Saturday, 29 April 2017

Chasing Velvet Interview

Chasing Velvet is a new all girl band from Brisbane, Australia. Following their entry into the industry, the girls have released their first ever single, Vertigo. Amira (far left) takes centre stage with the vocals, Luci (far right) rocks it on guitar, Jaslyn (inner right) creates depth on bass and Naomi (inner left) kills it on the drums. These girls are undoubtedly amazing. I think Chasing Velvet has major potential in the music industry with their energetic pop-rock style. Since they're relatively new, I have set up an interview with the girls so you can learn more about the band and their personalities.


Could you please do a quick introduction of yourselves and what you play in the band?

Amira: I'm Amira and I sing, Luci plays guitar, Jaslyn is on the bass and Naomi is our drummer.

Since you’re a relatively new band, how are you finding the music industry so far?

Luci: Overall everybody has been very supportive of us and our new single, Vertigo, we haven’t really had any negativity so far which is great. I guess only time will tell how the world receives us and our music!

How did the name Chasing Velvet come about?

Jaslyn: Well when we were brainstorming band names, Luci really wanted the word Chasing & Jaslyn wanted the word Velvet, and that’s how the band name came about.

What made you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Jaslyn: I grew up with music and its always been something I loved. I’d always be singing with my sister either Singstar on PS2 or real life, and always playing Guitar Hero with all my siblings, then in school, I got very into the real instruments (although I was too shy to show off).

Luci: Music has always been a big part of my life and I have grown up playing instruments and singing and I always knew it would play a role in my future career and life.

Naomi: Ever since I can remember is was playing music or dancing to music. I started playing percussive instruments in church with my sisters then it kind of just expanded to drums and acoustic guitar and that made me want to perform & playing music for the rest of my life.

Amira: I started singing and performing in school musicals but always dreamed of joining a band because I'd watch my favourite artists perform live and it looked like so much fun.

Who inspires you to make music?

Luci: There are way too many to list, but 5SOS, Hey Violet, Twenty One Pilots, Paramore to name a few. We all come from different musical backgrounds so it’s really cool that we all bring our own influences into the band to create what we do.

Official lyric video for Vertigo

You’ve recently announced that you have a new single out, Vertigo, can we expect a music video anytime soon?

Naomi: Probably not for this song, but we are working on new music right now so certainly in the near future!

What is your favourite line in your new single and why?

Amira: It would have to be the pre-chorus line of “I just feel lovesick, sick of this, waking up again and again”, because it’s about the struggles associated with a relationship and being stuck in a loop and not being able to come to terms with what’s happening. I think a lot of people can relate to that.

What can we expect from Chasing Velvet in the future?

Naomi: We are working on new music right now in the studio, so we are really excited to share with you something new real soon. Also later in the year we will no doubt be touring, so it will be great to meet everyone and see some new faces!

Could each of you describe another member in the band in less than 5 words?

Amira: > (Naomi) Batman

Jaslyn: > (Luci) hella mad taco chicka

Luci: > (Jaslyn) veggie burger enthusiast

Naomi: > (Amira) Cute Disney Princess

The girls doing the interview

Would you rather go out and party on a Friday night or stay in on the sofa?

Jaslyn: Not particularly a rave party, but I'd prefer to go out and just chill with friends and meet new people, sure.

Amira: If the party involves a live band, count me in!

Naomi: Honestly depends on how I’m feeling, a fun night out with buddies (not so much partying) or a chilled night at home binge watching is always good.

Luci: Stay in, watching Netflix and eat pizza.

What is each of your favourite movies?

Naomi: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s one of those movies where a whole different range of people can relate to & it’s just too good.

Jaslyn: Beautiful Creatures as it's very intriguing, mysterious, magical as well as having a massive plot twist to prove love is more powerful than anything else, and that’s what I believe in.

Luci: The Day After Tomorrow. It’s been my favourite movie ever since I was 5.

Amira: Every Harry Potter movie ever... 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Amira: Tyler Joseph

Naomi: John Mayer – he’s so old and Prince cause he’s just legendary.

Luci: Harry Styles, his curls are beautiful and we are birthday twins.

Jaslyn: I absolutely love Youtuber, Cristopher Ofling. I love his weird, outgoing and random nature.

Who would you love to support on tour?

Luci: Probably 5SOS & Twnety One Pilots.

Jaslyn: For me, this one has to be The Script!

Amira: Definitely Twenty One Pilot’s or Paramore.

Naomi: That’s a bit tricky to answer but I’ll go with Twenty One Pilots or Coldplay.

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Amira: We want to thank everyone so much for all the kind words and positive support! We have only been a band for a short time and the response has been amazing, thank you!


You can purchase Chasing Velvet's single, Vertigo on iTunes here
It is also available to listen to on Spotify.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Arura Luxury Knitwear Is The Way To Go

Arura are a new luxury knitwear brand that produce unique items of clothing and accessories from yarn. I was very fortunate to be sent a piece from one of their lines to review. I chose to receive their Nini Heavy Knit Cardigan - who doesn't love a knitted jumper or cardigan. Knitwear makes me so happy because it's so warm and cuddly.

The packaging was amazing. I got so excited when it arrived - I honestly don't want to get rid of the box, it's so pretty! Haha, I knew from the moment I unwrapped the parcel and took my first glance at the packaging that I was in for a treat! I have never received something so luxury, Arura really pulled it out of the bag...or should I say box?

I got my gorgeous sister to model the product for me because I'm camera shy and when I tried to model last time I looked like an awkward fish lol. The Nini Heavy Knit Cardigan is so beautiful, and heavy! Arura's promise is that each customer will receive a unique experience as their products are specially designed and made in small studios around Europe. Every product they sell is created with quality yarn which I love. I found the knitwear fascinating as it was so intricate and well crafted, I couldn't find any fault with it!

I was a bit apprehensive about what this would work with clothes wise as it was a long and heavy looking cardigan, but I had no trouble at all! I've worn this on several occasions with so many types of clothes and it just works. It looks great. I'm sure we've all been there when you've accidentally snagged some knitwear and you end up with a loop of it sticking out because you caught it on a door handle or something. Well there is pretty much no issues like this with Arura as the knitwear is such good quality.

Another thing I am loving so much about this Nini Heavy Knit Cardigan is the lining. The lining really adds a sense of sophistication to the product, I have never owned a piece of knitwear with lining so I fell in love with it. Because of the lining and use of yarn, the warmth that the cardigan provided was immense, I went out in temperature below 10 degrees Celsius in it and I was so toasty that when I took it off I was instantly hit with a wave of coldness. Words cannot describe how amazing this cardigan feels on. 

One of the eye drawing features of this item is the neckline which is honestly so adorable. I think that this is one of my favourite features besides the detail of this cardigan. If you wore a necklace, this neckline would really put emphasis on it, I find that it draws your attention to the neck. The way that it falls makes the piece as a whole look so natural flowing, I couldn't imagine any other design on this product.

Overall, I would seriously consider buying more from Arura! You can purchase the Nini Heavy Knit Cardigan for £210 at

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Stolen New Music Video and Single - Euphoric

The Stolen are sure to steal your hearts with their new single Euphoric. Based in New Jersey, the four piece are made up of Dom Cruce (vocals), Rob Chiaraippa (guitar/vocals), Kevin Smart (bass) and Mike Chiarappa (drums). These guys are sure to be the next big thing within the music industry, they released their latest single alongside its music video on Friday and it did not disappoint!

The Stolen smashed it with their previous singles, Can't Get Enough and I'm So Dead so my expectations were very high. Euphoric is no doubt their best single yet, with its chilled vibes and uplifting melody you can't help but dance along. Euphoric is definitely going on my Spotify playlist, in the next few days I'll be singing it into my hairbrush in front of my mirror!

The music video, that was released on Friday, really captures the relaxed atmosphere of the song. Meaningful lyrics make the single relate to many. I definitely recommend this song to everyone, I think if you're a teen like me you'll love it even more - not only that, the guys aren't that bad look either *insert winky face here*!

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