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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Interview with New Hope Club

New Hope Club are an upcoming British band made up of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith. Signed by The Vamps in December 2015, after only being a band for a few months, the lads have been stealing girls hearts all over the world. They've toured alongside The Vamps and more recently, Sabrina Carpenter.

In May, 2017, the lads released their four track EP, Welcome To The Club which has songs, Fixed, Perfume, Friend of a Friend, and Water. New Hope Club have keep their fans entertained with new music on a regular basis by releasing some awesome covers on YouTube.

I headed over to Hello World Live last week, where I had the opportunity to interview the band. I had initially filmed this but due to my lack of equipment and the area we did the interview, the filming was rubbish. There will be a little clip at the end though. New Hope Club are a bunch of lovely lads and I can't wait to see where the future is heading for them.


Are you excited to be performing at ‘Hello World’ today? 
Blake - We are very excited, it’s such a cool event, very big. We are excited to come and play our song ‘Fixed’ to everybody. 
Reece - So many YouTubers, so many famous people that we haven’t met before. While we were rehearsing we met Tyler Oakley who is one of the nicest guys ever. 
Blake - When we go out he is introducing us to the stage. 

Have you had any fanboy moments yet with any of the YouTubers and people you have met? 
Blake - A little bit yeah, We just said Hello to KSI and he was like, “Hey what’s up?” 
Reece - I used to watch him when I was younger, I watched his videos all the time so it was like was a little bit weird to see him walk around in catering. 

How did get together as a band? 
George - I was a bass guitarist on YouTube playing gigs, my potential manager got in touch with me and put me in touch with a few people, one of which was Blake. We had to play in Manchester for a couple of days and we just started writing some songs, watching some films, had like a good time. 
Blake - We were just writing songs for a few months basically at weekends because we were both at school. Then Reece had come off x-factor from another band, we all met up, had a weekend together and got on really well. Wrote some songs, put some covers out and here we are! 

Were you in any bands when you were at school? 
Reece - Yeah I was, I was in a band called Radiation, it was with all my friends and I was the drummer! 

You do a bit of drums now don’t you? 
George - Reece does drums yeah, the guitar box 

What about you other two? 
Blake -Yeah I was in a band, we used to meet up every lunch time, try and make it big in the assembly! Good exposure is the assembly! It’s actually harder playing an assembly than it is here! 

How long does it take for you to do YouTube covers, do you have to do several takes or do you get it right straight away? 
Reece - It does take a while because we do a lot of new songs that have just come out so it’s like we don’t know the lyrics, it can be such a pain. It’s definitely worth it in the end because it’s live it’s not recorded. 

New Hope Club's latest cover

You’ve been writing recently in the studio, can you give us some hints on what to expect? 
Blake - We have just been developing and writing new songs, we are really happy with what we have got at the moment. Obviously we released an EP in May and that was like a taster of what’s to come and what we have been writing basically. 

So when you are not making music what do you like to do? 
Reece - We are travelling a lot. We are just pretty much normal boys, when we travel we play on the switch. 
Blake - Football, we try to get out. See where we are because we see a lot of place we have never been before when we toured with The Vamps so we wanted to make the most of seeing the sights when we could. 

Where was the favourite place you visited? 
All - Tokyo! 

You have a close relationship with The Vamps do you do any pranks? 
George - The year before they put the stands on our microphones really low so we were down here (crouching) singing. This year they put them really high up so we were stretching up to get it. 

What have you done to them then? 
Blake - We don’t really get them. It’s a one way thing! 
Reece - We need to get them back, I think on the next UK tour! 
Blake - I think it’s time! We are just gonna run out on them when The Shades are on and do the rap 
Reece - We did run out on stage at one point a while ago. 

Reece, are you a fan of WWE? 
Blake - When we are at George’s house there’s nothing better than WWE and a pot noodle. 
Reece - Like on a Sunday morning when you can’t be bothered to do anything, you don’t want to get ready we just sit in George’s front room and watch sky sports. 
Blake - We wake up and won’t do some work until past twelve because it’s a Sunday, We just sit on the couch with a pot noodle. 

What would you name yourself if you were a WWE wrestler? 
Reece -That’s a good question. The Nightmare! 

Blake - Because he’s a nightmare! 
Reece - It just sounds scary 
George - The Catalyst! 
Blake - I would just be like….Blake! 
George - POW! 
All - The POW!! 

New Hope Club, Fixed - Official Video

Blake, you are into photography, who would you like to photograph the most? 
Blake - Reece and George 
Reece and George - Aaaahhh 
Blake - It would be really cool to do a model like Kendall Jenner or something. 

Do you think she would be really demanding? 
Blake – Maybe not, if she is put in the environment she probably knows what she is doing, I would probably learn from her more than she would get out of it. But it would be really cool. 

George you love food apparently, if you could have one food for the rest of your life what would you live on? 
Reece - I know what it would be! A Full English breakfast, he loves the Full English! What did you have this morning? 
George – The Full English! But probably cereal. 

What about you two? 
Blake - Probably bread 
George - Yeah, he goes around supermarkets just eating bread. 
Reece - I would live on something nutritious like a salad so then I would survive. Cucumber because it’s also got water in it. Think about your future you know 
George - Think about health! 

What was the last movie you went to see at the cinema? 
All - IT 
Reece - I loved it 
George - It was scary, we went at midnight the day it opened and there were people behind us with clown horns they kept squeezing, we were like, “SHUT UP!” 
Blake - Bit of advice for you when you go cinema, keep quiet! 

This is a question I try to ask everyone, do you have a zombie apocalypse plan? 
Blake - Er, leave it to George! George would know what to do in that situation and I would run with him! 

Do any of you watch The Walking Dead? 
George - I did for the first five series and then I was like, I am not a home so I stopped. 
Blake - I am not into zombie things 

Okay then what would do if one broke out now, what would be your plan? 
Blake - Leg it! 
Reece - I would hide in that forest over there (Pointing to the trees near the stage) 
George - I’d go Starbucks 
Blake - What’s the best thing to do? 
Reece - Climb to the top, on a cloud (pointing to the cloud lights at the top of the arena) 
George - Climb on the truss on the ceiling, can’t get you up there 
Blake - Just run basically 

If you could be any super hero, who would you be and why? 
Reece - Spiderman because he’s my favourite 
Blake – Yeah, Spiderman 
George - Antman! 
Reece – Antman *laughing* 
George - Antman is cool ‘cause he can be like (gestures tiny!) 
Blake - He is quite a good one, but Spiderman! He is so cool. 

Why because he gets all the girls? 
Reece - That’s part of it! 
Blake - He’s just a lad, he gets to swing. 
Reece - Everyone like love Spiderman. You’re friendly neighbourhood Spiderman! 
Blake - It’s not friendly neighbourhood Spiderman 
George - It is! 
Reece - It’s you're friendly neighbourhood Spider! 

What can we expect from New Hope Club in 2018? 
Reece - Lots of music, lots of touring and maybe even our own tour. 
Blake - A few shows maybe who knows. 

Do you have a message for your fans? 
Reece - We love you all, subscribe and we will see you soon! (All Blow a kiss)


As you can tell, this band have a lot ahead of them and you can show your support by subscribing to them on YouTube.

Until next time...

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  1. Really enjoyed this post Sophie! I will have to go over and listen to them soon! They den really lovely aswell!

  2. I love all these music posts you've being uploading recently. I will definitely subscribe to them.

    Abby x


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