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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

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What you missed at the Coombe Weekender | AD

Coventry has been named the City of Culture for 2021 and spent the weekend hosting the Coombe Weekender at Coombe Abbey. The two day event saw headlining acts, The Libertines, Tom Grennan, Sigala, Fleur East, Kelis and Circa Waves perform. Saturday was an 18+ event and the Sunday was treated as a family day with lots of acts walking around the grounds to keep the festival go-oers entertained. I attended the Saturday and kept up to date with the Sunday via social media.

When we arrived at the grounds there was a delay with the entry leading to three of the bands being cut from the main stage set. Since I went as press I managed to get in a bit earlier than everyone else to have a look around. As you walk into the main entrance you're greeted with a food village where a bunch of food vans were lined up ready to serve. They got very busy quite quickly.

While we were waiting for everyone to be let in, I got myself some cheesy chips from Spuds & Bros. Thankfully they had vegan cheese for me and honestly they tasted amazing. They were some of the best chips I've had in a long time and the staff were so lovely!

Across the way from the food village was the Big Top Tent which DJ's were playing at throughout the day. Next to this was a Gin bar and a Funkin Cocktails which had cocktails like Mojito's and Pina Colada's on tap. A little bit further down was a rum bar too. All of which were very popular throughout the day. I had a gin and tonic - how could I not? Lining the sides was a large bar area where you could buy alcoholic and soft drinks. There was also a VIP area which I didn't go in because it looked packed so I hung backstage with some local photographers that I met.

Most people sat on the grass to watch Good Cop Bad Cop and also The Futureheads. For the last four acts I headed backstage into the photo pit to grab some photos. As the evening went on I noticed more and more security being added into this area since the crowd got more involved and energetic. I went out into the crowd to watch Circa Waves and Tom Grennan who I've been wanting to see live for a while now. They both brought lots of energy and were really fun to watch. You can see some of the best photos below.

The Libertines

The Futureheads
Reverend and the Makers

Reverend and the Makers

Circa Waves

Circa Waves

Circa Waves

Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan
 Tom Grennan was a whole new act, he brought out a brass band and a choir for his set and also let one of the local charities come on stage to talk about a young boy who needed a stem cell donor. I would 100% recommend that you go to see Tom Grennan live if you can, I've never seen anyone quit like it. He got involved with the crowd yelling 'embrace the rain!' when we got caught in one of the heaviest rain storms and danced across the stage. It was clear that he was loving every moment of the show. I didn't stay for much of The Libertines but the crowd seemed to love them which is great.

Overall, the event was a success and things went much smoother on the second day which is to be expected. Having a festival on the Coombe Abbey grounds was a great idea as there was plenty of space and it was easy to get to with a shuttle bus running and pre-booked parking. I can't wait for next year!

Until next time...

**I was gifted tickets to this event in exchange for a review.

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  1. Thanks for your sharing!It helps me a lot!!!
    Absolutely love it and i am expecting more from you.

  2. Great photos! Sounds like the event was a success and looks like you had a great time.

    1. Thank you very much! I did thank you :)


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