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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

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The Hunna Rock My Way For a Catch Up Interview

So last week I went to visit The Hunna for a catch up, they've recently come back from their tour in America and spent the past couple of months chilling and in the studio. To start off 2017 the band toured around the UK on their 100 Tour, they have started off this year with a bang! On tour they were supported by High Tyde, who I have interviewed previously and Kovic, a new band in the industry. I cannot stress enough on how fantastic Kovic are, their song Wires is currently out, I'll leave a link at the bottom of the interview.

Back in August The Hunna released their first debut album 100 which they will be discussing later on in this interview. This is a definite must buy if you love an edgy rock type of music. Their alternative tunes are so catchy!

I will be running a competition where you have the chance to win something pretty cool off of The Hunna so keep an eye out on social media, I will also post about it at the end of the interview.


So you have just finished your big tour in America and come back to the UK to start this tour, what’s it like to be back?

Jermaine: Good to be back to your family, chilling and relaxing.

Jack: Yeah it’s nice to be back to home ground and to the day one fans and loads of new fans as well. To go from crazy America which is just like starting again out there, compared to here. The shows were smaller, so to come back and do big shows again.

There are loads outside waiting.

Jack: Yeah commitment and they are bringing blankets which is good.

Dan: They have duvets, I got in one! I was saying goodbye to Jermaine and they called me over, I got in it!

So now you are doing bigger venues how does it feel?

Ryan: Overwhelming.

Jack: That’s a good question, no one has asked us yet.

Ryan: I can’t really say, it’s like you don’t have time to process it. We went from Nottingham from Bodega to Rescue Rooms to Rock City in ten months and that’s never been done before.

Jack: We just take it in our stride, working hard on the music side and the life side. Getting used to the bigger crowds which is good. It’s still like a dream come true.

Dan: It’s mad because it’s happened so quickly. To be so drastic is so unusual but it’s really cool. It’s all new to us.

Jack: Reading and Leeds was the start in the UK doing big shows, but obviously that was a festival. But now to be doing headline shows!

We want to do Reading and Leeds again, we haven’t done Glastonbury yet, there’s a lot of festivals we want to tick off and bigger stages. Just keep it going!

What made you choose High Tyde and Kovic as your support acts?

Dan: That was our booking agent, he has the say who tours with us. When you are a really big band you get to say who you want to support you if I am completely honest. But it’s cool because we get to meet lots of people we don’t know and see new music we haven’t heard. We are really digging High Tyde, we love the guys, love their music.

Ryan: We knew of High Tyde before.

Jermaine: We didn’t know much about them.

Jack: Really good band, good music, good vibe.

Dan: We tried to get Airways again with us.

Ryan: I don’t think they could make it or something like that.

So you spent a while travelling the US, What was your favourite State to visit and why?

Jack: We did a six week tour in the summer, but this time we saw a lot more place. We loved California!

Ryan: Santa Barbra, always say it!

Jack: It’s more pretty and mellow.

Jermaine: Clean.

Dan: Yeah.

Jermaine: The temperature was perfect.

Jack: Just a nice vibe.

Dan: Everyone is really friendly.

Are they more relaxed than here?

All: Yeah.

Jack: It’s like when someone goes on holiday, it’s more relaxed. But we liked the south too, Texas, New Orleans, Nashville, all of those areas we have never been to before. They are all like big historic music states.

Ryan: Nashville was my favourite.

Jack: Cowboy scarves!

Did you get a cowboy hat?

Ryan: We tried to, they were pricey.

Dan: The boots!

Ryan: They were so expensive!

Jack: They went from like from 500 to 2 grand!

Ryan: But they were amazing!

Jermaine: Going to the boot shop, there was so much selection you don’t know where to look.

But you managed to get some kilts recently!

Dan: Yeah we got the kilts! Got then from a thrift shop, Tino bought mine, thanks man!

A bit cold in this weather!

Dan: Always wanted to wear a kilt so good excuse to put one on! I wore leggings under mine! Tino went with boxers he’s a good man.

Ryan: I didn’t go the full way!

Dan: You could have done it on stage.

Ryan: No, there’s a lot of young girls!

Do you find the American fans more crazy than the English ones?

Dan: Not crazy, they are more like optimistic and like super friendly. It’s really cool and nice speaking to them after shows and jam.

Ryan: It’s kinda the same, It’s amazing and really nice. They are really like pumped! They are constantly on like spring break and there’s a house party going on! Especially the guys.

Jack: Yeah they shout at us a lot during the songs, like ‘Yeah, rock on man!’

Ryan: We don’t have a big a following as we do here.

Jack: It’s definitely crazier here.

Jermaine: Yeah.

Ryan: I think because we are English, over there as well they are really excited to have us there and to see new music from England. We were just with American bands the whole time we were over there apart from ‘The Struts’, but they have been out there for ages.

Jack: The accent went down well!

Do you put on a post accent while you are there?

Dan: You can do.

Jack: You can milk it a bit. One of our managers ended up speaking very posh out there. He was from a nice area so it wasn’t completely put on. It makes you stick out more out there.

He had a Hugh Grant vibe going on!

Dan: Yogi Grant!

So you met some pretty inspiring people like Good Charlotte and The 1975, how did you meet them?

Dan: Our homie from 300 Entertainment, Ryan is really good friends with them. He used to do what he does for us, for them, he introduced us, he took us to sound check and then we watched them play a couple of songs. 

We met them and then they invited us back again later on in the day. We watched them in Nashville, they are a really cool guys, especially George. I really like George.

Jack: I think our guy helped them like he is now helping us and they have all really grown up now so he looks on us as the new 1975.

RyanGood Charlotte were at a festival we were playing.

Jack: That was in Arizona.

Ryan: That was their first gig back from taking a long break. That was really weird, I have always loved Good Charlotte but I never thought I would get to see them live. We were at the side of the stage, they finished and we were just talking to them, hanging out.

Jack: I guess because we are on the band side we are at the back of the festival so everyone is just dotted about. As soon as they jumped off the bus we met the twins, ‘Hey Guys’.

We saw them supporting, All Time Low the other year.

Jack: We met the lead singer after the Roxy in LA – he was in the bar.

Ryan: We might support them in America.

Dan: He even tweeted about it didn’t he; Alex?

Ryan: Yes he did, he’s a big fan

Jack: Good Charlotte listen to the album as well.

Dan: Hayley Williams was there and we didn’t even realise, I was gutted we walked straight past her!

Jermaine: I was in the next room!

Dan: I went upstairs to get my jacket said goodbye to Jimmy, we was in that room and I had no clue.

Ryan & Jack: You should have told us, we would have clocked her.

Dan: She had her hair up, that was the thing. 
It was like in a bun, it made her look so different.

Dan: What colour hair did she have?

Ryan: I would have known.

Jack: It’s the face man!

Ryan: She is always changing her hair colour.

Dan: I thought it was a rumour, but I looked on Instagram and there were some tags so it was definitely her.

Jack: Damn, we weren’t there!

So did Good CharlotteThe 1975 or even All Time Low give you any good advice?

DanGood Charlotte did.

Jack: Yeah they did, they really liked our music. It was more like "keep doing your thing than you need to do this you need to do that."

They already realised we are set up and are here already doing what we do. So just keep it up, quite straight forward.

Jimmy who we toured with gave us a bit of advice as well, but it was the same sort of thing with the big bands, do your thing, stay true to yourself, and work hard!

Ryan: I think it’s more them not having to say anything it’s just watching them perform after the amount of time they have been together like Good Charlotte and Jimmy would have been playing together for something like twenty years! It's insane, seeing them how they are, seeing them live is really inspiring and where we would like to get when we are forty.

It was really cool, they had buses with their kids on, their kids grow up together and go on tour together , it’s really nice and something we have never been a part of because our tours have just been us or bands that are our age or younger.

Jack: It was kinda surreal when you look back.

Ryan: It was one of my favourite tours, Jimmy.

Dan: Yeah it was nice to chill and the theatres were beautiful, they were like old school massive and the architecture was really cool.

Jermaine: It was a classy tour.

Dan: It was like they picked to play there as it was so snazzy and nice.

Jack: Especially the Santa Barbra one, it was like a Spanish terracotta rooms. It looked like you were in Spain inside of it.

Dan: And they painted the ceiling to look like the night sky.

Jack: They had a lot of seated venues as well, but it was really nice as everyone would stand and come to the front. But them sometimes after we played we would sit down have a beer and think ‘this is great!’

You released you album just after my last interview, how long did it take you to produce?

Dan: It took us like three months to write and two months to record.

Ryan: We tried to do it all pretty quick because of how quick things were moving and the demand for it, so yeah two months to record a debut album is pretty quick. We pretty much got no sleep while recording it, it sounds great and we are really happy with it.

What’s your favourite track off the album and your favourite to perform?

Dan: Mine is 'Alive' for both, last night (Nottingham), playing 'Alive' was dope.

Jermaine: I like playing 'Rock My Way' live.

Jack: I like 'Bad For You'.

Ryan: I would say 'Sycamore Tree'.

'Piece by Piece' has been playing a lot on the BBC Radio One, is it your new single?

Ryan: It kind of is, it’s the last thing we released, I think Radio One have picked up on it and started playing it a lot this week

Jack: I think its track of the week.

Who writes most of the songs in the band?

Dan: We all take turns, me and Ryan do a lot of the writing. Jermaine wrote, 'Never Enough' with Jack. We like write together and jam. We write with other people, we expand as much as we can down different avenues. We are like more writing the better, whatever produces the best track or the best song is the best way.

We have something called The Hunna Bank, we have tonnes of songs in there, you would go back to it after not hearing it for a while it would not be as good as you though it was. There are errors and parts that are really good that you can recycle, making and building it so the song develops into something completely different.

'Piece by Piece' was originally incredibly poppy, it was like a Taylor Swift track.

Ryan: We were going to try and sell it.

Jack: Glad we didn’t.

Ryan: For Carly Rae Jepson.

Jack: Half of the album was rewritten, like 'Bonfire' and 'She's Casual', it’s good to go back.

Ryan: They were written years ago, we are 24 now but ‘She’s Casual''Bonfire' they were all written ages ago.

Dan'She’s Casual' was written when we were baked.

Ryan: Yeah I remember, when we went back to listen to it, we were like that sounds really great! We kinda finished it and thought, yeah that’s done and then we listened to it and thought, how’s that?

Jack: I can’t even remember 'Bad For You' ending up how it was.

Ryan: That was done in Tasha’s front room when we had the mic up and we did the rap battles. I got the mic and did the little chorus and then we were like that’s dope!

Jack: Even with sound checks like recently we tend to jam and if we like it think we have to remember that!

Dan: We have had tracks like 'Brother''Sycamore Tree''The World Is Ours', not exactly how they are now but even before. 'Sycamore Tree' we had the acoustic beat for ages, 'Brother' is what we got signed onto the label we are now.

Ryan: That was like when we were 18.

How did they hear 'Brother'?

Dan: It was on Soundcloud and that’s how they picked it up and 'The World Is Ours'.

Jack: 'Brother' was the first thing I ever played with you guys.

Dan: It was in that little garage!

You mentioned the rap battles, are they frequent?

Jack: These guys say I can only have 16 bars a day!

Dan: It’s Jack just rapping.

Ryan: It started as a fun rap thing, we used to make our own raps.

Jack: It’s more fun, we bounce off each other when we do it.

Ryan: We don’t have a lot of time to do it anymore.

Go on then, Jack.

Jack: Ooh Freestyle, I will try to keep it clean!

I used to go to school, call it semester
It's gonna get lit up in Leicester
Not in Chester, Hunna the besta
Killing this with the set
What’s nexta!

Ryan: Call me a jester, I’ve got a cat named Sylvester

Jack: He’s the professor, none the less a
No second guesser
Kills it with the female or male dresser!

Can we expect a single anytime soon?

Dan: Absolutely!

Ryan: After this tour we are going to be recording lots of stuff, I think we are going to do some more stuff on this album.

Dan: Some videos.

Ryan: Acoustic.

Jermaine: Maybe some covers.

Ryan: Yep maybe some covers, at some point through this year we will keep releasing songs from the album. There will be a lot of music from us.

Have you written any new music yet?

Dan: There’s lots of old stuff.

Jermaine: We should sit down and gather the best stuff, suss them out.

Jack: We have got enough material now for about three albums.

Dan: People said we were stupid we should have recorded the first album 
as two albums.

Jack: There are certain songs that we look back on and we all love and still listen to them now.   

So are you getting recognised in the street now?

Jack: We are definitely not at Bieber level yet! It depends where you are, I mean in London I haven’t really been spotted.

Dan: Watford yeah. But when we play tours I notice when you go out near that area we do because everyone is coming to the sow.

We have some pens and paper for you…….fans do a lot of fan art for you, it’s now your turn to do some artwork for the fans. So we want you each to draw another member of the band and we will do it as a competition on the blog. (See details at the end of this interview on how to enter)

Dan: That is such a good idea, I am well up for this!

Jack: We should do it out the hat to decide who we each have to draw!

Dan: And then you don’t tell them who you are drawing!

Jack: I’ve got a hat!

Dan: This is dope I have never done something like this before.

Ryan: I apologise to whoever I get!

Dan: Whoever get me draw me well!

Jack: I don’t know what style to draw yet, don’t even know what outfit I am going to put on my person!

Ryan: Oh no I got the hardest one!

Dan: Who’s the hardest one?

******At this point the room goes so quiet as they are all concentrating hard! ******

Ryan: I am such a bad drawer!

Jermaine: I am so bad!

While you are drawing I am going to ask a few questions, Ryan what’s your favourite type of tea as you are always drinking it?

Ryan: I am always having to drink it and I am always ill!

I have Lemon and Ginger tea most of the time with a bit of manuka honey. Oh and I love the green tea.

Dan, where did the t-shirt of Ryan come from that you were showing off on social media?

Dan: I wore it last night! I have given it away today actually to a fan. We were trying to come up with some suggestions for the merchandise, we were really stoned and we were making it on this webshirt thing and then I ended up buying it!

It ended up looking great and I though wow this is great!

Jermaine: I can’t draw!

Ryan: I feel sorry for any fans that are gonna get these.

Jermaine: I am just gonna do a face!

Ryan: I am just doing a face here….well I am not sure what I have really done! Where’s Jack?

******Jack at this point is at the other side of the room giggling whilst drawing his picture!*******

Ryan: Oh I see he’s properly going for it!

Jermaine last time we spoke you had never been to America, was it everything you expected it to be?

Jermaine: Yeah it was everything I expected it to be, it was like a film and more. Honestly though, I was walking around the street and felt like I was in a movie trailer!

Did your family go with you?

Ryan: No it was just us.

Dan: I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Ryan: I am actually having a bit of fun with this! I thought I was going to be terrible but this is actually pretty good!

Dan: Oh I have really fucked up the body!

Ryan: Oh my god this could be a master piece! This is the best drawing I have ever done in my life!

Dan: Smashed it!

Ryan: How do you do noses, I don’t know how to do noses!

Dan: Oh Shit! That’s why Jermaine’s looking at me, he’s drawing me!

Jack: You shouldn’t need to look at the man, you see him every day!

Ryan: It’s the nose, this nose is so hard for me!

So we are going to reveal the pictures now…..

Dan by Jermaine

Dan: Is that my hoodie? That’s sick, I look like an elf!

Jermaine: I tried my best man.

Jermaine by Ryan

Jermaine: You smashed it, you smashed the curls!

Ryan: I didn’t know what to do!

Jermaine: It’s amazing!

Ryan by Jack

Ryan: Aaah the kilt!

Dan: You smashed it!

Jack by Dan

Dan: You’re body went wrong.

Ryan: You look like a hockey player.

Jack: It looks like one of those beards you can buy, you know the beanie hats! Look at the drumsticks!

Dan: Yeah the drumsticks man! I smashed you hair though and look at your eyebrows!

Jack, you’re last question, you recently posted three cartoon pictures on Instagram, can you elaborate?

Jack: Yeah I was just on google looking for a screensaver and just typed in random stuff that I like in general, came across them and really liked the art work. I typed in Trill artwork.

What three things would you take if you stranded on a desert island?

Jack: That’s a good arse question!

Jermaine: iPhone, music and a companion

Jack: Drum kit.
Dan: Aaaahhh. Guitar of course!

Jack: Erm….

Dan: Helicopter!

Jack: Phone, with serious unlimited data and swimming trunks.

Dan: Wow.

Ryan: But if you were in a desert island you could just swim naked!

Jack: Oh yeah, no one’s around, food then! Unlimited food that never runs out of its sell by date!

Ryan: It would have to be something so I could listen to music so I guess it would be phone.

Jack: How would you charge it though?

Ryan: Solar charger, I don’t know what I would really need.

No one has said a boat.

JermaineBut are we trying to escape this island?

Ryan: I think I would quite like it and just want to stay there!

Dan: Maybe I would take a million pounds but then I would have nowhere so spend it.

Jack: A surf board would be cool! You would be so good at surfing by the end of it.

Ryan: I would take some kind of weapon, then if I am in the sea and there is a shark about. It’s gonna take a while for you to adapt to where you are and become George of the Jungle!

So if a Zombie apocalypse broke out right now what’s your plan?

DanOh we have had a conversation about this!

Ryan: I would…

Jermaine: Run!

Jack: I would turn the console off! I honestly don’t know I would put my pollution mask on and fight them out.

Jermaine: I would just fight with my bass, it’s a weapon.

Ryan: Yeah I would get my guitar and try fight them off and try and travel to a castle.

Jack: With a moat!

Ryan: But first rob the shit out of ASDA or something, get a load of food. Take the van, fuck the amps! Take the amps out, fill the back up with as much supplies as possible. Everyone get in the van, drive up to Scotland, find a castle. Take the castle.

Jack: Just always move!

Dan: You would have to get petrol.

Jermaine: We should have a tour bus with full on bunk beds and everything.

Jack: They would smash the windows!

Jermaine: Always keep running don’t stop.

Dan: But eventually we would have to get fuel right?

Jack: We would have to take a few pit stops but that’s just us on tour! Or we just dress up as zombies and just jam with them. As soon as one comes past you just play the fool. And also you could have a great time you could go bowling, ice skating, shopping, it would be quiet!

Ryan: What I would do is take the band wagon to the castle, whenever we needed to go out we would take the band wagon.

Dan: Oh so the band wagon is Plan B!

Jermaine: We would turn it into a war machine though.

Dan: Yeah…..Grills, spikes.

Ryan: But we have been in the band wagon for two months without a zombie apocalypse and shit got mad! It feels like you are never gonna get out and there is nothing else in the world.

Jack: We played the Zombie Prom as well in Arizona.

Ryan: We did!

Jack: And we went through haunted houses.

                  Dan: Yeah it was called Fear Farm, it was so cool!

Jack: You see that’s the thing you put us in a real situation, well it wasn’t a real situation it was acting as we just ran!

Dan: Yeah we were terrible we literally just ran!

Ryan: Yeah if anything was gonna happen I would just run and scream!

Jermaine: Run to the castle!


I really enjoyed meeting with the lads again and I hope you loved the interview as much as I did. I may have had a bit too much fun when editing the photos!

So, how to enter the competition!

You can win all four of the illustrations drawn by The Hunna all you need to do is:

Follow me on Twitter and RT one of the tweets about the competition using the hashtag #TheHunnaAreUnique


Like me on Facebook and share one of the posts about the competition


Follow me on Instagram and repost one of the images about this competition using the hashtag #TheHunnaAreUnique

To have a better chance or winning, enter on as many of these platforms as you can! Don't forget the hashtag #TheHunnaAreUnique when necessary otherwise your entry will not count.

You can listen to Kovic's single Wires here:

View my previous interview with The Hunna here.

View my interview with High Tyde here.


  1. Why doesn't this post have more comments!? That's so exciting that you met The Hunna. I discovered them earlier this year on Spotify and I am obsessed. Great post! I hope you have more opportunities to interview more bands.

    Christina Madeleine/

    1. It was very exciting indeed, they are lovely lads! They have some great music and I can't wait to hear their new stuff. Thank you! I have a few exciting things coming up....


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