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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Get the Perfect Gift for Her, this Christmas

I went shopping with my friend the other day and he didn't have much clue on what to get his girlfriend for Christmas, other than something that she'd mentioned to him. He was telling me about how he'd love someone to produce a list of ideas to help him out (aka me, lol). So this is for all you lads out there that have no idea on what to get for that all important woman in your life this Christmas - or for a birthday. This guide will help you in any situation.

We all know the struggle of what to get someone when you've not picked up on any hints that they've given. I'm the worst. So in this post, I'll also be telling what to avoid buying! But first, let's get onto the ideas!

Gift idea's for her


Theses are always a good idea. You can set yourself a budget which some of you will find important, especially if you don't have much money. I often set about £20 as my budget. When thinking about what hamper to do, you have to think about what sort of things the person you're buying for likes. For example, do they dance, like gardening, are they a film fanatic, do they like to have some me-time, etc? Once you've sorted this out, you can begin buying some items to go into your hamper.

Hampers are good if you're rubbish at wrapping. You'll need a relatively large box with a lid and some shredded tissue paper. In this box, you should put about 5-10 items into it. Let's have a look at some specific hampers and what to put into them. Don't go and buy everything on the list, pick and choose depending on the type of person.

Movie night hamper

2-3 DVDs
Fluffy socks
Hot chocolate (plus some marshmallows)
2 small bottles of wine

Me-Time hamper

3-4 face masks in a pack OR 1-2 face mask in a pot/tube
2 small bottles of wine
A small box of chocolates
Nail varnish
Nail files
A hair mask
A face/body massager
Body oils
Hand cream
Body butter
Bath bombs
Bubble bath
Shower gel

Gardening hamper

Gardening gloves
Hand pruners
Fork (that's the gardening one)
Hand cream
A kneeler mat

Night out prep hamper

Nail varnish
Eyeshadow palette
Fake lashes
Lipstick (find a colour that they use often and you can't got wrong)
A hairbrush
A necklace


This one can be a bit tricky to pull off. Don't go buying any random piece of jewellery. Have a look at what they already have and wear often then go and find something of a similar style. The best places to look for jewellery is Warren James, Pandora and Thomas Sabo. These places have some lovely jewellery that you can't go wrong with.

If they have a Pandora bracelet or necklace, a charm will be sufficient. You can buy something that has some meaning. For example, a love heart, something with an engraving or just a general charm. I would suggest to go with a charm that symbolises something between the two of you.


I don't know about anyone else, but if someone got me some pyjamas, slippers or fluffy bed socks, I'd be happy. Don't overthink the present, keep it super simple. Girls love dressing gowns. In fact, that's one of my presents this Christmas! You can get a warm pair or pyjamas, maybe some bed socks, slippers, a dressing gown and an eye mask. They all tie together quite nicely too!

Anything that they're running low on

This can be a specific perfume, some make up, maybe they've lost something like a winter hat. Have a look around their vanity and see what they might need some more of. Make a note of it and buy it for them. This is a perfect idea if you want to give them a little extra something.

What to avoid buying her


You're not going to get this right unless you buy her a scent that she already uses. Don't go around trying out every perfume and come to a decision of 'That will do!'. I saw a lad do this for his mum the other day and the shop lady was trying to steer him away from the awful stench. But he bought it anyway. Don't be that guy. Unless she asks for it, or she already uses a specific perfume, don't go there.


This is another difficult one too. Let her pick the shades that she wants. You're most likely going to be buying makeup and not know a thing. I've seen a few lads questionably pick up something, turn to his friend and ask him if she'll like that, and just gone to buy it. The truth is, she'll probably wear the product once or twice to please you and  then never wear it again.

Scented candles

Scents are super tricky to get right. Especially candles. Don't got for the typical Vanilla scent if you're going to get a candle. That just screams "I didn't think about this present at all'. I advise that you leave the candles alone.


With clothes, many girls have to try them on. You could think that she's a size 10 in one shop but in the next she'll most likely be a different size. Believe me, even us girls can't figure it out, so how are you meant to? Shoes are another item that have to be tried on.


This is a great idea but when you start to think about the implications, bags can be a pain. Does she like lots of pockets, what colour does she want, is there a certain design she likes best, what if she likes designer bags above high street, does it need to have a zip or a magnet, maybe a buckle, what size would she need? With bags, a girl sees it and knows that it's 'the one' - as cheesy as that sounds. If you want to buy her a bag, keep an eye on what sort of ones she looks at in a store and then buy it when she's not looking!

Pre-made Christmas gifts

These are the worst. You know those gift sets that you can get in places like Boots and Superdrug? They look great but at the end of the day, little thought has gone into them. Some of them are fab, you can get some real good ones but I would advise that you avoid buying these unless it's a super good deal and it includes something that she really really, desperately wants.

You can watch my general Christmas Gift Guide here.

Take some tips from this if you haven't already bought your gifts! What are you looking forward to unwrapping this Christmas?

Until next time...

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  1. I love these gift ideas... would like get any of it for Christmas.♥


    1. I would be very happy with any of them! I'm super excited for my dressing gown!!!

  2. Great Guide, Sophie!

    Abby x

  3. This is great!!!

    Sophia xo //.

    1. I think there's some really useful tips on here x


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