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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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RUSH Gave Me A Transformation Of A Lifetime*

On Friday I had the delightful experience of heading to my local RUSH Hair and Beauty for a cut and colour. My last post did amazingly well and it was one of the best hairdressing experiences that I had so you can't blame me for going back! In August last year, I had my hair coloured by a professional and instead of having a balayage, I cam out the hairdressers as a full blonde. I warmed to it after a few months but recently, my hair has been looking a mess and it needs sorting out.
As you can see below, the colour I initially had was growing out - big time. Around certain areas, my hair was bleached and in others, I'm unsure if she even touched it with the dye. It's safe to say, I was in desperate need of a re-style and who better than the award winning RUSH Hair and Beauty?

my hair pre RUSH visit. le front

le back
On Tuesday last week, I went over to have a skin test, just incase I was allergic to their dye. (I recommend that if you're going for a colour treatment, whether its a home colouring or a professional colour - ALWAYS go for a allergy test!). I had a nice little chat with a couple of the consultants and left feeling super excited for the Friday.

When I walked in on Friday, I was pleasantly greeted. I found it very sweet how they remembered me from a few days prior! I was offered a drink and took advantage of the Lindor chocolates they gave to me...

Yiannis took me to a seat and we began discussing what I wanted done. Before he started on the colour, he got the electric razor and cut off a lot of my hair so he had an idea of what length I wanted and the colour could be put to an even better standard. I like my hair short so I went for a collarbone length and then after the colour was on, Yiannis would start chopping into my hair to style it.

I had a lovely chat with Yiannis about all kinds of things and was very excited when we went to go and wash out the dye. Isn't it the worst when someone is washing your hair and telling you haw amazing it looks when you've not seen it yet?! Where they wash your hair is so lovely and quite. It muffles the loudness of the salon and is painted in a dark grey which just makes you want to fall asleep!

I was given a treatment for my hair which would lock in the colour - it was L'Oreal's Smartbond which is only available to buy at salons - which smells absolutely amazing. I ended up buying it for £17 after my appointment. Yiannis then used a couple of toners to add some pizazz to the colour. After, he washed my hair with the Colour Extended Magnetics range from Redken. Don't the products they use in salons smells so much better than using them at home?

Once the dye had been washed out of my hair and the toner was out, we moved back into the salon to chop into my hair a bit more. The last time I had my hair cut, it wasn't done too well (this wasn't at RUSH) and my hair was basically fried by the time this appointment came around. Yiannis had the job of trying to save my hair, which he did fantastically! My hair feels light and bouncy now! What makes it even better, is I left Yiannis to do whatever style he thought best and it suits me perfectly. I love it!

He then styled my hair and gave me a few styling tips on how to curl my hair based on the new style. What terrified me was when he took my hand to let me curl my hair - I thought I was going to burn my hair off!!! In the end though, it did look wonderful and I left the salon feeling beautiful and confident.

my hair post RUSH visit. le back
le front

So as you can probably tell, I am very happy with how my hair has turned out. I feel totally transformed, so a big thank you to Yiannis! Also to the team over at RUSH for having me. I honestly love this place and I think will carry on going here - it's one of the most reliable hairdressers that I've been to!

Thank you, Yiannis for transforming me!

Until next time...

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Disclaimer: I paid for my colour. The cut was paid or courtesy of RUSH Hair and Beauty, in exchange for a review.


  1. You genuinely look amazing! Your hair looks so different, but so great! xox

  2. LOVE your hair so much this salon seems amazing! This post was fab xx

  3. Collaborating with Rush?! Oh I am so jealous! Your hair looks gorgeous, and as I am sure that I have said before, your coat is goals!

    1. Yasss! They're my favourite hairdressers! Thank you so much (I love the coat too!)


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