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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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This Morning Live 2018**

I was kindly invited to This Morning Live 2018 on the 18th May. I'm a big fan of This Morning - who isn't? I decided to tag along and see what was going on there, last year, I heard great things so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. (You can also watch my vlog of the day here.)

I took the train to Birmingham and before we get into anything about the event, let me just tell you about our eventful train journey. Everything was running smoothly and as we got into Birmingham New Street, we started seeing some Police officers which is a little bit unusual but we didn't think much of it until we slowed down and more and more officers were standing on the platform.

We all stood to get up and no one could leave the train, they'd stopped the doors from opening. I started to panic a little bit at this point. We then saw a few Police officers searching everyone on the train and people were starting to get worried - we had no idea what was going on. To make the situation even better, two armed Police came onto the platform with another five officers. We then saw a Police man with a dog walk to the opposite end of the train. At this point, I was having a full blown panic attack. Someone was on this train that they wanted and I couldn't get off.

Around another ten officers then arrived on the platform and went to the other end of the train along with the rest of them and the station security. Everyone on the train was worried but they hadn't cleared the platform of people so it couldn't have been really serious which calmed me down a little bit.

We never found out what happened but my guess is that there was a wanted man/woman on the train which is kind of scary when you think about it.

Yeah, so panic attack over, we got onto the next train to Birmingham International and 5 minutes into the journey, we noticed that on this little electronic sign that the next stop was Shrewsbury which is near Wales. I've never had such a stressful train journey. Turns out the sign was wrong and a member of staff told us we were headed to Birmingham International - thank god. I thought I was going to miss the whole event!

Anyway, story time is over. Worse train journey of my life!

Onto the actual event.

There were six shows on at the NEC and it was very busy when we arrived - the majority of people were there for This Morning Live which really didn't surprise me at all. When we entered the hall it was obvious why this was a success last year. There were some great stalls (with some great bargains), the stages looked so much like the actual studio they film in and everyone was generally having a great time.

It started off quite quiet but 10 minutes into the doors being opened, floods of people came into the hall and it started to get a bit difficult to navigate your way around - especially when it came to around the stages.

I tried to make use of my Press Pass to get to the front and grab some pictures of everyone on the stage but I physically couldn't get through the crowds so I had to zoom in from within the crowd. There was wheelchair access which I think was very considerable of the event planners, they were able to get right to the front of the stage in a cornered off area.

There were plenty of stalls to keep you occupied, Mark Hill, Clairol's Nice 'n' Easy, Dorothy Perkins, Kiehl's and so many others. My friend from Kiehl's was at the event so I made sure to head over there and she told me all about their new Glow Formula that I am in definite need of for summer! Honestly, it makes your skin look amazing. I also tagged along to the Kiehl's demonstration which was on at 1pm where we all got a few samples to give a go during the talk.

Google were there and they were giving away free Google Home Mini's. We walked by and one of the members of staff stopped us and told us about how we could walk away with either a donut or a Google Home Mini - obviously I was curious so we lined up and waited to give one of the Google Home's a demand and see what we've won. I came away with a Google Home Mini which was a lovely surprise - in fact I've got it playing Pharell William's Happy right now! So many people were walking away with a Google Home Mini, I think it was one of my favourite moment's of the day.

We headed over to this caravan where Allison, who often hosts the competitions, was dancing along to the brass band playing. After a few minutes, the ITV crew were all telling us to wave at the camera. The next thing you know you can find us on the end of Friday's programme! The ITV crew were really nice too, I got chatting to a few of them about the event and what they were up to.

After a hectic day, we were about to leave and these friends that we made in the Press Lounge had told us how we could claim a free watch at Newgate which is a watch and clock company. I'd walked by them a few times and noticed their gorgeous collection and so obviously I was going to claim my free watch. I chose The Atom which costs £139.00. It's got a lovely gold metal mesh band and a black face - you can see the watch in in my vlog.

We did get to do quite a bit at the event and I had such a fun time. I also vlogged the day if you'd like to watch that!

Until next time...

** I was invited to This Morning Live 2018 in return for coverage.

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  1. When i went to birmingham international once, i also noticed the train said it was going to shrewsbury and had such a panic haha! The event looks so cool!

    1. Thank God I'm not alone! It scared me so much!


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