, you can't go wrong with a deep plum lipstick and it's boots season! I think that I wen a bit overboard with this post but you definitely have a wide choice today!

Jungle Jam Review**

This post is going to be a bit different to what I usually write about, it is keeping in with the music theme however. I have been asked to review a wonderful musical children's book, now I am not a mother and I'm not 3 years old so this did prove some difficulty. My logic was to read it to my mum and twelve year old sister, since we all love children it was pretty easy to decide how brilliant it was. I'm hoping that when I see my 4 year old cousin at Christmas that I can read it to him and he'll love it, no doubt about it.

Do You Dare To Mask?

Recently, The Body Shop have released their latest products...face masks! These are part of their spa range and are absolutely lovely. I was invited over to my local branch to try them all out, of course I needed a trusty companion and who else to take but my sister? This was my sisters first invite to something like this and she loved every minute of it, we even had to buy a few things but we'll get into those details later!

Spotted Monday

I haven't written this is over a month, I apologise so much! Now I have had the time to collect a few artists and bands on YouTube, here it my dead overdue Spotted Monday. I hope you enjoy this post, all of the people on here a pretty good if I do say so myself so have fun!

JOICO Review **

AJC PR sent me some of JOICO's latest products last week, I couldn't wait to try them out. If you don't know already JOICO are a hair care company that produce shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, etc and you can find their products in salons globally.

Why You Need Maggie Anne in Your Life**

Recently I have been in touch with a company called Maggie Anne. You may have heard of them, you may not have. The lovely people at Maggie Anne very kindly sent me one of their beautiful nail polishes to try out and review for you all. 

RUSH Hair & Beauty Review**

RUSH Hair is one of the best hairdressers in the UK and have been opening branches all over the country in the past few months. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend their lovely looking blogger event here in Leicester, but I did get an invite to come and try out their newest salon a week or two later. After hearing the raving reviews from my friends who had already been, I became more and more excited about going. I was due to have my hair cut before going to the salon but it got cancelled, so I thought 'Why not get a cut at RUSH?'. And that's what I did.

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