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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Getting to Know Inhaler

Earlier this year I went to go and see Blossoms at De Montfort Hall, supporting them was a band from Ireland called Inhaler. The band is made up of Elijah Hewson (vocals and guitar), Josh Jenkinson (guitar), Rob Keating (bass) and Ryan McMahon (drums). Formed in 2012, Inhaler has been hitting the road supporting other artists and bands, building up their fanbase which has paid off. They are currently on their European headline tour and have sold out a lot of their dates.

I was kindly invited to their Leicester show which was sold out but I couldn't stay to see them perform which I was gutted about. Despite this, I had a fleeting 10 minutes with Inhaler to have a chat. They were all incredibly lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the future. Thankfully, I got my taste for their live performance when they supported Blossoms.


Where did the name Inhaler come from?

Ryan: We know the answer to this!

Elijah: We were struggling to find a name for a long time and got through too many bad names that we all mentioned. I had asthma at school and people started calling us The Inhalers, my sister then said you should call the band Inhalers. I thought do you know what, fine and it stuck!

Rob: It sounded catchier than The Inhaler Boys. We just needed a catchy name and we had given up at that point.

What do you think you have that nobody else does?

Rob: A full Liverpool team, we only ever employ people from Liverpool!

Ryan: We are terrible with answering questions today, what do we have lads?

Rob: We don’t have our egos yet so it's hard to answer that one.

Elijah: We should know the answer to this one, we are only young! The answer to that question is Josh Jenkinson!

Josh: Thanks, guys.

You toured with Blossoms and now you have your own headline tour. What’s the difference? What do you like about being the headline act?

Ryan: Way longer soundcheck!

Elijah: When you are supporting you take it as a laugh and an experience. You are learning because people aren’t out to see you.

Rob: We have done so many supports over the last year that we have taken on board everything, we are friends with a lot of the bands.

Who else have you supported?

Rob: We have supported another band from Manchester called Fuzzy Son and Touts.

Ryan: We have actually done really well and broadened our range from different bands, the Touts tour was so like get up at 6am and get rolled onto the road, pushed into the venue of the place straight away.

Rob: They are used to it as those lads are like absolute machines and we were used to it at all as it was our first ever tour, we gained so much.

Josh: Now we can do this and survive.

Inhaler - Ice Cream Sundae (Official Video) 

Did you do any festivals?

Josh: We did a few.

Rob: We did about twenty this summer, we got around.

Elijah: This tour is particularly great for us because it’s sold out and it's really humbling to know that people have come to watch us and listen to us that have seen us before at festivals or supports.

Ryan: It’s nice when people see us at shows and then they come back.

Who is your musical inspiration?

Elijah: Right now we listen to a lot of The Las. *bursting into song and playing the air guitar) "There she goooooooosssss!"

Rob: Our musical influences are so varied, we are going on a Beetles tour tomorrow in Liverpool which is exciting.

Elijah: Our influences come from all over the place and they change every week.

Ok, then what’s the two most contrasting?

Elijah: Oooooo, Travis Scott and Joy Division.

Ryan: We love both of those worlds

What’s the most awkward moment you have experienced as a band?

Josh: There have been so many.

Ryan: A lot of awkward silences at gigs, but not for the wrong reason. People clap and then between the clapping and the next song. There was one where the room was so big that any sound stood out. No one was doing anything.

Rob: It was like a vacuum

Ryan: It was a weird vibe people just standing there.

Rob: It was a wake-up call!

Tell me one fact each about yourself.

Elijah: I have two dogs

Ryan: It’s a hard question,

Elijah: I can play the guitar!

Rob: Mines that I drink Guinness! I am Irish and that’s a bad thing. It's such a difficult question and we should know the answer. Us individually doesn’t matter……..

Ryan: We are a collective!


Support Inhaler on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I'm really looking forward to seeing where they go and hopefully in the future I get a bit more time to have a proper interview with them!

Until next time...

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