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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

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Brett Steinberg (Kalimur) Exclusive Interview

SURPRISE! Another interview!! In Spotted Sunday I mentioned a band called Kalimur. Kalimur is made up of Brett, Tyler, Alex and Jonah. This interview is going to be with Brett since the rest of the boys weren't available. I'm not going to go into detail about the band but they do have an album out and a few singles. All the links will be at the bottom of this post as usual!

Before I start though, I want to mention how lovely Brett was and you should take the time to read all of this because if you don't, you're really missing out!

 Let's get on with it then!


Who was the first person you played your album (Ghosts We used to Know) to?

Oh man, . Probably either my mum or my dad. Those are usually the first line of critics that you want to make sure it's okay with. Just family members I think, , either my of our parents, or, we tried jammin' with this other drummer, who isn't actually a member of the band. But we were kinda trying out drummers and he had heard some of the tracks before,  they came out. So either our parents or,  some other musicians that we were playing a couple shows with.

Awww, that's nice! So you said (before the interview) that you've had the band since January (2015), what brought you all really together? (Prepare for a very long answer)

Oh man!! Well I did a solo project for 3 years,  , I've been persuing music for, you know, give or take 7 years.  So I started off doing a solo project and I did this other band. Then I really kinda kicked the solo project into gear for about 3 - 3 and a half years. And kinda half way through the solo project is when I started to go to college and Tyler, the basist, was my neighbour at the dorms. So, we quickly bonded and became really really close friends - became best friends ultimately. He played a couple different shows with me under my solo project, smoking mics around college. We then played some,  shows at legitimate venues that I would play at around the state. And, we did that kinda on and off for about a year and we always enjoyed it, we always felt like there was good chemistry there and it was a good time. But, I don't know, it was always just I'm doing my solo project and he would helpout - you know - during a live performance every-so-often.

But it was at the end of 2014 when I actually released my latest solo project record, that he  went to one of my solo shows just to you know, support me. He drove down with me and he saw me on stage interacting with the people watching and he said 'I really really want to do this with you, lets play a show.'. So I got him to help me play and open for Paradise Fears at a local venue. We collaborated on that show, he was playing bass for me. It was such a fun show, it was a fantastic experience, we both loved it. He bought up the idea so often, that after the show he was like 'Hey. Wouldn't it just be really great to collaborate on a musical project?'. Finally, he was like 'Listen, man.
I'm serious, I really want to do this, like this has been really fun! I know lately that you kinda been considering it...' Because for a while I was stuck on my answer. So I said 'No, I'm a solo artist, that's just how it is. But I love playing with you.'

I was also a bit skeptical if he was really going to be committed to it but I knew that he worked hard. Um, so ultimately,I felt like the time was right that we started a band. So we started putting down in motion and I started writing for a potential record that we might do. We started co-writing a lot of music. And then, yeah, things started to set in motion and solidifying. Then we ultimately agreed that we needed other musicians to um...actually have a band! *laughs*

We started, kinda, setting our sights  for different people to play with us. That's where Alex, the guitarist, comes in.  We had a mutual friend and we both met at her graduation party. That was the first time we ever kinda interacted, we had a small conversation - it wasn't really too much. But I think it was substantial enough so that we linked on Facebook. Because, basically, Tyler and I did an open mic at college, he came to see us and sent out a Facebook message to me. He was like 'Hey, man. I'm going through certain, you know, things in my life and I want to involve myself in music.'. And so  he reached out to me at the perfect time, basically, right at the time we were looking for a guitarist. So he came to my dorm because me, Tyler and Alex all go the the same college and we jammed and it was great.

Long story short for Jonah, because I know this is probably a longer answer than you wanted. He is a family friend of Alex and basically, we started off with a different drummer. One thing after another happened and we (other drummer) parted ways. We needed another drummer for like, 15 shows booked for February, March. So Jonah, with a weeks notice, before one of our bigger shows that we played, had to learn our entire set. We only practised with him twice before that show and some how, one way or another, we were able to pull it together and play the show together. He's just a fantastic drummer and he's become a great friend of all of ours.
So, you know, each member kinda came one stop or another along the way and, uh, here we are!

Well, you've ended up a good band, haven't you?

I mean, well I'm excited about what's going on!

I am!You're all really good! I've noticed that you like to write a lot, a lot of your songs. Did you write any of 'Thieves Of The Night' because I know you've been going on about that a lot on Twitter?

Yeah, yeah. That's actually, I was a primary writer on that one. Of course you know with all the songs, all the memories add their own pieces to it. Yeah, that was, I was a primary writer on that piece. Yeah! That's kinda been, well it was a single but it has been the one that we've kind of try to draw people into.

Well, I've played that particular song to a lot of my family members and they love it!When you were writing it, was there anything in particular that inspired some of the lyrics?

Oh absolutely! I mean sometimes in concert I'll even kinda say in a general sense do you feel frustrated with you know. It's about letting go of the superficial aspects of life, and letting go of these burdens that we impose on ourselves, whether it's maintaining it's absurd schedule or things that don't really to you, or caring about certain superficial aspects of your life that don't really matter. it's just all these  kinda, distractions in your life that blind you from whats truly important, what's really matters, what's going to make you happy. And so it's about taking back your sense of clarity to what's actually important in your life.

Aw. Um, as a band...well, if you were speaking for the other boys, have you all got a favourite moment in the band, Kalimur, so far? (Another longer answer)

Yeah! I mean I think with anything there are just so many small moments that just add up. But, one of the funny things is just the fact that Jonah played with two practises and like, I was just not expecting the magnitude of the show to be as big as it was because we were basically playing the show on a bill with 20 other bands, those who are like cool hard metal bands. And so the demographic of people there, people who don't typically look for our kind of alternative, you know, indie, pop rock type of thing that we're doing. Um, we were able to kind of talk to the whole room and somehow come in and watch us.We were able to pack the room and it was just a funny situation. We also one really good memory was one of our more recent shows, uh, we played at a venue called Toads Place, which is an interesting name, but it's a great venue, it's held a lot of really amazing artists. But anyway! We came there and it was kinda the same deal, where it was just a show, filled with you know, 20, 30 or more. it was like a whole day festival. And we, the slot that they got us basically was based on tickets sold and we didn't really sell that many tickets, but we were able to get a lot of other band friends of ours on the bill, which ultimately bought the company who's hosting the event more people coming, more money.

 So basically, there's the main place in Toads Place and then there is the upstairs place called the Lilly Pad, and the Lily Pad is like this tiny little room and the main stage is like this awesome thing that people aspire to play on. We were stuck in the Lily Pad room on a really crappy time slot. Basically, long story short, spent the whole day negotiating with the people holding the event, you know, saying that we bought all these other bands in and we did all this stuff. We were able to negotiate with them and then literally hand out cards and talk to every person in the building that we could find, saying 'Hey, we're Kalimur! We'd love it of you could check us out, we are playing at this time at this place.' And it ultimately was like, one of our favourite shows. it's like, you know, it wasn't really a venue, it was down stairs in the main area, that was a venue but we were able to make it one of our favourite shows. So those kinda things where we were dealt with certain situations and we somehow make the most of it, those are always some of my favourite memories because it shows that we were always able to persevere.

 We also do a lot of other things behind the scenes, but maybe we shouldn't talk about them right now...

Haha! Yeah, I think we will save them for another time! , If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you love to collaborate with?

Chris Martin. Absolutely. 100%. there are tonnes of artist though that I would love to collaborate with. but if it were just one, absolutely Chris Martin. he's inspired me as an artist so.

You've literally taken the next question straight out of my mouth! I was actually going to ask, who has inspired you to get you where you are now.

...Yeah! Chris Martin. I mean, and you know, my family. they are very supportive.

Family have always got to be supportive. Okay! Where would you like to see the band in 5 years?

*sighs* Oh man! I see that as a two part question. first part is the things that we can control. I'd like us to improve at song writing. I'd like us to improve at playing more shows. I'd like us to be touring. I'd like us to become better performers. In terms of kind of success, in a way that you can somewhat control but not totally; I'd love to be playing in packed rooms, maybe touring fro artists that are selling out theatres, I'd like to you know, have a few records under our belt at that point, I'd like us to have a good team around us at that point - I mean management at that point would be really important. A label would be nice but as long as we had some sort of management is a big step. Better artists that we've worked with, that we can tour with more, so we have have good opportunities with management and networking wise to be able to get on larger tours, so we can spread the word more. I'd like to be at a place where we can consistently, continue touring the country, and hopefully even Europe and the rest of the world. if not headlining, then with other artists that maybe have become more prominent and have good crowds for us to play.

So, it's like. I think that you'd hit it off in Europe quite a bit. If you did come over, we're into that sort of music at the minute.

Good! I've got to say, about 70 or 80% of my favourite music is coming from the UK. I mean, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, it's just too many. There's just, I mean, Ireland have some great music, The Script, I love U2, Kodaline's great. But there's so many, I like new artists too, and I'll be like 'this is amazing', I'll look where they're from and it's always England. I mean, a lot of my inspiration has come from England so, it's good to hear that England would love to accept us in the future!

Definitely! We are all accepting new people, we love new music! It's always great! Do you have any side-job, because obviously you said you were at college and everything?

Well I'm a student in college and I just did an internship that didn't pay unfortunately. But I did an internship this summer. But, I worked at a yoghurt shop once, I've been a councilor for a couple of years. Tyler works at Starbucks full time and we're all students as well. Alex works a a burger place, which apparently has the best burgers in the state of Connecticut which is pretty cool. Or maybe the country, I'm not sure! Something, it's the best of something! We are you know, 90% of the time occupied with either work or music, or school. We're pretty busy.

It's always good to keep your mind occupied though! I can''t wait to get back to school, six weeks off does take a toll!

Yeah! Is this summer vacation for you?


(We have a little chat about school which in this case is irrelevant to the rest of you) Six Weeks! At least now that I'm in college they let us off in like early May, which is crazy because I've had like 3 months off. It's amazing though, I've been able to do so much, like, I'm excited for school but I love having to time to do all these crazy things that you kinda day dream about when you're stuck in a textbook.

Haha! Yeah sometimes just sitting on a computer all the time just doesn't do it! Moving onto childhood now. What was the first album that you ever bought?

Oh, I don't know!

I'd have to be embarrassed here and say that mine was probably something like Pop Party...

Nice,, or like Kid's Bop! Honestly, I couldn't tell you. the first artist that I ever liked, if that somewhat answers the question, was Ricky Martin. I was OBSESSED with Ricky Martin. I think the song 'She Bangs' *starts singing part of the song* whatever, that song did it for me when I was like 4 years old. It was just phenomenal. And then I moved on, my mum kind of showed me, uh, well, I think my dad showed me a tonne of The Beatles and my mum showed me a lot of female singer/songwriters, Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow, those kind of people that really, that kind of piano. I mean, looking back on it, I really hadn't thought about it too much but like, that was the first stuff that ever hit home to me when I was actually old enough to truly appreciate music. Then there's like Linkin Park, love those guys! But I think in terms of  young adult hood, John Mayer and Coldplay were probably the first two bands and artists that I really got into. So I don't know, but I would guess probably a Coldplay record. That would make sense in the grand scheme of it all. That's probably one of the first record that i bought. If it were to be a Coldplay record, it would have to be Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends. If I had to guess, that would probably be the first record that I bought.

Yeah, they're like the classics of Coldplay! They're great! In your opinion, who has the worst habit in the band and what is it?

I think we all have pretty bad habits. I think it's either between me and Tyler. I'm very...I'm not a perfectionist but I like, need to make sure everything's okay. I asked Tyler  where his hard-drive was that saves our music like every second, even if I'm looking at it! I'm like 'Where is your hard-drive?'. Just like make sure everything is good and neat. And then Tyler, I don't know if it' a habit but he just gets terrible sleep. It's like he's always doing something, he just does not like sleep. So either my OCD or his lack of closing his eyes and becoming unconscious.

I've got slight OCD too, if that helps! I totally get that, it's like if the rug is a little bit out of position, I can't have it!

Yeah, I'm weird about it though, because I can, in certain situations, I don't care. And then in other situations, I'm like very. I think in things that I put my time into, that I care about a lot, that's where it becomes like 'Oh God!'.

If it's in the corner of my eye, I think is more it. The thing is, my room is a tip, but as soon as it comes to any other room...


Yep. Um, Moving more onto the fun section. There are two survival type questions here. It''s your last meal on Earth: What are you ordering?

Well, that's quite depressing! Umm, Hibachi ( a Japanese food that is prepared in front of you on a grill thing ), if that's possible, just like, low mein noodles (the we get into another conversation, this time about Hibachi, which, again, is irrelevant to you lot). So if I was to get someone to make me a Hibachi three course meal, that would be lovely, I'd love that!

Chinese and Japanese, great food!

I got into Indian a few years ago to. Indian's really good, it's like the most unique tasting thing I've ever had I think.

I'll have to try it sometime! As I said before, sticking to the whole survival theme, which one of you out of the band would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse?

Probably Tyler. I think he's in the best shape out of all of us. I'd probably just get really tired of running and just give up.

*laughs* It's not all about the running, it's about the wit too!

Ah, man! Oh! The definitely Alex! I feel like Alex could survive  without modern devices more than we could. I feel like he could thrive in that situation.

So not you and not Jonah. Tyler and Alex?

Yeah, I don't think Jonah could, definitely not me. Probably between Alex and Tyler. Tyler could probably beat up a couple but Alex could probably camouflage himself as a rock or something and get away with it! *laughs*

Aw! Are you into like zombie films? Or you know, what sort of films are you into?

Oh, man! I love like Sci-Fi. What I really like, there haven't been too many that have been done really well, but rally dark, kinda superhero flicks. So like the whole Batman trilogy with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan, it just blew my mind. it takes you to another world. I love those kind of movies! Honestly, if Christopher Nolan, if he had a genre, like if I could name a genre of film after him, I would because all of his movies are like... have you seen Interstellar?

Yeah! I went to go and see it in the cinema, amazing!

It's just incredible! It's just like, it takes you to another world and I don't mean, I mean that is kinda a pun because it literally does....but it just, it does such a good job of involving the audience. it's long but it's soo enthralling. It's...Oh my God! He's a genius! I've been watching, ha! Today, I actually watched Wolf Of Wall Street for like the third time and I usually don't re-watch stuff too much but it's like, I don't know why, I just love that movie, I can't tell why. Well it's brilliantly done and the team. Yeah, I would say, if I had to pick, like dark Sci-Fi but I love all movies! I'm a sucker for certain romantic-comedies.Yeah, yeah.

Um, is there any upcoming and exciting news that you can tell us about?

Not at the moment - well, there's always things that we're working on, there's always things that we're doing. We have been working really hard this summer on, you know, future things that we can show people. But at this moment there is no kinda big announcement that we can make yet. But we have been working really hard on music and , people can look out for a lot more content to come out, both in the video department, music and shows that are coming up. So yeah! There is always a lot of exciting things coming up for us.

Yeah. And to finally conclude this whole interview, do you have a message for your fans?

Absolutely, yeah! Thank you so much to everyone who listens to us and supports us. You know, I think as much as we do music we love it and we need to do it, you know? A huge part of what inspires us to keep going is that we are getting this really incredible feedback from you guys and it's just been super inspiring for us, motivating and  a huge reason why we do this is to connect with you guys. It's just, it's the greatest thing to hear that our song is inspiring someone, it's impacting them on a level where from brightening up their day to you know, being an anthem for a certain moment of your life. So, it's an honor if you guys listen to us and that you are continually listening to us and we do everything we can to never let you guys down and we love you so much!

Awww, that's sweet!

Just got sooo cheesey!

Thanks for doing the interview!


There you have it! A great guy with a great band! Go and check Kalimur out, they are honestly amazing!

Thieves Of The Night

Twittter - @KalimurBand
Website -

Also go and grab their latest album 'ghosts We Used To Know' on iTunes HERE

I hope you enjoyed that! Comment what you think of the band and who you want to see next! Any recommendations are welcome! Contact me via one of the links below!

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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