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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Interview With THE HUNNA

THE HUNNA are an alternative, indie, rock band from Watford, UK. the band is made up of Ryan Potter, AKA Valentino (vocals and guitar), Dan  Dorney AKA Bandanna Dan (guitar), Jack Metcalfe AKA Insta King (drums) and Jermaine Angin AKA The Prince (bass). Recently the band have been touring the UK and are currently in America too performing some of their songs. Their first release 'Bonfire' is an ultimate hit, they've also brought out songs like 'She's Casual', 'You & Me' and 'We Could Be'. THE HUNNA have just recently announced and released their newest song 'Still Got Blood' from their debut album '100'. '100' will be released on 26th August 2016 and you can pre-order it now. There are also tickets available for their upcoming tour this year to showcase their brilliant new album!

Additionally, I am holding a competition again to WIN one of these signed photographs of THE HUNNA.

To enter, all you need to do is follow me and THE HUNNA on Twitter ( @OneUniqueBlog and @THEHUNNABAND ), RT any tweet I've put out about this competition using the hashtag #TheHunnaIsUnique and tell me what you thing Ryan should name his baby lion cub.

Good Luck! x


Welcome to Leicester, is it the first time you have been to Leicester?

Ryan: First gig in Leicester, super syked to be here, yeah!

Jermaine: City of Champions!

All: Congratulations to Vardy and the boys!

I understand you have nicknames for one another are you going to tell me mine?

Ryan: The thing is with nicknames they come naturally, it could be half way through or the end of the interview we come up with yours. Nobody ever knows when they are going to come.

How did your nicknames come about then?

Ryan: Just from us hanging out together, we are all pretty wacky, we have more than one for each other. 

It will get to the stage where one will lead to another. We all love them to be fair, if there’s something we are not feeling it just gets dropped.

I mean one day Jermaine can be Prince, because he’s from Turkey and he looks like Prince that’s how it started.

The ones we’ve signed today are our solid names!

You have recently performed at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend and a few other festivals, have you had any good feedback?

Dan: Everyone told us that we were the best on the introducing stage.

Ryan: We reached a lot more people, I mean we were walking around and people were stopping us to tell us how good we were. So that was amazing.

Dan: We met some really cool people too, we met Craig David, Nick Jonas, Bring Me The Horizon.

Ryan: We also did the Dot to Dot festival, Nottingham was one of the better ones, it was packed out, there were like two thousand people which was amazing. 

Yeah it’s been a crazy tour, it’s the biggest UK tour we have ever done. It’s been mental.

Are you all excited for America?

Ryan: So excited for America, me and Jermaine have never been and have always wanted to go. New York, LA have sold out. We have got some cool stuff with our label out there that we are excited to meet a bit more and chill with them.

Jack: Chicago pool party!

When you get back to the UK, you have your new album coming out!

Ryan: Yeah, there’s going to be a festival in Reading and Leeds and some other shows leading up to the album coming out.

A couple of your influences are Drake and Kings of Leon, you have mentioned you have met Craig David, have you met any more of your musical influences?

Jack: We met Brian May from Queen, he was a big influence. Spoke to Wiley on the phone.

Ryan: I am hoping that we meet Kings of Leon that would be amazing!

So when your album is released on 26 August this year, are you going to be celebrating in any way?

Ryan: We are definitely going to have an album wrap party, the day after it comes out we will be playing Reading and Leeds so I guess we are going to party up there as well.

Then we have the album UK tour as well.

You come across as quite confident and relaxed, you ever get stage fright before you go out there?

Dan: Sometime we get nervous, the five minutes here and there.

Ryan: A little bit of nerves is good, it helps to boost you.

We just love playing on stage, because we have been playing so long and played shows back to back it just gets normal. 

You kind of don’t think about it that much, you just go and do it.

We are still getting used to playing sold out shows, the bigger the stage it does, I mean the Electric Ballroom was definitely a step up and we got nerves on that one but once you step out there you are okay.

Where would you like to play most?

Ryan: I really want to do Coachella.

Jack: Jools Holland, Glastonbury.

Dan: Super bowl.

All: Oooh, yeah! The Super bowl!

Jack: Madison Square Gardens.

Jermaine: Hyde Park.                      

I have some questions from a few fans I have been in contact with. @katyhham asked, what would your lives be like if you weren’t in the band?

Jack: A lot different!

Ryan:  I honestly don’t know.

Jack:  Would we even know each other?

Ryan:  Yeah, I knew Dan and Jermaine. I don’t know I have always wanted to do this so it’s been the focus.

Do you not have any other hobbies then?

Dan: No not really.

Jack: Yeah fashion, I used to work at ASOS for five years.

Ryan: We have done press and some management of bands. But it’s always been the goal to be on 
stage ourselves. We met when we were 16 years old, there was never really any Plan B’s.

Dan: I’ve had that before, people ask you so what do you want to do? And you say I want to be in a band.  They say, No seriously, what do you really want to do?

Ryan: If you keep yourself positive and around positive people then you will do it. We got told by tutors in college that we were the worst people, you’ll never make it. But we are still here!

@CarleeJane97 asked, do you have any plans to travel to Australia any time soon?

Ryan: Yes we do, potentially next year! We hope be going to Australia, Japan and stuff. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but that’s the next step to get THE HUNNA word over there.

(Below: Audio - THE HUNNA You& Me)

Who came up with the name The HUNNA?

Jack: We all did!

Jermaine: We were saying one hunna, like 100 percent.  We were at a house party and it was on our way home, it kind of just formed there in the conversation.

Dan: I didn’t think any of us thought we would be in a band called ‘The’ something, but then it just worked.

I had to look up that there was not such a thing called THE HUNNA Tree!

Jack: It is officially there but not online yet!

We will make a tree! It’s gonna go down in history. In the video (You & Me) that is THE HUNNA Tree!

Dan: It’s our family tree.

Ryan: Hopefully we can make it officially ours one day. We can get a Gold plaque put on it. It will be christened, THE HUNNA tree forever!

@miaydwi @CondorasDrum and @BRUMMYBWS asked:-What is it like when you go out and meet people that like everything you do?

Jack: Mental!

Ryan: It’s amazing, it’s so much fun. It’s our dream, we have always wanted to have people listen to our music, come see us play and love it.

Jermaine: For us it’s just nice to around so much positive energy when we play, to finally be able to have that.

Ryan: That’s how we felt about our favourite bands and artists. The fact that we are now doing that is a blessing.

All the fans are so funny as well. We give everyone the same amount of time that we can, without them we would not be here!

We should do meet and greets, get everyone to go to The Hunna Tree!

Jack: But you got to take your shoes off!

Whilst on the road, do you get a lot of time to watch TV, what is your favourite thing to watch at the moment?

Jermaine: We don’t, any time we get we try to sleep.

Dan: We like Horror films, we watched The Conjuring the other day.

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead or anything like that?

Dan: I love The Walking Dead, I can’t wait for Series Seven!

Ryan: There’s just no time to stick to or watch anything, But in America we should be able to watch some, it’s going to be a big tour bus that has beds and stuff.

Jack: We also miss FIFA on the Xbox.

Dan: We have got DVD screens in our car now. We watched Lawless and the Love Guru the other day.

Ryan: We are massive film fans but at the minute we are so out of the loop.

Dan: We have no idea what’s happened in the news lately! I mean what’s actually going on in the world at the moment?

Jermaine: The Euro is starting soon though, Its England Saturday but we will be in Philadelphia, we might be able to watch it on the bus!

You are on the road a lot, are you living off takeaways?

Dan & Jermaine: It’s mainly Burger Kings! So, So many Burger Kings! Oh and Costa, as well as deliveries.

Ryan: It’s bad as every hotel that we stay at, around it is a Burger King, McDonalds, KFC at times you just have to get it, and you’ve got to eat!

We have tried to be good though, the first tour it was all of that but this tour we have tried to switch it up a bit. We have been to a few Waitrose’s.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s bad for you, it’s all the stuff you like!

I have had a lot of Caesar Salads!

Jack: In America we are going to eat like Kings!

Dan: We have got $500 each from Taco Bell for the tour.

$500? Wow, you’ll be loving that! If you had the chance to star on a celebrity talk show, which one would you choose?

Dan: That is such a good question!

Jack: Jonathan Ross.

Ryan: I was thinking Jonathan Ross, he’s a lovely guy. He’s a ‘wovely woke!’ (Imitating Johnathan Ross)

He’s going to hate us after this!

Jermaine: I would say Lemon.

Dan: The Late Late show with James Corden.

Ryan: We could do the Carpool Karaoke. We could get a tattoo on stage like Harry Styles, Tattoo

Roulette! (Explains to the rest what the game was).

Dan: Or Jeremy Springer! It’s very domestic.

Ryan: I would love to just sit there and watch it. I wouldn’t want to be on it, more at the side of the stage, boo-ing, holding signs!


Ryan: We don’t get a lot of time to see things so it would be cool to watch them live.

Jermaine: We see more Travel Lodges than sites!

Ryan: We’ve seen more Burger kings than blonde girls, it’s a crime!

When you make it big, what are you going to splash your cash on?

Jermaine & Jack: A Ferrari!

What colour?

Jack: Black.

Dan: Porsche or Ferrari.

Ryan: Either a red or pink Ferrari, I’m loving a bit of pink. I also want a Harley as well. A nice house too.

Jermaine: A James bond car, green!

Jack: Loads of clothes, designer!

Dan: Apart from that, I’m gonna save it all, put it in the bank.

Ryan: Get a Jet at some point, buy a football team, we want a club as well.

We are going to get one big HUNNA House and all live there! We will put a HUNNA Tree in the 

We will make it like Michael Jacksons house, Neverland. Only it will be HunnaLand!

Cinema as well.

I would pay to go there!

All: Ooohh and a Zoo!

Ryan: Yeah ‘cause I really want to get a pet Lion Cub, obviously it dangerous but I have seen people 
do it (train them), I think I could do it! I think if you had enough money to find people who could really train it, I’d do it.

What animals would the others of you have then?

Ryan, Jack & Dan: I think yours would be a black panther (to Jermaine)

Jermaine: Yeah I would have a panther first then definitely a white eagle.

I would have an eagle on my shoulder.

Jack: I really want an Aquarium

Dan: Like Harry Potter (to Jermaine)?

That was an owl!?!  Are you Harry Potter Fans?

Jermaine & Dan: Yeah but you could still send, like, letters and stuff!

Jack: Yes absolutely.

Ryan: Potter is the best name of course. (Smiles smugly) 

The Harry Potter studios is not far from where we live.

Have you been to them?

All: Yes!

Jack: We walked accidentally there the other day, we got lost on the way to cost-cutters. Although we did pick up a nice cheesecake, which we still have some left!

Has your H-Squad given you any strange gifts or done any strange things to show their affection?

Jermaine: We have signed a girl’s derriere! Well her jeans!

Dan: A lot of trainers, Adidas Trainers. We signed a £10 last night. That was a first.

Jack: We do a lot of IPhone cases, so many IPhone cases!!!

Ryan: A converse that was thrown literally nearly hit me in the face.

We had last night a lot of people asking to hug us and then get pictures taken, which we have never had before. We are cool with Hunna Hugs!

Is there a message you want to say to your fans?


Remember to enter the competition and follow THE HUNNA for more!


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