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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Sea Girls Live Review + Interview

On Saturday 3rd of February, I was invited down to The Cookie to watch Sea Girls live and interview a couple of the members. Before Christmas, I had listened to Sea Girls and decided that this band were now one of my favourite bands so couldn't pass up on the opportunity to see them live.

Sea Girls are a London based group that are made up of four lads from across the UK. Made up of Henry (vocals/guitar), Rory (guitar), Andrew (bass) and Oli (drums), Sea Girls have been releasing some great music and are currently on their first UK headline tour. They're a great indie-rock band and they've got some great songs that you can sing along to!

Upon arriving at the venue, you could definitely tell that this was a hometown show for a few of the band members - the atmosphere was great! I already felt  excited and there was still over an hour to go before the doors opened.

The venue was packed once the doors were opened and it only got more busy as the night went on. The support act got the crowed warmed up for Sea Girl's performance and everyone seemed super hyped.

When Sea Girls made an appearance, the crowed literally went wild - I'm not exaggerating. I was astounded by the support that these guys had! They went straight into their song What For. I'm a personal fan of this track so it had me dancing!

As Sea Girls made their way through their set list, I was amazed by their overall performance. Henry sung amazingly, I couldn't fault him. He sounds so much better live! Rory got into it with his guitar, same with Andrew on the bass. You could tell that these guys were having fun, they were insane! As for Oli, I always think the drummers are underrated. Oli was having the time of his life and that really came across in his drumming.

They performed an unreleased song, Eat Me Whole, which was great. Although not many people knew the song, it still had the crowd on their feet dancing. With some catchy lyrics, the crowed knew the chorus by the end of the song.

Heavenly War is their latest single and it really sums up Sea Girls. At this point, everyone was jumping and singing, my friend behind me was getting knocked all over the place, me? I was having the time of my life dancing with them.

The night finished on their song, Call Me Out - this is definitely my favourite track of theirs, it's a proper belter and I'll tell you what, it was a real crown pleaser! There wasn't one person who wasn't jumping and singing along to Call Me Out, you could tell that even the lads on stage were having fun because as they ended the song, they decided to do another round of the chorus.

When the night ended, everyone was still buzzing and I'm honestly not surprised! Sea Girls gave the performance of their lives and that really came across to us all. I'll be catching their next Leicester show!

There's still time to grab tickets for their tour. The dates are as followed and you can buy the tickets here.

February 8th
Manchester - The Deaf Institute

February 9th
Leeds - Community Room, Brudenell Social Club

February 10th
Glasgow - King Tuts

April 19th
London - The Garage

May 5th
Liverpool - Various Venues

Before the doors opened, I had the chance to catch up with Henry and Oli. We sat on the stage and had a good chat about their music, upcoming festivals, and did a few quickfire questions. You can read the interview below.


Who are Sea Girls, how would you describe yourself? 

Henry: I would say Guitar fans that are in a band as well, Friends. I guess Guitar loving friends! 

Oli: Out for a good time! 

How did the band form?

Henry: We used to go to school with each other, in different years. We were in different bands, I was in a band with Oli in Leicester.

What were you called? 

Henry: We were called Perfect Trees, then Oli was in a band with the other guys as well. Literally we all ended up being in London together and were like let’s make a full band.

Oli: Both our drummers quit at the same time

Henry: So it was natural, there was no fighting.

So what inspires you to write your songs?

Henry: All sorts inspires us to write our songs, anything. A lot of it is personal stuff, relationships. Rory’s writing is more expansive.

Oli: Abstract

Henry: Yeah Abstract. A big thing for me, all the songs I like to write are the ones full of excitement. There the ones that really get me, the natural adrenaline of life.

You have your new EP out ‘Heavenly War’. What’s your favourite track off of it? 

Oli: What’s on it?

Henry: 'Heavenly War',  'Lost’, yeah we love all of them.

Oli: ‘Heavenly War’ is probably my favourite.

Henry:  Yeah’ Heavenly war’.

Oli: It’s the most fun to play.

Henry: Love opening the set with ‘What For.’.

Oli: People go mental for ‘Lost’.

Henry: They are different kind of songs so they all do their own thing.

Oli: When we recorded it we were most excited about ‘Heavenly War’.

Henry: We really stylised that as a band, we put our stamp on it.

Some of you are from Leicestershire, have you got any family and friends that are coming tonight?

Henry: A lot.

Oli: Everyone is family.

Henry: I think there are a lot of representatives from each and we have a few friends coming down as well. I have got my mum and dad coming.

Oli: My brother and sister, it’s my brothers drum kit. I need to play it lightly in front of him!

When I was here to see The Hunna,  Jack broke the drums.

Oli: They weren’t his brothers were they?

Henry: That’s when you know you are good when you break the drums!

Are you playing any festivals this year?

Oli: Liverpool Sound City.

Henry: Liverpool Sound City we are really looking forward to, basically we are going to be pretty much everywhere but some haven’t been announced. We are going to be doing some all around the country. We are doing one or two near here to.

How are you finding it out on the road?

Henry: It’s great, this is the third day of our first tour. It’s been amazing, London was a huge show, the best show we have ever done.

Oli: Bristol was mental!

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

Henry: Me and Andrew used to do a little bit of rock climbing together. Andrew did that properly and I said I am gonna pick that up. I did it three times with him, it didn’t work out.

Oli: Being waiters.

Henry: Yeah being waiters, in London pubs.

Oli: I worked for a burger restaurant.

If you were having a party and you could invite any three people, dead or alive who would it be?

Henry: The rest of the band, go on you know some legends.

Oli: Legends….

Henry: As in you know about legends

Oli: Errr

Henry: I would like Amy Winehouse, purely because she seemed amazing.

Oli: Bit of Lou Reed would be quite entertaining. 

Henry: That’s two.

Oli: Mick Jagger.

Henry: Mick Jagger would be awesome ‘cause you could say he had been to one of your parties, even if he didn’t talk to you.

Oli: He would ignore us at our own party.

Call Me Out - Official Video

Do you have any party tricks you can tell us about?

Henry: I like dancing

Oli: Rory would be the first to play guitar.

Henry: Rory would play the guitar for anyone!

I am going to do some quick fire questions now.

Continental or full English?

Both: Full English 

Beach holiday or city break? 

Oli: City break 

Henry: I'm beach! 

Comedy or Horror? 

Both: Horror.

Oli: Black comedy! 

Henry: I am definitely horror.

So you don’t like comedy? 

Henry: No if you seeing a film I don’t like a comedy, I just love getting scared. 

Night in or Night out? 

Henry: Night out, I am massively night out! 

Oli: In, well night out but then you go back early and have a night in in bed by one. 

Pineapple or no pineapple (Pizza) 

Oli: No never! 

Henry: Oh I like it. 

Oli: On Pizza? 

Henry: Yeah on Hawaiian. 

Oli: No! 

Photo Credits: Jodie Canwell

Dogs or Cats? 

Oli: Cats I have a cat. 

Henry: Dogs, shall we just go jointly for cats as the only member of the band that has a pet is a cat, so we will go for cats.

PS or Xbox? 

Oli: Oh you are asking the wrong people, Andrew has a PS4.

Henry: I used to like to play but I think the guitar replaced that, so dedicated.

Marmite, love it or hate it? 

Henry: I quite like it, once a month maybe. So I don’t love it or hate it. 

Oli: I hate it.

And this is the question I have to ask everyone, what is your zombie apocalypse plan? 

Oli: Hide somewhere with lots of knives.

Henry: I would go around with a hockey stick.

Oli: I would hide, I wouldn’t try and find my way out. Hide under a table. One with a table cloth so you couldn’t see it. 

Henry: Go to Scotland and live in the hills.

Actually The Hunna said that! 

Henry: Did they? They would go to a castle in Scotland. 

Oli: Go under a table in a castle in Scotland! Contingency plan!


You can follow Sea Girls on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Until next time...

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  1. ooOoo they seem like such a good band, I must check them out!

    1. Can't wait to see what you think of them! x

  2. Got them on my list of music to listen to! I love how you ask some hard hitting music questions and some not so serious questions! xox


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