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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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My Thoughts On Revolution Pro

Revolution are a makeup brand that have been gaining themselves a brilliant reputation recently, with their full coverage foundations and better-than-Tarte concealer. But a little while ago, they released their Revolution Pro line. I was keeping an eye on their Instagram story for a while and was hyped up about it before they even made the announcement! The first thing I did when I knew that the line was available to buy was the obvious - go and buy some of their new products!

When I went into Superdrug, they had a three for two offer on (a dangerous gam - I know), so naturally I spent twice as much as I originally wanted to. Some of the products are my sisters but I've got a trusty evaluation of the products from her and from the difference I've seen in her make up's performance since the change.

I had a really touch time in the store trying to find the right brow colour with this brow stick. I'm still looking for my perfect brow product, I've got some really fussy brows, and I hoped at the time that this would be the answer to all my brow dreams. I wasn't too impressed by the packaging, it felt a little bit too cheap.

When I took a look at the actual product, I was surprised at how thin the tip was - I remember at the time wondering if it would break. Well it did...every. single. time. Each time I used it, whether I only pushed it up so I was only using a couple of millimetres of the product, it would break off and I'd end up with most of the product pushed into the carpet.

I felt like the product was a bit dry too. In terms of precision, it did the job (when it didn't break) but I wouldn't consider buying this one again. For £4, I could have bought something a bit better.

I bloody love this Revolution Pro Regeneration Eye Palette. It's got some beautiful shades in, my personal favourites are No Scrubs, Firestarter, No Doubt, Baby and French Braid. The shades are so pigmented and last all day. The colours are beautiful and I'm so tempted to buy every palette from Revolution Pro if they're all like this.

This is by far my new favourite palette and it only cost me £8 which is brilliant - I actually prefer it to my Urban Decay palette. I have a few of Revolution's eye palettes but their new range has blown those out of the water. These Regeneration palettes are fantastic.

Don't you just love bargains? I had to pick up this box of 5 lippies for only £7. I got the Bare box which contained five satin lipsticks in neutral, nude shades. They're creamy and look gorgeous - the shades are beautiful. However, when I put them on, I feel like they clump up easily and go into the creases of my lips too much which isn't an attractive look.

When I was taking the photos, I did some swatches and realised that the shades were the exact same as a box of five lipsticks I bought from revolution a while back. I was slightly disappointed that I didn't buy different shades but my little comparison made me realise that there is really no difference in their performance at all - the Revolution Pro ones were slightly creamier.

My sister decided to buy this one, apparently she doesn't notice little things that bloggers pick up on - great help there, Hannah! Haha! When she used the Prime Oil I noticed that her makeup definitely looked a lot better, smoother. Usually she has quite a greasy T-Zone and I feel like this products helped control that which is weird since it's an oil... It hydrated her skin and left her with poppin' highlighter.

For £7 she loves the product and is willing to let me give it a go. Hopefully I'll notice some of the 'blogger things' she missed.

Again, this was another purchase that my sister made for £6. This loose finishing powder mattified her skin - particularly her T-zone which made her makeup last longer than it usually would. The translucent powder adds a softened finish to her makeup and works nicely with the Prime Oil.

This Revolution Pro Pore Primer is one of my own buys. I've never really dedicated myself to a primer and I wish I had sooner now. I use this religiously. Revolution Pro have a range of different primers. I find that my pores can be my biggest downfall with my makeup so I made this purchase with the intention to use it most days. I've really noticed a difference in my makeup.

I bought this Pore Primer for £7 and have noticed a massive change in the performance of my make up. I only use it on my nose and cheeks and a small amount goes a long way. It's super lightweight and makes me skin smooth - the perfect base for my foundation. I've also noticed that my makeup lasts longer around my nose and cheeks as well since using the product.

When I bought this I was using one of Revolution's Pro Fix setting sprays already so I was excited to compare the two. I bought the Supreme Hold spray which I've bought more of since for £6. When I tested this out, I instantly saw a difference in how long my makeup lasted. With the Pro Fix I could still feel the makeup moving on my face whereas with the Supreme Hold, nothing is moving. I'm so glad I made this change.

Overall, I really like Revolution Pro and am excited to try out some more of their products. I think you have to pick and chose which products you use but when don't you?

Have you tried Revolution Pro? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...


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