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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Fickle Friends Live Review + Interview

Fickle Friends are an indie pop band from Brighton. They've got a summery sound that is perfect for your ice cream licking, sunburnt, fun packed beach holiday. I recently chose them for Top Pick of the Week so if you have a read of that, you'll get a bit more of a background on this energetic band.

I had the chance to go and see them on Tuesday night and let me tell you, Natti is bursting with energy! At about 7:30, I went to interview Natti and Jack which was fun, unfortunately Natti was feeling a bit under the weather so I tried not to keep them too long! You can read the interview if you scroll down a little.

Fickle Friends were supported by a few bands. As soon as the main band stepped on the stage, they had captivated the audience, Fickle Friends really know how to make an entrance. The crowd went into a frenzy as they went into their first song. For the first three songs, I was in the photo pit so my thoughts were on getting some good photos! But I did watch the crowd a bit, as well as the band on stage and everyone was having fun.

You couldn't tell that Natti was ill at all! She was so animated, dancing, smiling, jumping around with the others. The overall performance from the whole band was so energetic that the crowd were easily dancing along with them. 

The crowd were singing back the lyrics, interacting with the band on stage and it was a really nice sight. Fickle Friends ended on a high and left the audience buzzing! 

You can read my interview with Jack and Natti below, we had a good chat about pretty much everything so hopefully it's entertaining for you.


So you have started your UK tour, you were in Cardiff last night, How was that?

Natti: It was good

Jack: Good Stuff

You did a bit of filming was that for your social media pages?

Natti:  No we were doing a music video, we were doing a live video of the song. The focus song for when the album comes out.

So the album is coming out soon, we haven’t heard it yet but whats your favourite track off it?

Natti:  Mine is Heartbroken

Jack: I think my favourite song is Brooklyn, which is already out.

Natti: Do you really like it?

Jack: Aww yeah that’s my favourite song, when I am listening to it……….. I mean I like all of of them but yeah

Natti: I like that song as well

Jack: Well some of the are really old and have almost a nostalgia to them do you know what I mean?  Its like, Oh I remember when we wrote that or when we played that.
I remember when we did the video for Brooklyn

Natti: Is that why you like it so much?

Jack: I think so, watching the video just reminds me of the nice time, that nice day, maybe that’s something to do with it

Natti: Yeah cause shooting videos is normally so miserable. Its so horrible, but that time was really nice. Maybe making them is good, but starring in them is shit

Jack: We did one about two weeks ago and it was her driving around in a car

Natti: It was from like 7pm until 4 in the morning driving this old car around London for the entire time and it was colder than today.

Jack: We just had to stand outside, so sometimes it can be pretty rough

Can you tell us a bit about what we can expect from ‘You Are Someone Else’?

Natti: Its an interesting production I think some of the songs we have released are like classic Fickle Friends Indie pop, where some of the songs are a little different and have that weird flavour.

Jack: Its different to anything we have done

Natti: Its our chance to put loads of different stuff on one record

How do you think your fans are going to take to the new songs?

Natti:  I hope with open minds

Jack:  Its not like a whole record of different stuff

Out of interest, where did you come up with the name Fickle Friends?

Natti: I didn’t come up with it, my friend did. It was like the name of our DJ duo we were going to start, which we never started. I had to write a name down for my band that I was auditioning for a gig and I just wrote Fickle Friends and its sort of stuck ever since.

I don’t know what we would have done if we would have all sat down and tried to think of  a name together, it would have been chaos!

Jack: I didn’t really like the name at the start

Natti: I don’t like the name!

Jack: I like it now, You have to , that’s our name. Sometimes I sit and think about it and think its really weird but its catchy and if you search it on google you are not gonna find something else!

Natti: It is the first thing that comes up on google!

Who inspires you to make your music?

Natti:  Music wise, anything.

Jack: There's so many, when we were starting the band we used to listen to a lot like 'Friendly Fires', 'Phoenix' and  'The 1975'. As a band that's the kind of stuff we like.

Have you seen them live?

Natti: Yeah

Jack: I have a Phoenix tattoo. There's a band called 'New Med' who we really love and we played with them at Reading.

Natti: I cried! I was wearing my sunglasses and have never experienced anything like that before, you meet famous people and you are obviously like jittery but I couldn't help it happening. There were tears rolling down my face

Jack: They are like an American band that aren't big over here at all, they played before us at reading and it was like 'What!!!' We had liked them for about ten years!

I love your song ' Swim'. Where did the inspiration come for that?

Natti: Thats an old song!

Jack: We liked 'Chocolate' by 'The 1975'

Natti: Yeah we wanted that vibe

Jack: Yeah, 'Chocolate' by 'The 1975', 'Ain't it fun' by 'Paramore' and there was this 'Rhianna' song, 'Do Your Thing'

Natti: These three songs we were listening to and there were little bits from each we kind of put together to make a really good song.  'Aint it fun' by 'Paramore' we liked the rhythm of the lyrics so they sound pretty similar.

When you go on tour, whats the first thing you do when you reach new cities?

Jack: Vintage Shops!

Natti: Yeah we normally do vintage shops and coffee shops!

Jack: I just got a nice fleece for £6 which was charged on weight.  I got this tattoo in Leicester last time we were here.

Natti: I am getting one done tomorrow. We found a nice coffee shop in St Martins square in Leicester.

Jack: The boys have been to the gym as well.

What can we expect from your performances on tour?

Natti: Hopefully less coffee!

Jack: You just have to be well for an hour!

Natti: I am ill, Chris gave me three puffs on his inhaler, I didn't even know he had an inhaler!

I think he has seasonal asthma!  It made me cough more!

Jack: We have been together for four years and I didn't even know he had one!
 Hopefully we will just have some fun. We try and enjoy ourselves.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Natti: Lots of coffee! No, our drummer usually makes a coffee.  Two red wines! Never play drunk, never play sober.  But I did play sober last night because I felt really ill. It was very horrible!

I was thinking about what the lyrics were for the next verse, then I would forget where I was in the song! It was horrible.

The red wine just kind of loosens you up a little bit.

Have you ever forgotten your words? 

Natti: I have actually, not for years. We were playing in Berlin and I forgot the words for the second verse for the exact reason I just said.

Jack: I forget the words all the time, I forgot them yesterday.

Natti: Did you?

You are fine I guess if you go on Autopilot?

Natti: Yeah autopilot is fine but sometimes you think, 'I don't know the words next' but it just kinda comes out!

Yeah before shows we just blast out a few tunes really have a few drinks then sing a few of our own songs to warm up. Which is a bit embarrassing.
No-one does push ups or anything.

Which food have you found the worst with being vegan/veggie on tour?

Natti: Oh the first thing I got. We left really early on  the first day of tour and I  hadn't had breakfast so we stopped at some services to get petrol. I got the Falafel wrap, which you don't really want for breakfast but it was better than nothing. It was probably the most hideous thing I have had for a very long time. No wonder people don't want to go vegan!

Whats the best thing you have had so far then?

Natti: We only only day two but I had Wagamama yesterday and that was very good.

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show that you like to binge watch?

Natti: Gossip Girl, I love it. I haven't watched it for ages, probably time for another cycle!

Jack: I like the OC

Natti: Yeah like Gossip girl, The OC, One Tree Hill and 90210.

Now some quickfire questions.

Festivals or Gigs?

Jack & Natti: Festivals

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Natti: Night Owl

Jack: Night Owl, I am a bit of both. These questions are really deeper than they seem!

Apple or Android?

Jack & Natti: Apple

Twitter or Instagram?

Jack & Natti: Instagram

The 1975 or Dua Lipa?

Jack & Natti: The 1975

We usually ask everyone we can this question as its fun, do you have a zombie apocalypse plan?

Jack: I used to, it wasn't like a plan it was all just routed around me and my friends.

At High school we were 14 years old . My friends dad had a jeep and a gun, my dad had a gun and a few knives. He was in the army. I had an air rifle. It was packed away, not used or anything, my dad gave it to me.  We were like, what we will do is go straight to our houses and get the kit and we will meet at my friends house with the jeep and go to the top of this car park at the top of this supermarket. Then we would live up there, we could go down in the supermarket to get food and stuff.

Natti: You have given this a lot of thought!

Jack: Yeah, or you could go to the Isle of Wight and slowly wipe out the zombies, they can't get across water and there would be less in the Isle of Wight.

Then you can start a life there, you can grow stuff and live of the stuff from the supermarkets for a while!

Natti: Maybe I would take some mushrooms and then the zombies would become really cute and I would be happy about it!

Where would your best hiding place be then?

Natti: Climb, climb trees. Do Zombies climb trees? I would strap myself to a really tall tree and just like sleep there.

Finally do you have a message for your fans?

Natti: Pre order our album would you?

Jack: I would agree with that!

Natti: We really appreciate you, we love you. You are the reason we are doing what we are doing but also please pre- order our album.


There's still time to catch Fickle Friends on tour - which I would totally recommend! You can find their tour dates and tickets here. You should also pre-order their album, You Are Someone Else, I'm so excited to hear this album!

What do you think of Fickle Friends?

Until next time...


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