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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Make New Friends With Huggle: What Friendships Are About

Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives and Huggle has asked me to make a list/write about what I think makes a good friends. Huggle is a social app which helps you discover and connect with people who go to the places you go to. It's a wonderful app for making friends and meeting like-minded people. You can download it here.

I have gone through many situations in my life regarding friendships and like I said, they are so important but so difficult to find. Huggle assists in creating new and lasting friendships. All you need to do is download their app, log into Facebook and turn on your locations. You'll be making friends in no time!

One major thing that plays a massive part in making new friends is common interests. If you don't have at least one common interest with someone then you need to seriously think about how you met. Anyway, for example, I love Harry Potter. In about a week I am going to the studios again, Huggle will register that I have recently visited this place. I am automatically connected to anybody else who has the app and has visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour too! If you hit it off over messages which Huggle allows you to make, you can arrange to meet, maybe go to some other event that you have a common interest in. Huggle opens so many doors - without this app, you would barely speak to anyone which would cause you to possibly miss out on the best friendship you could ever have.

That sounds so cheesy after reading it back!

I've spoken before about my life and how friendships turn out for me. It's only recently that I have started making new friends. I've been more outgoing and sparked up a conversation with people online and in my daily life which has benefited me. I find that online relationships last longer and relationships in which you don't see the person regularly. By seeing your friends everyday, I feel like you're slowly pushing them away from yourself, yet when you meet with that one person maybe once or twice a week or only talk online, you have a lot more to talk about and I find you have a stronger connection.

Friendships need that trust, honesty and loyalty, without it people start to feel unwanted and cracks begin to show. But there are some things that we keep from our friends to not hurt their feelings. Here are a few examples....(please don't take this fully seriously, this is a bit of fun)

- Your new bf/gf? Yeah, they are looking HOT.

- That outfit really doesn't compliment you.

- I may have said your new cut looks gorgeous but I think you need to change hairdressers...

- 'I'm busy today...sorry' (turns back to the Netflix to continue the series)

- I told you not to worry about paying me back, but seriously, pay me back!

- I don't like the new addition you brought to our friendship circle.

- I lied about not having a crush - I think the bad boy of the school is really cute.

- 'I can't remember what I did this summer...'(thinks back to the time you went out with your new found pals you made off of Huggle)

Okay, that was a bit of fun to make things a bit more light. But in all seriousness, friendships are based off of some really deep and emotional things, so you always need to be careful in some situations. Having fun though is so important, sometimes you have to forget about being cautious on what you say and just let it go!

A friend is someone who is there for you when you need a hand or a shoulder to cry on. Who gives you their food even if they don't like sharing. A friend should always have your back, even if that's with a piece of homework or an argument. There are a lot of things that friends should and shouldn't do. I could list them for you but it would take way too long. Like I've been drilling into your brain for this whole post - loyalty, trust, honesty and common interests is all you need to have a successful friendship.

Please like, comment and share this as much as possible on here and your social media to spread the word about Huggle! We can create so many new friends the more it's spread.

Until next time...

Sophie xx

Side note: Huggle is recommended for 18+

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  1. Oh, I know this app, is very convenient. But if you want to fast meeting with webcam, you may use a video chat online. For me this is very fun, with friends we often make a connection with foreign people.


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