Top Pick of the Week - Lauv

Photo Credits: Jennica Abrams
I've been loving this artist for a while and I have no idea why I haven't included him on my blog yet. What's wrong with me? Lauv is an American artist that has been smashing it with his chilled music.

In 2015 he released his debut album, Lost In The Light, which has such an amazing track list. Known for his singles, The Other and I Like Me Better, Lauv has a phenomenal sound that is so original. He has just released his latest single, Paris In The Rain, which is such a chilled song. The way that Lauv composes his music is very clever. I love his use of vocals in each song, his unique sound is enough for me to have him on repeat.

He has released a playlist, I met you when I was 18, which he feels best describes his journey. This playlists includes his music and has some great songs in there. If you're a fan of The 1975, I definitely thing that you'd love Lauv.

 Lauv is currently on his world tour, a lot of his dates are already sold out but if you'd like to know if he's touring near you, you can do so here. I might just have to get some tickets for myself.

What do you think of Lauv?

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  1. Never heard of him before, but I've just had a listen and he's A-Ok! Going to check out more of his songs. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. He is pretty cool. I hope you enjoy his music!

  2. Those beats!

    Abby x


    1. They are so fab! I'm loving his music so much