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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Let's Get Pretty Curious**

Choosing what you want to do when your older can be difficult. I remember when I had to pick my GCSE options and what I wanted to do after them. It’s really important that you choose something that you'll enjoy, be that a new subject or one that you've already done. Don't think about what everyone else is doing, for example, if you want to do Computing do it. Just because a subject is male dominated, doesn't mean that you should avoid it completely. Girls, go for something you're going to have fun learning. 


When picking my GCSEs, I made sure to try out every option available to me. In the end I chose History, Digital Applications, Art, Media and Triple Science. I was so happy with my choices, however, after my first week, Triple Science was just too much for me to handle - especially if I wanted to keep this blog afloat. So I dropped it. I was then offered Further Maths too, I couldn't take it up as I had dropped Triple Science. There wasn't a problem with this because at the end of the day, this blog has made me who I am and I'm glad I still was able to run it through my exams. Art allowed me to work with some cutting machinery, let me tell you, I did not get on with it! In Year 9 I did some welding too in Design and Technology. I was rubbish at it! These sorts of things aren't for everyone. 

In Digital Applications, I had to take an exam in coding to build my own website. Let's just say I had to retake it. I passed it the second time around but coding obviously isn't my strong point either. My sister however, she's amazing at it! She's already made her own app and has chosen Computing as one of her GCSEs options. So don't go and rule something out. Give it a go! Maths was my forte. I love maths, even now. I passed my maths exam with flying colours but it's only in the past 3 years that I have taken to it. My maths teacher was great and really challenged me, I made it my mission to complete the hardest questions by the end of each lesson. In fact, my teacher used to get irritated because me and this girl next to me would be finished with his lesson about 15 minutes in so he turned to giving us A Level work! I ended up in a more creative job however, the girl who I worked with is pursuing a career in engineering and design. 

EDF Energy: Pretty Curious

I've teamed up with EDF Energy and their Pretty Curious campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the roles that women can have in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). This campaign has been running for three years now in the hope that more girls will follow a journey to take up STEM related subjects. Surprisingly, only one in four of the people in STEM career are women. I think everyone is still hung up on stereotypes! Move out of your comfort zone girls, go and try some of the more technical subjects! If they're not for you, don't worry. But you might find one of these subjects really enjoyable. Pretty Curious wants to inspire young women to take up roles in the STEM industry by providing hands on experiences and digital content on the EDF Energy website. 

Still not into it yet? Take the quiz to see what sort of career you should consider. The Future Me quiz is really helpful and has provided me with a career option to explore, which I hadn’t thought about previously. I also have created an avatar for myself because why not? It's so cute! If you're a parent why not take the parents quiz to see what career your child is most suited to. 

There is a 360video that you can watch here. You'll see the lives of an architect of the Shard, what it's like to work on a wind farm and you will also gain insight into the offices of a software developer. I loved watching these videos, they were so inspiring! I loved hearing about these women's stories. 

EDF Energy kindly sent me a couple of items. First, I was sent a little cardboard virtual reality kit. It is adorable and I watched the 360 video through it, which were quite fascinating. Secondly, I was sent a littleBits Star Wars Droid kit. EDF Energy has joined forces with Lucasfilm and Disney to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM. Star Wars: The Last Jedi has strong female roles, Rose and Rey, who they hope will inspire young girls to become independent and consider STEM careers. 

On opening the box, I initially thought it would be a real challenge and I was really confused when I saw this, how am I meant to make this if I can barely open my curtains in the morning?! Despite my confusion, I cracked open the box and was graced with stickers - you've got to love stickers! The electrical boards were fascinating and surprisingly easy to assemble. My mum, my little sister and I Myself, my mum and my little sister had lots of fun building the droid. It was easy to build; the only tricky part was the stickers! I love this R2D2 that we've made and it's often moving around the house. 

We downloaded an app that helped us build the control panel, which you can chop and change depending on what setting you want. We keep it on the normal moving one but my sister and I did have a play around with the components and assembled an intruder mode as well as a motion mode. There's still many more that we're going to be giving a go. This has defiantly sparked my sister’s curiosity in the STEM area and she can't wait to start her computing GSCE so she can see how these things work and how to code things like it. 

What was/is your favourite subject at school?

Until next time...

** This post is sponsored by EDF Energy


  1. I find STEM subjects really interesting but just really hard! Great post!

    1. Yeah, it can be but STEM really pays off! Thank you xx

  2. Women getting into STEM is so important. It’s a shame that I’m not good at maths as I would love to be, passing my maths is going to be such a struggle. But I applaud all the women who are going into the engineering route etc because that’s amazing! X

    1. It is amazing, I'm sure you'll brush up on your maths skills soon! x

  3. My sister is doing a physics degree, and she said that for every five boys on her course, there's only one girl. Growing up with a role model like her destroyed any gender roles that society could have put in place for me! I've always been told that being a girl shouldn't stop me from doing anything in life, and that's what I whole heatedly believe x

    1. OMG, really? I'm so glad that you have someone who breaks all stereotypes to look up to!

  4. I think that STEM is really important. Currently I study maths, biology and DT and although I am not really looking into a career in a STEM subject, I love the encouragement females are getting to pursue a career in usually male dominated roles.

    Rachel |

    1. Same here, Rachel! I find the STEM subjects interesting but they aren't everyone's preferred choice!

  5. STEM subjects are so intresting but alot of work. I’m doing trible science at the minute and along with all my other subjects it takes up alot of time! Its so inspiring to see women in STEM!

    1. Definitely! Triple Science can be extremely hard!

  6. I loved this post! I love this campaign as well.

    Abby |


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