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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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What I Got for Christmas this Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas which was full of smiles and joy - I did. In fact, I had one of the best Christmas Day's that I've had in years. Watching my family open their presents was so fun, and of course I am grateful for all of the gifts that I received too. Christmas dinner was scrummy and the games we played between the dinner and dessert was super fun, my day was full with laughter.

After Christmas day, it's a mad rush to get the tree down before New Years and my birthday so I love Boxing Day because it's really the last day of relaxation for me. I've had time to look over what I was given and I've picked out a few things to show you. Last year I did something similar but also showed you what I got for my birthday. This year, things are a little different - you'll find out soon enough!

Some of these photo's are unbelievably rubbish so please bear with me. I had limited light and space.

I was given a new camera for vlogging! I have had to pay half but there was a really good Black Friday deal. In 2018, I'll hopefully be bringing you some more YouTube videos - the first few months are super busy so there'll be a few vlogs coming your way. The camera that I got was a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS. It's a really cool, little compact camera that captures some great videos and images. I'm currently editing a Christmas Day vlog where I've used the camera and it's looking great. I'm really excited to start using this more often.

As a little surprise, my mum got me and my sister a little finger sloth/monkey. It's adorable! This little thing clings to your finger and makes noises and moves, my sloth can even speak to me - it's like my own pet (expect I don't need to feed and clean it)! In my vlog, you'll see what this cute sloth is about.

My grandparent's got me this gift set full of No 7 lotions and potions. My sister's tried a lot of these and loves them so I'm eager to start using them myself. I love trying out new skincare routines and products so I hope that these are just as good as my sister makes them out to be. My grandma swears by these product so I'm interested to see how they work out.

Some family friends in Germany sent us all a gift set from Rituals, I had 4 of their bestselling balancing products. I love the scent, it's so refreshing. I'm a big shower fan so I can't wait to start using these. Inside, there's Shower Foam, Shampoo, Body Cream and Shower Oil. I've never heard of shower oil before so I'm really excited to give it a go! My mum and sister got different sets which had some other lovely products in. The sets look so fancy and posh - I love them!

For my 2018 calendar I had a hard time choosing. Usually, you know exactly what calendar you want - a Harry Styles one, Twenty-One Pilots, a dog one. This year, I left it right until the last minute. I was shopping with my mum and sister and found this absolutely adorable (and funny) calendar that I know I could put up with for the year. A Sloth Yoga calendar caught my eye and I don't think that I could live without it. It's just so funny!

A little while ago, I was chatting to my mum about having a FitBit because I need something to motivate my lazy arse to get up and loose some weight. As a surprise, she got me a cheaper version of the FitBit which I think is called a VeryFitPro. I love it and it's just as good as the FitBit. I've worn it since I opened it and I think that it's absolutely amazing. You don't have to pay expensive to get a good product! 

This watch has a purple strap, tells me how many steps/miles I've walked. Times my workouts, looks at how many calories that I've burnt. It measures my heart rate and also my sleep. When you download the app, you can set alarms, receive messages and calls through it. You can tell yourself to get up and off of your arse if you've sat for too long. There's also a leaderboard with all of the users to see who has done the most steps in a day.

My mum also bought me the Paco Rabanne perfume, Lady Million Eau My Gold. I've wanted this for a while now and I'm very happy that I finally have it. It smells absolutely amazing. I love the classy smell and the bottle is absolutely beautiful. Nothing can beat a Paco Rabanne scent!

My sister got me this one. I love the Bridget Jones's films - I think they're fab. So for Christmas, my sister got me a collection of all three of the Bridget Jones's films. For starters, it's Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in the same film and secondly, ReneƩ Zellweger is life. Bridget Jones is the most amazing woman (even if she is just a character) and I can't help but love every one of these films. There's no way that I could have a favourite of the three, they're all just so amazing!

I've been loving Matt Terry's music and annoyingly, I've not been able to listen to his album until Christmas because I didn't want to ruin it. I still haven't had a chance to listen yet but from the music that Matt has already produced, I can tell that I will love this album. Trouble, which is what his album is called, includes a range of tracks that I can't wait to put on repeat. If you've already listened to this, what's your favourite song?

Casey from casestreetx set up a bloggers secret Santa and there was lots of us that took part! We were all really excited and we saved out gifts to open on Christmas Eve. When we had opened them, we sent what we got into the group chat thanking whoever had sent it. I had Casey believe it or not and she really liked her gift. 

I received mine from Amber O'Neill and she had given me some lovely things. The little bag was homemade by her sister and I absolutely love it! She also got me a few bits and pieces from Maybelline that she knew that I'd love. I got their Dream Sun bronzer, the Lash Sensational mascara (which I'm soooo excited to try, I've heard such good things about it!), and one of their SuperStay nail polishes (I can't remember the shade) and it's gorgeous!

As my mum is such a babe, she made me and my sister her own advent calendar. So every morning we were gifted with something new - not of great value - and it was adorable! I've picked out a few of my favourite things from the calendar to show you. 

On one of the days, we both got an A5 notebook and it's so cute! The pink and white look lovely and the gold writing just tops the whole look off! I don't want to write in it because it just looks too pretty.

On another day, we were given a pack of nail files (which are an essential in our household) with designs on. My sister got ones with flowers on and I got these tropical, flamingo and palm tree ones. Again, it's another thing that I don't want to use because they're cute.

We both got earrings that matched our star signs too (we love horoscopes) and surprisingly, they're not tacky! There are a couple of pairs that include my star sign and they're very pretty. The others are gorgeous nonetheless.

On the 1st of December we opened these Harry Potter pins. You can't go through December without at least one Harry Potter themed thing - whether it be a film or a product. My sister got some Hufflepuff pin badges and I got some Slytherin ones. I think I have the best ones though because I got Dobby. 

On the 24th, our mum got us something a bit more special. Me and my sister had special necklaces a while ago but my mum threw mine in the bin by accident (boooo). So to make it up to us, she got us matching heart and key necklaces. As cheesy as it is, they are very very pretty and me and my sister will definitely cherish them (and not throw them in the bin...).

Overall, I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too! What did you wake up to on Christmas morning?

Until next time...

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  1. Great post, I love that cheaper version of the FitBit! I want a FitBit but it’s too expensive so may have to look into that! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas :-)


  2. The A5 notebook is so pretty! I've never watched any of the Bridget Jones movies and this makes me really want to give it a try.
    You create such nice, fascinating content! I'd love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Do let me know! Have a lovely weekend xo

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. It is! Whattt, you really do need to watch them.
      Thank you so much, yeah that would be cool! x

  3. I'm sensing a sloth theme? They actually really creep me out ahaha! I love all of the Bridget Jones films, but my favourite has to be the first. I woke up to a camera too: I got a polaroid! I'm glad that you had a good day xox

    1. Sloth is what my family call me...I think they're adorable! They are great films. Whooo, you got it then?! x


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