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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

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INTERVIEW The Hoosiers: Glastonbury, Knighthoods and A Future EP

At the Texfest last week, I had the chance to chat to Al and Irwin from The Hoosiers. The band hasa been around for over 10 years now and they're still not sick of each other! They put on a great performance at the festival and had the crowd cheering for them. Both of them bought a bright and vibrant energy to the stage and this really reflected in their performance.

Had the chance to chat to them before they went on stage. I got my 'scoop' as they like to call it which means some new information on where The Hoosiers are heading, what they'll be releasing and an insight on their knighthoods!


How’s your day going so far?
Al: It’s going alright, it’s nice!

It’s so warm with the heatwave!
Irwin: I don’t believe we’re in the Midlands!
Al: I don’t ever remember it being like this!
Irwin: It’s always like this, right?

We like to think so!

There’s a huge crowd out there, they’re dancing!
Irwin: We’re really looking forward to playing!

You’ve both just received knighthoods…
Al: We did?
Irwin: We did! I’m not sure you saw that post.

Was it a joke then?
Irwin: Yeah. We went to the House of Lords for a cream tea for a charity thing. Obviously I just wrote, ‘Delighted to have finally received our Knighthoods at the House Of Lords
Al: Ohhh!

I was wondering what you’d done to receive Knighthoods! It was a bit strange!
Irwin: Exactly! I mean they would literally be running out of people to give them to! I’ve never met more selfish people!
The funny thing is, is that there are loads of comments – usually we’d be lucky to get two and those would be from our parents.
Al: Saying Congratulations
Irwin: All of them were actually congratulating us on our Knighthoods. This was only a little side joke!
**Irwin scrolls through the comments, reading out all of the congratulations comments. Al laughing in the background**
Al: Excellent! There’s no-one going ‘what the f***?’.

But you had fun, didn’t you?
Al: Yeah, we did.

What was the best moment of the day?
Al: The actual knighthood was quite nice! We’re using the title now. It’s Sir Alan.
Irwin: It’s Lord Hoosiers.

What other festivals are you doing this year?
Irwin: Glastonbury. But apparently, you know, it’s cancelled but we’re headlining it.

Irwin: Well you need some scoops. We’re paying Bute Fest, on the Isle of Bute.
Al: Tiree Fest.
Irwin: Yeah, we’re doing that. Remote Scottish Islands – we’re very excited about. We’ve missed Scotland for the past few years.

Have you mastered your Scottish accents yet?
Irwin: Ay.
Al: Och. Often found before the Ay.

You’ve done your fair share of festivals, what’s been your most memorable festival?
Al: All time?
Irwin: There was something about Glastonbury because we had a budget for the show and that just enabled us to – we put on a fun show. We had a dancing troop who came on and it just really made it stand out for us.
Al: And we were playing between Ben Folds and Vampire Weekend.

You’ve been around for around 10 years now –
**Alan is laughing*
Irwin: Yeah we still enjoy each other’s company.

So it’s been about 10 years hasn’t it?
Irwin: Since the first album came out, yeah. Before that though – it’s been about 50!

That’s a lot of music! What’s your least favourite song that you’ve ever release?
Both: Oooo
Al: Tricky!
Irwin: That is a hard one. I thought of one but you wrote it.
Al: Let me have it.
Irwin: It’s Giddy Up, you didn’t write that for us.

How about you, Al?
Irwin: Go on, just go for it!
Al: I mean one Irwin has done.
Irwin: All for them!
Al: Erm, I don’t know. I’ll stick with Giddy Up. Let’s put our full weight behind that.
Irwin: So no one should listen to Giddy Up! This will make it Number 1 now.

And what’s your favourite song you’ve released?
Irwin: I’ve got to find one that Al wrote but I think that was it!
Al: I don’t know. I’ll say something different, that I haven’t heard for a long time. Sarajevo.
Irwin: I forgot that even existed. I’m going to say Devil’s In The Detail, it’s off our second album and it’s one Al sings and I did very little. That’s probably why, I wasn’t there to –
Al: Ruin it.

The Hoosiers - Goodbye Mr A (Official Video)

Can we expect any new music at some point?
Al: Funnily enough this is fresh but this week me and Irwin wrote two or three tunes together – quite quickly too. I reckon now, let’s do an EP.

That will be exciting! Can you tell us a bit more about it?
Al: We don’t know exactly yet but we’ve got an idea that it will be set – what’s the word.
Irwin: Concept. Conceptualising the album at the moment.
Al: Based on a brief moment in our life when we were in Indiana
Irwin: Hence The Hoosiers
Al: And we’ve got a reference of songs we might go to but we won’t be telling you too much.

Who was your biggest music influence when you were younger?
Irwin: Depends how young you want to go. I grew up listening to like, Christian Barbershop Gospel, when all my mates were listening to Levellers and Nirvana. Very not cool so now I’m kind of catching up. Now I’m really into the Levellers – I got there in the end.
Al: My upbringing was always in the car with my parents. The 80s hits, Duran Duran, Aha!. All the 80s greats!

When you’re not playing music, what do you like to do in your free time?
Irwin: In my free time, I do…hmmmm. We’re writing creatively for other things. I also co-write for other artist but we’re also doing other things expanding our horizons other than just music.

Who have you written for?
Irwin: I’m writing at the moment with Lilly Ahlberg, she had a track out recently. But I didn’t say I was any good. I just try. An amazing singer, used to do stuff with Chase & Status. Liam Bailey is one guy that I’ve worked with that’s got such an amazing voice. He’s fantastic.

How do you think you’ve changed since the start of the band to now?
Al: It’s more light-hearted. We were uptight and took it seriously which is fair to get where we wanted to get but we’re just taking our foot off a bit to relax. We’re just a bit more chilled out. It just makes everything more fun.

Taking some time to enjoy it?
Al: Yeah, I think so. Still ambitious and enjoy stuff. We’re having more fun, and purely for myself I’m having more fun.

Well that’s good! Thank you for chatting to me.


The new music sounds very exciting! Are you looking forward to it?

Until next time...

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