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Keep Your Hands and Feet Moisturised with Flexitol**

Over winter, my hands and feet have been getting very dry so when Flexitol asked to work with me, I jumped at the chance! Just before Christmas, I received their Heel and Hand Balm to trial and I'm pretty sure my mum has stolen them now!

Zoella's All Four You

I've never really made an effort to try Zoella's Beauty range but when my mum came home with her All Four You set, I had to give them a go. For £4.99 in Superdrug, I don't think my mum could resist them. Zoella Beauty is something that is always coming up on my feed from fellow bloggers and it's something that I've been meaning to give a go. As a birthday present, last year, I received some of her Bake My Day range which I loved so I don't know why I didn't buy any more of her products sooner.

I know it's no longer Christmas, but I don't think that these mists will ever be just for Christmas!

Let's Get Pretty Curious**

Choosing what you want to do when your older can be difficult. I remember when I had to pick my GCSE options and what I wanted to do after them. It’s really important that you choose something that you'll enjoy, be that a new subject or one that you've already done. Don't think about what everyone else is doing, for example, if you want to do Computing do it. Just because a subject is male dominated, doesn't mean that you should avoid it completely. Girls, go for something you're going to have fun learning. 

They Really Are Created By Magic**

I was kindly sent my very own print for my room the other day, a print that I had personalised. Created By Magic are a print company that can produce a personalised or generic print especially for you. They have an array of different designs, quotes and colours to choose from - which makes the decision making very difficult! Not only do they do prints, you can also buy their personal storybook which is for little children to enjoy and connect with their bedtime story. There is also a chance to buy some personalised jewellery too!

Why My Imperfections Make Me Who I Am

Nobody's perfect - Hannah Montana taught me that when I was 10! But then Selena Gomez came along and started asking who said I wasn't perfect and things from then on got a bit messed up. When you're going through a hormonal change, you look at yourself in a different light and begin to start hating things about yourself. In this post, I'll be discussing my imperfections and why they make me who I am.

Hogwarts In The Snow // My visit to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio

On January 6th, I went to the Warner Brother's Studios to see The Making of Harry Potter, and for the first time, Hogwarts in the Snow. I love this place, I've been plenty of time before and this time it was even more magical. We took a coach trip and spent a few hours around the studio. I did film the day, you can watch my vlog here.