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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

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Primark Makeup: First Impressions

Are you a drugstore or high end makeup buyer? I'm definitely a drugstore kind of girl, I simply can't afford brands like Urban Decay, Two Faced and MAC. For me, finding a cheap but fantastic makeup brand is the key and I've found a few in my time. I thought that I'd give Primark's makeup range a go, since they've recently bought out some new products. I bought a full face of makeup and it came to a total of just over £24. I have filmed a video of my very first impressions, that should be up at the end of the week. As for now, I'm just going to chat about what I bought and if I'd buy it again.

For my base, I got this My Perfect Colour Foundation in the shade Ivory for £2.50. This has medium coverage and is semi-matte. I applied it with a beauty blender and was surprised with the results. I had no concealer and it had hidden my acne quite well. This is a definite re-purchase.

Next I bought this Loose Powder in the shade Ivory for only £2. I'm not a big fan of loose powders but this one isn't bad. It fully matted my face and lasted quite well. It also wasn't patchy and was nice and light on my skin. At no point did it over dry my base and make it flakey which usually powders do for me.

For my contour, I bought this Instant Fix Concealer that was down from £2 to 50p. I didn't see any contour products apart from bronzer so I thought that concealer would do. It was nice and light, easy to blend with a beauty blender however I wouldn't trust it as a concealer as I don't think it had very good coverage.

For my blush, I purchased something from Primark's newer range, PHr (Perform, Hydrate, Recover). This is their lip and cheek tint for £4, you get a lot of product but I don't think I would pay £4 again. I loved the tint, it looks great but it's super difficult to blend on the skin.

If you're looking for a popping new highlighter, this isn't it. I am wearing it today for a no-make up look but overall I found this pretty disappointing. From the PHr range, I spend £4 on this hydrating stick for it to feel quite dry. As I've gotten into using it, I feel it's getting a bit better but so far I'm not that impressed.

For £2, you get quite a bit in this little emergency brow kit. I like the gel and the little brush - the tweezers aren't bad either but I really wouldn't rate the crayon. It did an awful job - I think I might give some of Primark's other brow products I go, I'm a bit more hopeful about them. Maybe it's just because it's a emergency kit, I don't know.

I can't even begin to explain how amazing this palette is! The pigmentation is unreal that it beats any other palette that I have (and I do own an Urban Decay one). This cost me £4 and I'll be going back to get their Amber and Urban palette now. This Berry palette is insane and the shades are soooooo nice!

This mascara isn't bad, it's got quite a wet formula so I'm interested to see how long it lasts. The Amplif-eyed mascara offers definition, lift and volume and I'd say it does that with a little persuasion from brush movements. For £2, this mascara is pretty decent, I've had worse ones and I've had better.

I honestly wasn't very impressed with this lip liner, it was very dry and difficult to apply. The colour (Vintage Rose) was beautiful but I found it difficult to find a lipstick to match in store and when I put it on, it just didn't feel good at all. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. I'm not a massive lip liner fan anyway. I think this cost me about £1 - I can't remember?

I love this lipstick! For 90p it's great, long lasting, smells amazing, the colour is gorgeous and its got a really nice finish. It applied really nicely and evenly, giving my lips a nice berry shine to match my eye make up. This lipstick has a certain smell, it remind me of my childhood but I can't pinpoint what it is! I used this and tested it out by having lunch and some drinks and it lasted so for 90p I'm very impressed.

Overall, Primark's makeup is hit and miss. I think you've got to give everything a go to see what you like - it's cheap so it's not like you'll be breaking the bank. I was surprised by the quality of some of these products and I'd definitely recommend that eyeshadow palette!

Have you tired any of Primark's makeup? If you have, what did you think of it?

Until next time...

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  1. The only Primark makeup bits that I've tried are their lash curlers and brow pencil. I last used their pencil about half a year ago, but I actually think I liked it! And their lash curlers are the only ones I've ever used, but I think they're alright! I'll have to try out some of their new stuff and see what that's like xox

    1. Good to know! You should give the foundation a go, I can't get enough of it!

  2. I've not tried Primark's make-up yet but I'm very intrigued! will definitely try out the foundation after your review! xxxx

    Julia Catherine |

  3. Your review is so hopeful! I have actually picked up a few of their products for review purposes for my blog but I might need to go back and pick up a lipstick or two.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rachel |


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