My very first jumpsuit

Please excuse my white-ass legs...
Jumping out of my comfort zone is definitely something that I am embracing in my recent fashion choices. What better way than buying my very first jumpsuit?! I've always stuck to the clothes that I know will look good on me and that's your basic jeans and a tee. Why not buy something that I wouldn't feel comfortable in normally? Something that I could wear to a nice event because I really don't have many signature pieces in my wardrobe.

I was in New Look with my mum, one day, and I wanted to try some new styles of clothes. Since Spring is here up and I've lost a little weight, I think it's time for a wardrobe update! I have never tried a culotte style of trousers - so why not try them now?

I picked out a few styles of trousers and this jumpsuit. I took them into the changing room and fell in love with the red jumpsuit. However, the colour just wasn't me so I opted for a black one instead. I knew that is was perfect and I just had to buy it - god knows when I will wear it! It's been a while since I bought it and I've had no reason to wear it as of yet.

The only issue that I have is that the front is very low cut so I have to put a little stitch in the front unless I want to flash anyone. The problem is, when the stitch is there, I can't get it on or off and I always end up pulling off the stitching and having to re-do it all again. My plan of action is to get a little black popper so that I can get it on and off easily without having to keep putting in a stitch.

I am a big fan of this jumpsuit though - I do love it so much! What are your thoughts on it?

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