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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Paper Rockets Exclusive Interview

Hi guys! So a few weeks ago, I put Spotted Sunday up and a band called Paper Rockets was featured on there. I managed to get in contact with them and grab an interview with Austin and Rodrigo. So before I give you the interview, I'm going to give you a little background about the band...


Paper Rockets is a pop punk band formed at the beginning of 2014.

Austin, John and Rod were the first members of the band and

have been making music together for over 10 years now. They have played in several venues of England, France, Germany, Scotland, Spain and Argentina.

Since the beginning of this project, they've played in New

York, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Buenos Aires.
The members of the band now are Austin (vocals/guitar), Rod
(bass/vocals) , Peter (guitar), Nacho (drums/vocals) and Johnny (producer).

The band grew notoriously since they've created their YouTube

channel and started collaborating with other youtubers.

Their version of All Time Low's "Something's Gotta
Give" has almost got 20.000 views and was played to Alex and Jack (from All Time Low) at an interview on a Dutsch radio.

Something's Gotta Give (All Time Low cover):

Link to All Time Low's interview (Min 4:40):

The band is currently working on their first album as well as

putting out 4 new videos every month on their YouTube channel.

Social Media:

Twitter: @procketsmusic
Instagram: @paperrocketsmusic


Now for the interview!!!!


When did you first get into music?

I am twenty five years old now, I started playing when I was about ten years old. I started to play guitar at school and you know I just went crazy.

I think I started singing when I was about fifteen years old, it was when we didn’t have anyone to sing in the band so I just started singing. Suddenly all my friends were saying, ‘Hey you’re not so bad!’ That gave me confidence and I started going and now I am both singing and playing guitar. They are the things I like the most.

Sophie: - I really like singing, not like professionally as I am terrible at it! Just singing in the shower!

So how was the band formed?

The Bass player, Rodrigo, who should be here any moment. He started playing with me when I was about fifteen years old. We started a band and have been playing together ever since. This is our third band. Before this the bands were called, ‘No Chances’ Rodrigo and Peter also played in that band. Then we split up and I started another band called,’ Little Dorothy’ Rodrigo was the bass player.

Would you say you have a special bond with Rodrigo, compared to the rest of the band?

Yes I mean we are great friends, he is the one I have known for the longest time so there is something special.

What artists inspire you?

Erm, the bands I am always listening to are, Blink 182, All-time Low, Green day, Relient K and John Mayer.

Sophie: - Oh I love All Time Low!

Yeah, those are like my favourite bands. But as a guitarist I like to listen to blues music or rock or like Joe Satriani and Van Halen. Don’t know I enjoy all music.

Have you ever seen any of them in concert?

Yes absolutely, All Time Low I have seen here not more than three weeks ago.

Sophie: - I am seeing them in February for my birthday

That’s awesome!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

That’s a tough one, I am not sure. I think probably, I don’t know. I am a fan of Blink 182, I am like a crazy fan but, er, I think that as a song writer the one I like the most is Matt Thiessen from Relient K or Tom DeLonge. That would be great! 

You said you write your own songs, have you posted any on Youtube?

I don’t know why, because we have more songs than we have recorded, I think we are waiting to record them properly.

Sophie: - You should put one on YouTube to see what reaction you get, because I think you would get a good one.

I hope so, we are actually going into the studio to record one of them so maybe next month.

Sophie: - I will be looking out for that then, definitely.

What’s the nicest thing a fan has ever said or messaged to you?

I don’t know, I think everything anyone takes the time to write encourages you to keep doing it. I remember some long messages but I can’t remember what they said but I remember thinking these are so awesome.

Sophie: - I love it when I get comments on my blog, it’s great. It’s amazing to get feedback.

Have you encountered a fan and it’s been really amazing that you have not forgotten it?

I don’t think that we have ever had crazy fans, mostly I don’t know. I think most of the fans I have met are friends.

Sophie: - Do they go to a lot of your shows?

Yes but I think what I mean is mainly that we have reached enough people yet to have our own fan base. Most people that come to watch us are friends. People that watch our videos and stuff I guess they don’t come to our shows as they are not from here.

Sophie: - It would be good if you could start a tour and see all your fans

Yes, I think we are probably going to do it but maybe after we have our first album out.

Speaking of albums and tours, where would you like to see the band in five years?

I think a great place for us to be playing would be California, is the place where our genre is played the most. That would be amazing.
Do any of you have any other job, besides the music and the band?
Well not now, I am fully dedicated to this. For the last year I have worked at a hotel but I didn’t have any time for anything else. So now I am working fully for the band, I record all the songs and edit all the audio.
I am working with music all the time.

Moving on the the sillier questions,
Who is your favourite superhero?

Erm, I am not sure, He says Batman (referring to Rodrigo) I could go with that.

Sophie: - I like Batman.

Who is your favourite supervillain? Personally you can’t beat the joker.

I think so, you can’t beat him!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

Probably my guitar, something to hear music and a bed!

What’s your favourite food?

I could make a list, there’s not just one! I don’t know hamburgers!

Sophie: - My favourite is pizza!

What’s your favourite restaurant and the meal you order most there?

I like to go out and try new places.

Sophie: - I love Nandos!

Moving on, favourite colour?

Rodrico: - Blue

Do you have any exciting upcoming news you can tell us about?

We have actually started uploading four or five videos every month, it’s not so new but we are trying to keep on schedule and we are also starting to record our own songs so people are going to hear things written by us.

Finally do you have a message for any or your fans and people who watch your videos?

Everyone has to do what they love, no matter what people say, for me personally I had some doubts when I started with decisions but my friend who films the videos helped me not to feel insecure about anything. Ever since I have made the right decisions.
Thank you so everyone who has given the time to listen to our music.


Okay, that is it! I hope you enjoyed that and please get behind them, they are great people. Also, don't forget that Spotted Sunday is tomorrow, I have an amazing line up for you!

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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