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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Blogger VIP Night Out At The Meridian, Leicester

I got invited out last week by Carousel PR and Events to attend a free night out on Monday 4th July. It was very fun and made even better because it was all free! Anyway, we did lots of awesome things at the Meridian Leisure Park that suits all ages. You better be visiting in the holidays!

We all met up in Chiquito's at 6pm for cocktail/mocktails. I'm underage therefore I can't drink so I went for a mocktail. I have never been to Chiquito's before but their interior is great! They have hats dotted around the restaurant which are pretty cool to try on if you want a laugh! 

I ordered a Yucatan Breeze which is freshly squeezed passion fruit juice, pineapple and orange juice and fresh lime juice all shaken up together to create "a cool breeze coming straight from the Caribbean Sea". these flavours compliment each other so well, the only thing that I have to pick out was that I was too small to reach the straws at the table I was sitting at, haha!

Next, we moved onto Nando's for our starters. Drinks at Nando's are refillable so that was great for us all when the 'Chicken Roulette' arrived! I do love Nando's, if I'm going o be 100% honest, the one at the Meridian Leisure Park, Leicester is one of the best ones that I have been to.

After Nando's was Pizza Hut! Yummy! If you haven't guessed already, pizza is one of my favourite foods, like everybody else. We got free drinks (squash only), free salad and I think it was something like 7 pizzas between all 16 of us! Let's just say that we all ended taking some home. This was lovely, anything with the word pizza in had me in love, so it wasn't too hard to win me over there!

Bowling came next at Hollywood Bowl. I love this place, I used to go when I was little, especially for my birthday parties - I still make use of the arcade now! We had a quick game of bowling, I had to change my shoes because I wasn't wearing flats, I probably should have thought of that before I left the house! Bowling was super fun, I've actually improved since the last time so I might start going more often. Keep an eye out, I might be recruiting team members soon, haha!

To conclude a fabulous night, we went to the cinema! The original plan was to view Absolutely Fabulous! but since one of my plus one's was under 15, me and the guests I invited chose to see something different. Instead, we went to go and see Now You See Me 2. I thought it was fantastic! I loved it, I thought the first one was brilliant, usually the sequel can't better the original but it's just as good.  Now You See Me (2) is about a group of worldwide phenomenon magicians that carry out tasks during their performances. You never know what to expect of these films, it's always keeping you on your toes, which is what I like.

The Vue Cinema had a lot to offer, they have Tango Ice Blasts which are my faves! Plus a small arcade in the main foyer. I chose to sit in the VIP seats for the night because why not? And they were super comfy, I nearly dropped sleep - bearing in mind it was late too!

All in all, I had a fabulous night. The Meridian Leisure Park, Leicester is a fantastic place to visit if you get the chance, lots of eating places (two that are opening soon, Five Guys and Prezzo), a cinema, a bowling alley and a kids play area. Don't let me have all the fun! Go and try it out for youself! A big thank you to Carousel PR for inviting me.

I will try my absolute best to get a post up at the weekend but I am on a Science trip to London on Thursday and Friday and am back late, so no promises.

Until next time...

Sophie xx


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