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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Leicester, UK

Live Review | Sea Girls

Sea Girls are a band that I'm familiar with. I've been following their journey for a few years now, from interviewing them on tour at The Cookie in Leicester to watching their latest festival appearances including the main stage at Reading and Leeds.

At the moment, you can find the band on a tour of the UK that's almost sold out. Their first stop was the O2 Academy in Leicester - kicking it off with a hometown show. I had the chance to head over to watch them perform on Thursday 7th October. 

Photo of Henry (lead singer) from Sea Girls performing live on stage

Supporting was Coach Party, a band from the Isle of White which did a good job at warming the crowd up, covering Lizzo's Truth Hurts. After a hearty performance, the anticipation was brewing around the venue for the main act.

A tension heavy introduction before the band came on stage got everyone super excited for what was to come. When I say that I've never heard a louder crowd, I'm being completely truthful. With full confidence, Sea Girls walked on stage ready for a killer show.

Opening the show with Call Me Out, a strong song to kick off the set with, followed by a more recent song: Violet. The band played most songs from their debut album, Open Up Your Head with incredible energy and enthusiasm. This was their first headline show in Leicester since the pandemic so you can imagine the energy bouncing around. 

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We even got to hear a few tracks from their next highly anticipated album, Homesick, which went down incredibly well. They've just made me more excited to hear the full album if it's going to be anything like their recent single, Sick

Photo of Rory (lead guitar) from Sea Girls on stage with Oli (drummer) in background

With an insane amount of jumping around from lead guitarist, Rory, the crowd couldn't have been more into it. Making sure to interact with their fans, Sea Girls don't ever disappoint when they play live. The bring it every single time. 

Do You Really Wanna Know? had everyone screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs, especially when we were blessed with an insane guitar solo. Ready For More got everyone dancing but the best crowd reaction was to All I Wanna Hear You Say, one of their singles from Open Up Your Head. It was the closing song before the encore and lead to the loudest chanting for Sea Girls to come back and perform again. 

The band came back for two more songs: You Over Anyone and their latest single, Sick.

Photo of Andrew (bass) from Sea Girls performing live on stage with Henry (lead singer) in background

Sea Girls are the one band that I can't get enough of live. In fact, I bumped into Cool As Leicester there and they were telling me how they had to excuse themselves from an event early just to come and watch them. 

Keep up to date with Sea Girls on Instagram here and check out their next tour dates on their website



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