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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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INTERVIEW The Shades: New Music, Megalodon and Their Relationship Status

On Saturday 30th June I headed to the Texfest in Market Harbourough and had the chance to chat to The Shades who performed. We spent some time talking backstage on the grass and then I went to watch them perform some of their current and unreleased songs.

I met The Shades a little while at Hello World but it was only a short meeting. Things were a little hectic and everything was a bit confusing! It was nice to meet again (and apologise!), since I promised them an interview when we bumped into each other.

I had a great time at the event and I think The Shades were one of the bests acts at the festival by far. They had a bunch of fans on the front row dancing to their songs and even singing to some of the unreleased music - how they know the words, I'll never know!

Their overall performance was exceptional, I actually couldn't fault it. I enjoyed listening to their new tracks, Breathe seemed to be a real crowd-pleaser. Let's just say I'm a little excited for the release of their new music. Find out when they'll be releasing it in my interview with the lads below.


How’s your day going so far?
Nathan: The day is going good.
Rich: Tristan cooked us breakfast.
Tristan: Microwaveable sausages are the ones.
Rich: They sound terrible but they’re pretty good.
Nathan: The day is still young though. We just had breakfast. It’s almost two so that sums up our life doesn’t it?
**All agree and laugh**

You were here yesterday; did you camp over?
Rich: No, we just came to check it out. We came to see Nick Grimshaw, Tinchy Strider - who pulled out last minute, we saw Fazer instead.

Yeah, I heard.
Rich: He was really good!

Did you go on the rides with him then?
All: No.

Will you be going on any of the rides today?
Euan: Hopefully!
Tristan: Me and Nathan are actually quite scared of rides.
Nathan: I’m a massive wimp.

Are you?!
Nathan: Not just with rides, in everyday life. So, that could be interesting.

Awe, really? I’m hoping to go on the Twister, I love that ride!
Tristan: Really?
Nathan: That’s too high for me!
Euan: Which one’s the Twister?

I don’t think it’s the high one!
Euan: It’s the one that goes around. I like the look of that, yeah.
Nathan: Still too scary for me.
Rich: Maybe after our set we may head down. Definitely not before.
Euan: I’m down for it.
Tristan: Definitely not after we’ve eaten as well.
Euan: I’m up for the one that goes over.

We’ll get on it together then, why not?
All: Yeah!

Have you played any festivals before, is this your first one?
Rich: This could be…is this the first festival we’ve done?
Tristan: No, erm, we did Summer In The City last year.
Rich: That’s kind of a festival.
Nathan: That’s more of a youtuber convention though, isn’t it?
Rich: I suppose. I mean, maybe. Let’s say yeah.
Tristan: Yeah, it’s probably our first festival.

Well you’ve confirmed Summer In The City this year, will you be going to Hello World this year. Do you know anything about that yet?
Rich: Ooo, who knows, who knows? We can’t confirm anything yet.
Nathan: We had a very good time last year. It was such a great event, I think it’s such a cool thing they’re doing and just doing it in a really different way.
Rich: I mean we hope so! Fingers crossed.

Well hopefully I’ll see you there this year then! So, you’ve just come off of your very first headline tour, how did that feel?
Rich: That was amazing!
Tristan: That was great actually because we did Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, London.
Rich: We were only going to do three dates: Manchester, Birmingham London.
Euan: Yeah, we did Glasgow first.
Rich: Yeah and we were like, Glasgow, we’re not sure about that.
Tristan: It’s too far up North!
Rich: We’ve only done a few shows in Glasgow and then we put it on, and it was great, we were shocked yeah.

Where was your favourite place to play?
All: Manchester!
Rich: It’s a venue called the Deaf Institute and it’s the best little venue in the country I’d say. Have you been?

No, not yet!
Tristan: You should go.
Euan: You’ll have to come next time!
Tristan: We’ll bring you along.

Yeah, that will be fun! 

(this was shot by my lovely lil' sis)

So, could you give me a little bit of background on who The Shades actually are? It’s quite hard to find stuff on you online.
Rich: We’re mysterious, yeah. I mean The Shades, we’re changing. We’re changing our sound.
Nathan: I mean, I don’t really know who The Shades are.
Rich: We’re changing. I mean we’re definitely working towards what we want to be. We’re not fully there yet, we’re still writing. That’s what we’re doing at the moment, we’re writing a lot of new music.
Rich: The Shades were, I guess, a pop/rock band.
Tristan: We are still here by the way!
Nathan: So what was the question again?

Can you give me a bit of background?
Nathan: Ah, a bit of background. So, we basically started out on YouTube, we’re doing covers maybe, like every week, every two weeks, for ages. We kept doing that, we got a bit more of a fan base and then eventually got to the point where we changed our name to The Shades - we were called Twenty4Seven.
Tristan: Euan wasn’t with us, Euan’s fairly new!
Euan: Yeah.
Rich: Fresh out of Dumfries.
Nathan: Fresh little baby face! So yeah, that’s kind of how it happened, and then we started doing gigs and then we started getting invited to things like this and kind of worked our way from there.

How did you all meet? I know you’re a new edition, Euan.
All: YouTube.
Rich: We all met online, yeah. Tristan claims that he found us.
Nathan: Tinder!
Tristan: I found Euan online – I’m going to claim that. So you owe your whole life to me, Euan.
Euan: Alright!
Tristan: No, but we met each other. I also found Rich online.
Rich: He did. You stalker!

You’ll be taking a percentage of their earnings then!
**All laugh**
Rich: He could!
Tristan: And er, Nathan was the same really. Found him online as well.
Rich: Let’s get this straight actually because nobody knows, it was Tristan first, then it was me, then Nathan and then Euan. There you go!

So, Euan, you’re a new member, what do you think you can bring to the band?
Euan: Errr, my drumming skills.
Rich: Height.
Tristan: A lot of height.
Nathan: Yeah, he does.
Euan: Wiry legs, chicken legs.
Tristan: You bring some Scottish element into it as well.
Euan: I mean there’s a place to crash whenever we play up in Glasgow now so, you know.
Tristan: Exactly!
Rich: Yeah, we’ve got bases across the whole country.
Euan: Was I the reason the Glasgow date was added?
**All laugh**
Tristan: Yeah - that’s why you’re in the band!
Rich: We need someone from Glasgow!

You were talking about making new music, when can we expect it?
Nathan: This is exciting because it’s not too long away. We’ve been working on this for ages and we knew we wanted to change it for a long time. For us it was kind of complicated because we were very - our music - was very poppy and that kind of stuff – which we really liked. There was a point where we were like, we’re a bit older now and people who are listening to our music are a bit older and it felt a bit more organic and a bit different. The new single is hopefully coming out, just after July.
Rich: We’re aiming for the end of July. Don’t hold us to it though!
Nathan: But yeah, we’re very excited about it – we won’t say what it’s called yet. But we’re playing it today.

Are you?
Tristan: Yeah so have a guess.

Do you have a pre-show ritual?
Nathan: Do you know what, we’re actually pretty boring.
Rich: Actually, we do do this – and this is going to sound bazar – but we actually do do that Megalodon thing.
Tristan: Have you heard of Megalodon?

Tristan: So Megalodon is like a –
Rich: It’s very weird.
Tristan: - It’s a myth about the biggest shark that ever lived. How big is it actually?
**Nathan shrugs**
Tristan: A film is coming out about it actually. Jason Statham in it.
Nathan: But for some reason we pray to Megalodon before. And he watches over us when we play.
Rich: The big shark, he looks after us.
Euan: That’s who Meg’s named after.
Tristan: Oh yeah, we’ve got a van named after it as well. This sounds very sad.
Rich: I don’t know where it came from!
Tristan: He makes sure we have a good show.
Rich: I hope so…wherever he is!

Have you seen that shark that’s been spotted on the coast somewhere?
Euan: In the UK?
Nathan: I think that’s in Devon! Yeah, I think I saw that.
Euan: A great white in the UK? That’s mad!
Tristan: He’s back!
Rich: You’re terrified of them, aren’t you?
Tristan: Yeah, terrified. I can’t go deep in the sea – if I’m not touching the floor, I’m not going in.
Rich: A shark could get you there though.
Euan: I didn’t know they could.
Tristan: I don’t normally go in the sea, I just paddle. Then a sharks not getting me!
Rich: I don’t know…

Okay so, I’m sure your fans are dying to know, are any of you single?
Rich: We are.
Tristan: We all are.
**All nod**
Nathan: Married to the music.
All: Married to the music!
Nathan: No one will have us is the truth! We’re just really terrible relationship companions I think.
Tristan: We only talk to each other too.
Nathan: I mean we’re far too obsessed with what we’re doing so we’re constantly together, which means we’re never home.
Rich: Maybe we should just go out with each other?
Nathan: Maybe we should.

But if you did find a girl you fancied what would be your best pick up line?
Rich: Ooo - I said one on tour but that wasn’t good.
Nathan: Ermmm…
Rich: It depends?
Nathan: I mean the Joey, How You Doin’, never gets old does it?
Rich: Would you ever do that?
Nathan: Everyone hears that and they immediately swoon, that’s just what happens.
Rich: I’d love to see that.

Tristan: I’d probably just say hey, you’ve got to say it with a kind of, heyyyy.
Rich: I like to be unpredictable.
Tristan: That means you don’t know. That means he goes up and says something, turns around and they’re gone.
Patrick (their manager): This probably answers your question as to why they’re single!

What about you Euan?
Euan: I don’t know, I’d probably say something quite explicit – which I can’t say.
**All laugh**
Tristan: What would that be?
Euan: Nah, I’m just chill. Probably say what’s up or something.
Rich: Just use that Scottish accent.

I thought you’d all come out with some cheesy lines!
Tristan: We’re full romance.
Nathan: I actually don’t know any cheesy ones.
Tristan: I’m trying to think of some.
Rich: I’ve got one! You know you’ve got to feel, that’s boyfriend material. That’s a classic cheesy one. Never use it!

Pickup lines can be quite cheesy though, can’t they? 

When you’re not together, which seems to be quite rare- what do you get up to?
Nathan: Well, just generally avoid each other.
Tristan: I cut off full communication with the lads.
Rich: Turn the Facebook notifications off.
Tristan: Yeah.
Nathan: Erm, what do we do? What do we do?
Euan: We must do something?
Rich: I walk my dog a lot.

What dog have you got?
Rich: I’ve got a golden retriever called Leo. He’s lovely, he’s the love of my life. That’s who I’m married to.
Nathan: You should see the kids, it’s really weird.
**Giggles all around**

Tristan: Hmm, what do I do? Non-music related, I like to play a bit of Fortnite, Fifa 18. World Cup squad is looking fine at the minute.
Rich: Watch the World Cup is what we do at the minute. That’s what we like to do.
Tristan: That’s what I’m doing every day at the minute.

That’s why you’ve got the earlier set time?
Tristan: Exactly! I’m missing two games today which is very upsetting.

You’re all supporting England then?
**All nod**
Rich: I’m in a sweepstake with my mates and I got Brazil, so how lucky is that? So, Brazil are my second team this year.
Nathan: I was born in Belgium so the other day it was a win-win for me.
Euan: Are they playing today?
Tristan: No.

Didn’t England lose on purpose?
Nathan: Yeah, we lost on purpose.
Rich: Did we?
Tristan: Yeah, yeah, we did come on! He put out a B team really and I think it’s the best choice to finish second, we’ve got an easier run now. Saying that, we’ll probably get knocked of now.

If England are knocked off, who are you supporting?
Rich: Well it’s Brazil for me because I earn a bit of money from my mates.
Tristan: I think Croatia are going to win it this year.

Are you into football Euan?
Euan: I like football, but Scotland haven’t got a good…
Tristan: Scotland aren’t in it!
Euan: I’m more into rugby, you know?
Nathan: Yeah, I like rugby – I pretend I know what I’m talking about with football but I actually haven’t got a clue.
Rich: We’re trying to teach Nate.

Right now, I’m going, ‘Who do you support?’ hoping you’ll do all the talking!
Nathan: Honestly this is what my life is, when people bring up football I just kind of have to fade into the distance.

Yeah, I understand! 

What’s the most memorable thing a fan has done?
Rich: Oh, we got too many actually!
Tristan: We have one fan that flew over from Japan to see us! And I think when you think about that, different side of the country.
Rich: Yeah!
Euan: The world.
**All laugh**
Tristan: Yeah, sorry, other side of the world – not country! It’s just amazing when you think about it.
Rich: He failed geography.

That’s not that bad, I said Argentina was in Europe the other day!
**All laugh**
Tristan: Do you want to know something about Argentina? There’s a tiny part of it that speak Welsh.
Nathan: What?
Tristan: Tiny little part, they speak Welsh.
Rich: Fact of the day!
Nathan: Well I guess, we had Argentina – it was part of the British Empire so?
Tristan: I’m quarter Welsh.

Euan: This fan bought me these glow up drum sticks on the last show of the tour.
Tristan: They were wicked actually.
Nathan: You still got them?
Euan: Yeah.
Tristan: We have a song called Blue and during Blue she bought them for you to play during the song.
Euan: Yeah.
Nathan: You playing them today?
Euan: No, I haven’t got them with me, they’re up in Scotland.
Rich: Damn.

Who’s currently your favourite artist/band?
All: At the moment?
Rich: Let me check my Spotify.
Nathan: Julia Michaels for me.
Rich: Yeah, she’s good.
Nathan: Julia Michaels, I think she’s brilliant
Rich: At the moment…who am I listening to?
Tristan: All time or just at the moment?

Go on then, you can go all time.
Tristan: I’ll give you two answers. All time is Queen, they’re my favourite band. At the moment, who do I listen to at the moment? I’m not sure who I really listen to at the moment.
Rich: It’s gone a bit silent…I’m in Spotify, are you in Spotify?
Euan: Yeah.
Nathan: I like that new MNEK song is good, Colour. **Sings** It’s new, it’s really good you should listen to that.

Tristan: Actually, the last few days, I’ll tell you what I’ve really been into. It’s going to sound odd: 2Pac. Because there’s this new Netflix TV show called Unsolved and it’s incredible. It’s about the murder of 2Pac and Biggie Smalls. It’s like a drama because it’s a big mystery about who killed them. I’ve been obsessed with that. So I’ve been listening to a lot of 2Pac.
Rich: So that’s what you’re watching at the moment.
Tristan: Yeah but I’ve been listening to it as well.

Rich: For me I’m listening to the new A$AP Rock album, er, Julia Michaels with Nate, what else? Shawn Mendes album, been playing a bit of that.
All: that’s really good!
Rich: Erm and I will be listening to the new Drake album, because he’s just dropped his new double-sided album, have you seen that?

Rich: Yeah so I’m quite excited to hear that.

How about you, Euan?
Euan: I’m quite into this new guy caller ONR. He’s from fries in Scotland and he just got signed to Capitol. I saw his latest headline show in Boston, it’s crazy man.

I’m quite into Lauv.
Rich: Oh, I’ve been listening to his new record!
Nathan: he’s good!
**All agree**

I really like him!

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Rich: Eat one thing, ooo. Chocolate gets too sickly, doesn’t it?
Nathan: It would have to be something that wouldn’t annoy you after a while.
Tristan: Does it have to be like…

It could be a meal or a snack.
Rich: I’ll tell you what, if you haven’t tried this, you should. Microwavable lasagne and Doritos cool original crisps. You put it in and you mix it up. It sounds horrible but it’s great. That’s probably what I’d eat.

Jacket potato and Pringles is quite nice, have you tried that?
Rich: I’m not a jacket potato kind of guy.
Nathan: Here’s the thing, you got to pick something that’s not too sweet or salty because you’re going to get bored of it quick. So, I’m thinking maybe a Pringle. I can’t imagine you getting bored of this. I mean you’d get bored of it but it’s not going to be sickly after a while is it? You know what I mean? So maybe a ready salted Pringle.
Rich: Forever? You said nothing too salty – that’s like the saltiest crisp going!
Nathan: Okay then I’d rather go salty than sweet because if you have too much chocolate you’re going to die.

Tristan: Mine would be anything egg based. I love eggs, I’m obsessed with eggs.
Rich: Actually, you could do a lot with eggs, poached -
Tristan: Exactly!
Rich: Scrambled -
Nathan: French toast. Do you know what, you might be onto something there: an egg.

Euan: I’d have a fish supper.
Nathan: A fish supper?!
Euan: Yeah, I love fish.

What’s your favourite fish to eat?
Euan: Haddock, yeah totally. I’ve been living away so in Boston last year, so they don’t have fish super there so it’s nice to get back into it.

What can we expect from The Shades over the next six months?
All: Music.
Nathan: New music, a few more gigs over the summer but mainly it’s just us focussing on getting our act together on the new music. So that’s going to be fun.

How are you doing with the new music? Have you got any songs recorded yet?
**All laugh**
Rich: We do! We’re in the process. We chuck them back and forth a lot, we’re always ripping up the lyrics and we’ll sleep it on one day and be like no, that’s not right, we’ll change it again.
Nathan: Yeah, we just want it to be right. It’s been a while since we released out last song and we just want it to be right when it comes out because it is different, so it wants to be right different.

There’s no arguments then?
Tristan: Oh definitely!
Nathan: We hate each other.
Rich: One word like an ‘and’ or a ‘but’ and we’ll argue. It gets quite heated.

That’s exciting though: new music!
Nathan: It’s good, we’re edging closer. We’ve got a few songs, there one in particular which we think we’ll do next but there’s a few on the cards so we’re excited.
Rich: The one in particular is actually on its 11th version.
Tristan: Yeah, there’s many versions.

You could do a whole album with that one song then?
Tristan: Yeah, with just one song!
Rich: We could do!

Nathan: Euan just made a good point, when we play these songs it’s different to listening to it. It kind of gives you a better idea when you’re playing them live how people respond to them. When we came off of our tour that was the first time we’d played these songs actually live. Instantly, it was obvious which ones were working.
Euan: They sound a lot different.

Rich: The best way to test a song when you’ve recorded it, is get in the car and drive. Drive to the song. Feels good, then you know.
Tristan: Not in my car though because the speakers aren’t great.

You’ve got really tinny speakers?
Rich: Very tinny in the Saxo.
Tristan: in the Citroen Sax. Speakers spray painted black though…
Rich: Pretty gangster.
Nathan: It’s just so cool.
Tristan: It’s gold on the inside though. That makes it different and edgy.
Rich: Swag.

Pretty edgy! 

Thank you for chatting to me!
Euan: Thank you for having us!
Rich: Good to see you again!

Yeah, I got so muddled up last time I saw you!
Rich: It’s alright!
Nathan: We’re very offended but we’ll forgive you!
**All laugh**


So, yeah! Next time you lads are playing at the Deaf Institute, I'm holding you to that - you can bring me!

I'm sure you guys can tell, we all had great fun chatting. I hope you found out some new info about The Shades, I know I did!

What's your favourite band moment of theirs?

Until next time...

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