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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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3 Useful Blogging Tools To Make Your Life Easier

I wrote a blog post a while ago about the top free apps all bloggers should have. Since then, I've found a few websites that I think will be really useful for you bloggers reading this. Finding content to write about can be so hard, as is taking photos. So to save you the trouble, I'm going to tell you about these three websites you're going to like LOVE!

Plan Your Work Like This And You'll Have Loads Of Spare Time On Your Hands

Time management is a skill that most people will benefit from, period. It's a skill that's hard to master but when you do, it makes your life so much easier. With being a full time college student doing a BTEC Level 3 course, I have to have good time management skills in order to do everything that I do. I'll be talking you through my key tips on how I stay organised and manage my time.

My Top 7 Music Favourites of Summer 2018

I've had a massive playlist on repeat over the past month or two and I keep adding and adding to it. There's loads of new music on there so I've decided to share with you, all of my recent favourite artists and albums/EP's.

Why I'm Not Going To Suck It Up And Get A Saturday Job

One of my friends told me that I needed to suck it up and get a job if I didn't want to be poor anymore. The thing is, I can suck it up all I like but that doesn't mean I'm going to go out of my way to get a job just to please someone.

With being a teenager comes the pressures of getting a job. You want the extra cash so you can buy new clothes, learn to drive and give yourself a bit of freedom. Everyone around you is doing it but that shouldn't mean that you have to. It's okay not to get a job, it's not a necessary requirement - yeah, it would be nice to have the money but where has this unwritten rule come from stating that all teenagers need a Saturday job?

Get Healthier Looking Skin With Skinkissed**

I was recently contacted by Skinkissed and asked if I'd like to try out their product, a serum which is meant to even out skin tones, reduce acne, plump and hydrate the skin and a lot more. I've suffered with cystic acne for a while now and my body is littered with scarring. I decided to give Skinkissed a go to see if it lives up to it's great reviews online.

My Very First Music Festival: Texfest 2018**

I was invited to spend some time at the Texfest last weekend. I decided to take my mum and little sister along with me to enjoy the hot summer day having fun. The Texfest is a fairly new festival held in Market Harborough in the June month. This year, we were blessed with amazing weather which everyone was enjoying.

INTERVIEW The Hoosiers: Glastonbury, Knighthoods and A Future EP

At the Texfest last week, I had the chance to chat to Al and Irwin from The Hoosiers. The band hasa been around for over 10 years now and they're still not sick of each other! They put on a great performance at the festival and had the crowd cheering for them. Both of them bought a bright and vibrant energy to the stage and this really reflected in their performance.

INTERVIEW The Shades: New Music, Megalodon and Their Relationship Status

On Saturday 30th June I headed to the Texfest in Market Harbourough and had the chance to chat to The Shades who performed. We spent some time talking backstage on the grass and then I went to watch them perform some of their current and unreleased songs.

Leicester College 2018 Fashion Show

Since my year at college was coming to an end this last week, I decided to tag along to the Fashion department's annual show. I was invited by my friend Aiyaaz to watch the show and I enjoyed myself very much. We got to see the work from the Level 2 and Level 3 Fashion students who were inspired by different cultures, materials, current trends and foreseeable trends. There isn't much to say about the event other than the talent that was showcased was amazing! I created a short YouTube video of the event which you can watch below. You can see the beautiful clothing that they've been creating over the past year in the photos below!

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