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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm an Events Co-ordinator from Leicester.

I love handbags so much so that I can hear my bank account crying when I go shopping and I'm nearly always listening to music. If you want to send me some new music recommendations that you're loving, please do!

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Keep Your Hands and Feet Moisturised with Flexitol**

Over winter, my hands and feet have been getting very dry so when Flexitol asked to work with me, I jumped at the chance! Just before Christmas, I received their Heel and Hand Balm to trial and I'm pretty sure my mum has stolen them now!

I've been using these for a little while and have been loving them. I think they're great if you need something to combat the dry, sore skin you get from the harsh wind if you're not wearing gloves in the winter.

Flexitol are a brand what you can buy in your drugstore and their Heel Balm is also prescribed by the NHS so it's got to be pretty good stuff. All of their products contain Urea which increases water intake from the skin. Flexitol's products improve the hydration of the skin by reducing water loss from the skin and improving the amount of water that the skin can hold. I think this sounds pretty legit.

The Hand Balm was the first product that I tried out. I have the same two knuckles that go red and dry in the winter because I'm always washing my hands to prevent myself from getting ill and they're often exposed to the cold and harsh wind. This product smells absolutely amazing and is thick but not greasy. It soaks into your hands quickly and you can really feel the effects. 

Some other ingredients in the Hand Balm include Paraffin which is an emollient (softens and smooths the skin) and it forms a film to prevent moisture loss. Lanolin which another skin conditioning ingredient. There's is also Shea Butter for its skin conditioning properties.

The second product that I received was Flexitol's Heel Balm. This is supposed to treat cracked and dry heels. I can't say that my heels are cracked but they do get a bit dry. It has been medically proven that this product helps cracked heels. With 25% of it being Urea, this Heel Balm works a treat. 

I recommend that you use a pumice stone to get rise of any hard skin before using the product. You can feel the product moisturise your skin quite nicely and it leaves your feet feeling much more soft an hydrated. I saw a difference in my heels pretty quickly.

Flexitol have quite a few other products, you should definitely go and check them out over on their website.

Until next time...

**These products were sent tome, courtesy of Flexitol, for reviewing purposes.**

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  1. These look really good! Very interesting post! Xx

  2. I'm often getting dry hands in winter. So, I'm always on the look-out for something to help.

    Abby |

    1. I've ben using this more frequently and it's honestly amazing!


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