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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Looking back at 2017

2017 has been very nice to me. It started off pretty uneventful but the last few months really gone well. In this post I'll be reviewing my year and letting you know about some of the things that I have lined up for the year ahead - and let me tell you, they're coming a lot quicker than you think.

I started my year by turning 16 which was lovely. I was thrown into mock exams -not ideal. But I ploughed through them without any revision and seemed to do pretty well. They gave me a kick up the arse because I didn't do too well in English and that was the subject that I needed most to get into college. In the first 5 or so months of 2017, I wasn't in the best place and I mean that literally as well as my mental state. The school that I was in was not very good and just stressed me out, as well as the people around me. I endured it though because I knew that as soon as my GCSEs were over, I was rid of that place for good!

At the end of January, I had the chance to chat to The Hunna for second time. They were super nice and I had a lot of fun. My sister tagged along to this interview with me and she loved every moment of it. It was really nice for her to see what I got up to and for her to meet The Hunna who she's a big fan of. The interview consisted of lots of drawing, zombie apocalypse talk and lots more. The gig after was great, and they gave an amazing performance. Dan made my sister's day by waving at her from the stage. I made sure to get her to the front of the crowd so she could experience her first gig with some amazing memories!

From there on, nothing much happened. I had to get my head down in school in order to pass my GCSEs. My exams began in May I think, I spent most of my time revising and making sure that I was going to pass my Maths and English. My year was the first with the new grading system and the papers were not easy to say the least. But I managed to pull through and finished on a high.

I had plenty of free time in my summer and decided to focus on my blog. In fact, this blog went through two face lifts. The first, I wasn't happy with and then I changed it to become what it is right now. It took me forever but I am finally happy with my blog and I hope you all love it! I invested in a new camera (Nikon Coolpix A900) and a Macbook which I'm in love with still, to this day.

In August I got my GCSE results back and I did so much better than I expected. From my mocks in January, I had improved in subjects and others I did a bit worse but either way, I passed every subject. My most unexpected mark was my level 9 in English Literature as only a month or two before the exams I was a level 5! I also received a very exciting email in August.

September was where life got a bit more interesting. I went to see Barns Courtney and worked with Dawbell PR which was an amazing opportunity. I also started at Leicester College doing Creative Media which has been so fun. Everyone was so welcoming and nice. Over my time spent at this college, I have met so many new people in lots of different areas that have become very good friends.

I began my YouTube channel in September too. It's only lately started getting better, I've been creating some videos for you all (slowly but surely). I'm actually loving the whole YouTube thing although I don't get much time to do it because of college.

At the end of September, my face was in pretty much every Superdrug around the country. I received the email in August about them loving my review of Superdrug's Solait self-bronzing range. The moment is still crystal clear, I was in the car on the way to Hunstanton for a family holiday. This is in the top three best moments of the my life for that matter. This promotion took me into October on a high.

October was an extremely busy month, I don't think I sat down once! My college had collaborated with Capital FM to bring JP Cooper to Leicester. As a student in the media department, I asked if I could head down to interview JP Cooper and instead I came out with an interview with Tom and Claire from Capital FM. I met these two lovely people and had a great chat with them and they've invited me down to Nottingham to have a tour of their studio at Capital FM.

I was with one of the student photographers backstage when I ran into JP Cooper's tour manager. After some persuasion, I was granted to interview JP after his performance quickly. I was ecstatic. He was such a lovely man with a phenomenal voice. Although, I did have to run up and down 10 flights of stairs to grab my equipment so I was bright red and panting by the time I got to interview him (EMBARRASSING!!!). I then wrote a post for my college's blog about the evening.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to head down to Birmingham to interview New Hope Club at Hello World. After a right hassle and meeting virtually all of the bands performing on the day, I had a great time at the event. I even met Tom Daley!!! 10 year old Sophie is still crying - I'm still not over it. Due to the pass that I had, I pretty much had all access so I made use of it and went backstage, to the press lounge, into the VIP Tour but unfortunately missed the show. I met some great people, I managed to chat to a few magazines, Snapchat (by the way, they're glasses are MAD, I got a chance to chat the the man about them), Sky and so many other people.

In November I worked with Vision Express which I was not expecting at the beginning of the year. I had the chance to choose a pair of glasses of my choice for a certain price. I had never treated myself to anything over £100 so it was nice to go over that budget and get myself a pair of gorgeous Calvin Klein Jeans glasses that I wear almost every hour of the day!

This was the month that I decided to be a bit more open with my blog and so I told my college friends about it. They were super accepting and love to catch up with what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure they think that they'll now be tagging along to my interviews...

Not much has happened in December. I've been on the down-low because of Christmas. I got a new camera for Christmas so I'm hoping to start vlogging a lot more - especially some of the things that I have coming up in the new year.

You can expect a lot in the new year. I'm hoping to do better than this year if that is even possible. I want to do lots more, I already have four interviews lined up and hopefully a few more on the way! I'm taking trips to places that I'm keeping a secret for now. You'll know very very soon!

I turn 17 in less than a week which is really exciting. One Unique turns 3! It feels like I've been blogging for my whole life. I've been loving every moment of this blog and I hope my 2018 is full of happy and fun twists and turns.

What's been your highlight of 2017?

Until next year...

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  1. You have had an incredible year congrats you deserve it all! Have a fab 2018! Xo

    1. Thank you, I hope you have a lovely 2018 too! x


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