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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 20 years young and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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15 Ways To Get Your Crush To Notice You

So no way am I a flirting expert but I can definitely help you get your crushes attention. I've racked my brain (and the internet) on what will make a lad notice you. Getting them to understand that you like them is extremely difficult though. They can be pretty oblivious. But here's 15 way in which you can get the to notice you and also get them to like you that little bit more.

1. Connect them eyes. 

Eye contact is key to building a relationship with anyone. When you see your crush across the hallway try and get some eye contact. If you're at an event and see him, why not throw him some more flirty eyes. Use them killer eyelashes to your advantage, girl!

2. This leads me to my second point; smile. 

Sometimes, when you have eye contact its best not to smile, keep it flirty, but you do want to try and make yourself look friendly! Show off those pearly whites and give him a little wave. 

3. Hang around with your besties around him. 

Boys would are scientifically proven to be more attracted to girls who have fun with their friends to those who sit alone and block out the world. I mean there's nothing wrong with being alone (I prefer it sometimes) but being with your friends lets him know that you're super sociable and that you can have some fun.

4. Be bold, check them out! 

Why not look him up and down and appreciate that fine specimen that God created? And why not let him catch you doing it too? It will tell him that you're bold and confident. 

5. Double Tap away. 

Like their Instagram posts, Tweets and Facebook posts. Let him know that you know who he his! If you keep it up, it also proved that you have an interest in him!

6. Dress to impress. 

You never know, he could be your future husband! When you're getting ready make sure you look fiiinnnneee when you leave the house. You'll definitely catch his eye. And strut your stuff! Be confidant gal!

7. It's all about the neck. 

Try and expose your neck around him. The neck is a sexy part of the female body and many males find it attractive. Take it one step further and make sure you smell amazing by spraying your perfume on your neck. He'll get a lovely whiff when you go by.

8. Draw attention to your lips. 

Be a bit daring with your lipstick colour, keep a lipgloss/balm in your bag at all times. A bold lip will always make you stand out - I love wearing my brighter colours. Wines, reds and pink tones are my favourites.

9.  'Bump' into him. 

Yeah "bump" into him. When you're walking down the hall, accidentally walk into him (maybe for effect, drop something). You then have an excuse to speak to him, apologise, smile and make sure he remembers that beautiful face.

10. Start to acknowledge him. 

Chat to him about something in class, ask him about some work or ask him a general question like where something might be.  Sometimes you have to be blunt for him to notice you. Keep up a rapport and maybe next time he'll acknowledge you!

11. Break the barrier and make a move to touch his arm/hand/shoulder. 

This is telling him for sure that you like him. Especially if you're chatting, this will make the conversation more intimate. 

12. Tease him a little. 

Lads like girls to give them a hard time. Don't take the teasing too far, just enough so that he wants more. By teasing him, he'll definitely remember you.

13. Remember the little things he says. 

Don't go and tell him that you like Post Malone because he does when in fact you're the biggest Directioner out. That won't work. Remembering little things like his little sister's name, or his favourite food maybe what days he's at football training will make him like you a little bit more. It proves that you make and effort and that you are 100% girlfriend material. However, don't bring something up that he hasn't told you personally. You'll uncover your stalker skills to him which will put him off! I mean, every girl has FBI stalker skills but he doesn't know that.

14. Ignore him. 

Play hard to get. Acknowledge his friends before him, pretend that you didn't see him. But don't do this for ages otherwise he'll get bored of the chase. Keep him on his toes.

15. 'Accidentally' text him. 

Send him a text like "Hey! You up for ice cream. I'm having major withdrawals! xx". Then text him again a couple of minutes later apologising and letting him know that that text was for your bestie. Make sure to carry on the conversation though. Maybe ask him if he wants to grab some ice cream anyway. There's no harm in asking!

So why not give it a go? Have any tips yourself, let me know!

Until next time...

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  1. This is such a cute list! It brings me back to some of the things I used to do with Dan, haha. I think the boldest move to get your crush's attention is definitely talk to them about everything and anything. I feel the moment you talk to them and have established some sort of connection, the rest would follow.

    Be confident and brave, ladies!

    1. Aww, yes! Making the move to talk to them can be very daunting though! Some great advice, thank you x

  2. Great tips here! I am so awkward with boys aha! ��xx

    1. Thank you - me too, it depends on how much I like them...


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