XYLondon Have Helped A Short Girl Out**

I was recently contacted by XYLondon, a shoe company, to try out a pair of their shoes. Now I'm a massive shoe fan so who was I to decline? Based in Essex, the brand have built a shoe empire and I found it so difficult to pick out just one pair that I liked!

In the end, I whittled it down to what I would wear more frequently so I chose a pair of heeled Chelsea boots. I chose the Kesha Black Faux Suede Chelsea boots which are available to by for £24.99. Aren't they just gorgeous. I'm addicted to Chelsea boots and thought that it was about time that I had a heeled pair so I can see above everyone's heads at a gig, because shorty over here struggles to get pictures at intimate gigs and heels are the only way I can see that stage.

They arrived quickly and I was fast to try them on. I've never ordered shoes online before so I was worried about the sizing but they fit like a glove. They're super high and I styled them with black jeans and a hoodie to college. They made the rubbish outfit look somewhat more presentable.

The quality is amazing and if I remember correctly, you get some spare plastic bit for the heel so you can replace them when they've worn down. I thought that they were pretty comfy, considering I don't wear any heel above and inch for any longer than an hour. I spent most of my day in them and then gave up because I'd done way too much walking than I'd anticipated.

You really should check out XYLondon if you're a shoe lover. They've got some amazing designs on there that you're going to love! I'm especially a fan of their boots. Hopefully I can get my hands on a discount code for you all soon!

Until next time...

**This product was sent to me, courtesy of XYLondon, for reviewing purposes.

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  1. These boots are perfect! Such a staple that I'm seriously missing from my wardrobe! x

    Rosie | wearsrosie.com

  2. Those ankle boots look lovely on you.