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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Natural World Charcoal and Mint Range**

Natural World are a natural and organic hair care company based in Soho, London. They use naturally active ingredients from around the world in their products to create a luxury experience you'll love. There are multiple ranges which are targeted at different types of hair, there's Argan Oil of Morocco, Brazilian Keratin, Chia Seed Oil, Coconut Water. Paw Paw and Quinoa, Charcoal and Mint and Shimmering Silver. So there's a lot to choose from! To make things easier, Natural World have created a quiz for you to take to discover which is the best range for you.

I was kindly sent three of Natural World's products from their Charcoal and Mint range. I've been using them constantly for the past few weeks so I can give you a better verdict. They are now available to buy from Tesco from as little as £4.

This shampoo is lovely. For starters, you get a lot of the product, I've been using it for a while now and I don't think I'm half way through yet! The activated charcoal acts like a magnet to rid of any impurities, oil and styling build-up. The mint is for revitalising and refreshing - which it does fantastically may I add! 

I love the pump as well, I don't use too much then. However, you do need a good surface to put it on because there's been a few times where I've dropped it on my foot in the shower - it was very painful!

With this shampoo, I have to use four lots of it, one on the top of my head, one underneath and one on each side of my head. When it foams, I love it but there have been some times when I've used it where there's been no foam at all - maybe my hair is already clean that it can't pick up any dirt! Who knows?

Oh, and the scent; I can't get enough of it! My mum isn't a fan of the mint, I guess you'll either love it or hate it, I'm a massive fan! I think it leaves my hair feeling even more fresh. The scent doesn't last too long on the hair, as far as I'm aware, but it is nice to be surrounded by once you've washed your hair in it.

The conditioner is lovely too. You do need a lot of it for it to go a long enough way. Since it's formula is thicker then the shampoo, it's also a little bit more difficult to pump out but it's still great. I use it alongside the shampoo most days and my hair feels clean and fresh until the end of the day. The charcoal and mint dose pretty much the same thing. The conditioner definitely cleans the hair a bit more.

As for this hair mask - I am in love. Instead of using the conditioner, you use this hair mask once in a while for a deeper clean. I do use quite a bit of it but for the price it is, I'd happily buy some more.

Like I mentioned, I use this so often because it keeps my hair looking healthy and that's no exaggeration. The formula for this is silky smooth and I leave it in for 5 minutes, I really notice a difference when I use it so I would definitely recommend this.

So why not take the quiz and give Natural World a try?

Until next time...

** These products were sent to me, courtesy of Brodie & Stone and Natural World, for reviewing purposes**


  1. I got sent some of the argan oil ones from a PR company and this makes so excited to start using them! Lovely post as usual! Xx

  2. I've been looking for some more hair masks to use, so I'm definitely going to try this one! I'm going to take the quiz to see which they recommend for curly hair xox

  3. This looks awesome! I don't think the mint and charcoal range would suit my hair type but it is so cool that you got to try them!

    Thanks for sharing!


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