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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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ECooking: the new Danish skincare line | AD

I'm all in for new skincare brands and Indulge Beauty have recently announced their new launch, ECooking. Personally, I've just found a skincare regime that works for me so I was a bit reluctant to try some new products but nevertheless, I gave them a go because I'm just way too addicted to swapping skincare products (Bad Sophie!).

I was kindly gifted three products from the line to try out. I would love to say that all of these products worked for me but unfortunately, I had a reaction to the Peeling Mask. I did give the other two products a go though and I'll chat a bit more about my reaction also.

ECooking Wet Wipes

These wet wipes cleanse and moisturise the face and are enriches with Aloe Vera which is widely known for its softening effects. My skin is quite sensitive and I've never taken well to wipes (even the sensitive ones) and these were no exception. I find wipes quite rough on my skin, these weren't too bad when I folded them up and used them when the moisture was at it's highest. When I did this, I really enjoyed using them.

These wipes are available from Indulge Beauty for £4.70.

Moisturising Serum

I love this product so much, I'm never one for serums but this has changed my mind completely. The fragrance free serum is packed with Hyaluronic acids which are naturally found in the body and these acids are meant to decrease as one gets older. This serum increases your levels of the acid, boosting hydration. 

This product is 100% vegan and is such a dream to use. The consistency is serum like but it also thick enough not run off anywhere and you can feel the hydration effects instantly. I would 100% buy this again. You can purchase the Moisturising Serum for £43.00 at Indulge Beauty.

Peeling Mask

Now this is the product that I had a few issues with. I was really looking forward to using this as it's 100% vegan and has Vitamin E in it to smooth the skin out. It also has lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid in it with a ph of 3-5. I've always said, when I've been discussing Glycolic acid products, to do a skin test. I didn't do this because I didn't actually realised that these acids were included in the product.

When I applied the mask, I instantly had a stinging sensation in my spot prone areas. I left it for a minute but the pain was unbearable, especially because my whole face is spot prone! I've seen some people online that have loved this mask.

You can purchase this from Indulge Beauty for £37.00 (50ml).

The ECooking looks great and there are some star finds. I don't think I am the best person to be giving a review on these products because I've got hyper-sensitive skin and acne. I would recommend trying them though because I think they've got some great products that are effective. I love the moisturising serum and think that the benefits are great! 

Until next time...

These products were gifted to me by Sparkle PR and Indulge Beauty.

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