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HTML for Bloggers - The Basics

HTML is one of the scariest abbreviations for bloggers. Those four letters that stand for Hypertext Markup Language, can be difficult to get your head around. It's taken some time for myself to figure it out. During my final year of GCSE's, I had to sit an exam where I had to create a website using basic HTML language. It wasn't easy. Let's just say that I had to resit it. After doing all of that, i made sure to teach myself some of the basics because they can be super helpful when I blog. Today, I'm going to give you tips and step by step guides on the HTML basics. I'll help you embed tweets and playlists. How to cope when your text isn't the correct font, and how to link your site when commenting on other people's blogs. I may include a few other things too!

My 2017 Autumn Favourites

This Autumn, there's been lots and lots of products that I have been loving! I've had a few events and parties to go to and have been piling more products into my box room. More of my makeup has been brought out of it box and I've been trying out new techniques and ways to get a quick and easy look. I've put together a few things to bring you some of my favourite products things month!

Have Your Therapeutic Kiss from Oyster**

Oyster are a new premium skincare brand that will make your eye's look younger and sparkle more during the festive season...or any season for that matter. This is a brightening eye serum and it's not just for the older ladies, you can never start too early. My bedroom is full of anti-ageing products! The oils in this product will have your eyes looking bright and youthful in no time. Both me and my mum tried this out. My mum (obviously) saw more of a difference so most of this review is from her.

Vision Express: The Stylish Way of Seeing Clearly**

I'm sure most of you are aware of Vision Express but if you're not, it's an opticians. I've never been to Vision Express before - I'm a Specsavers kind of gal. I was invited down to my local Vision Express to experience their way of things and let me tell you, I really did enjoy it. When my experience was complete, I was allowed to purchase a pair of glasses, courtesy of Vision Express, to give myself a nice end to a lovely service.

What I've Been Wearing this Autumn

I love Autumn clothing, the cosy jumpers, Chelsea boots, warm scarves and everything in between. Autumn is by far my favourite time of year not just for the clothes, I love the crisp leaves and cold mornings; dark nights and winds that blow your hair. Isn't Autumn just amazing? Today, I'm going to show you three outfits that I've been loving this Autumn.