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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 20 years young and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

welcome to my blog

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Bernelie Interview

Hiya guys! So I have a quick interview for you lot!

Bernelie is a new,up coming artist born in Cape Town, South Africa. 

She first started uploading short Instagram videos of her original compositions. This has created quite the following, motivating her to finally release her first single and music video 'Mystical Colours'.

Her music is a blend of alternative pop and folk indie electronica, combining atmospheric synthesizers and emotional vocals.

The Body Shop: Drops Of Youth

Drops Of Youth is The Body Shop's latest range, however, it has been around since 2012 but has recently had some new members to its family. Recently, The Body Shop released Oils of Life which are amazing. I would say that the Drops Of Youth are even better. This range has been talked about in big magazine companies such as Cosmopolitan and Good House Keeping. I was given the experience of being able to try these new products and I loved it. It leaves your face feeling fresh and hydrated. People have also mentioned how using Drops Of You has blurred out some of their 'fine lines'. The Drops Of Youth range is made of Criste Marine, Sea Holly and Edelweis - they smell divine!

Kalimur Interview: Redemption

This is Kalimur interview Take 2! In 2015 I gave you all an interview with Brett Steinberg (lead vocals), well, this year I am giving you an interview with Brett, Alex (bass) and Tyler (guitar)! Unfortunately, Jonah (drums) couldn't be there for the interview but we were nearly there - 3/4!

The boys are releasing their second album 'Redemption' which is out on 25th January. Physical copies will soon be available but will be limited as I have heard from the guys. I have already listened to the album and it's great so you should buy it when it's available to you lot!

How To Get Him/Her To Like You Back

Hiya guys! If you have been paying attention to my most recent posts lately, you will see that Teenage Boys and Flirting hasn't moved from the top spot since it has been published. So I thought that I would give you more! For me, I love these kinds of things on the Internet because they are sort of like a guide to help you through crushes and difficult situations. This post is basically all the ways to make sure that he/her notices you and starts to like you back. If you're a guy reading this most of these rules still apply even if I use 'him' all the time throughout, so don't worry! I am actually going to start the post now so I hope you enjoy!



Exactly ONE year ago today, I created Unique. Wow, it's been a journey! So today I am celebrating not only one year of this blog, but my 15th birthday too! FUN!

I have mentioned before how much this blog means to me, and I always mean it. 

Spotted Sunday has fallen upon this great day, so I will post it later on tonight. I know you'll love it!

So yeah, I just wanted to do a really quick update as I am spending time with my family today!

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