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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Micro Cell to the Rescue**

I think my nails are in a pretty good state, but there are some days where they can be ridiculously weak and flakey - which isn't exactly ideal. I'm always on the look out for a nail treatment to keep my nails healthy and strong so I was very excited when Micro Cell 2000 got in contact with me and sent over some products for me to try out. I've been testing these out for about a month now and now I'm finally ready to tell you all my verdict.
I was sent four lovely items from Micro Cell, their Nail Repair, Nail Repair Remover, Nail Wonder and a Nail Repair Colour. Two different clear nail varnishes is a bit strange, I'm not used to that (and yes, I know there's loads on the market but I've not tried any yet), so I was ready to get stuck in to see what they were going to do.

The first product I was to use first is the Nail Repair. What this does is restore the protein molecules in your nails, making them stronger and not soft and brittle. I love treatments like this, this Nail Repair is available in shine as well as matte which I think is nice since you don't always want that shine. It protect the tip of the nails from tearing and splintering which is great because that's where I have the most issues.

When it came to applying the varnish, I thought it was a little weird at first. You should apply one coat to your nails and then another the next day, on the third day, you should remove the Nail Repair with the special remover.

The Nail Repair Remover came in a cute small bottle. There isn't really much to sat about this one, it's pretty self-explanatory. This is an acetone free nail varnish remover which you can use for the Nail Repair as well as any other coloured varnish. It gently removed the varnish and my experience of using it was very pleasant. Usually, nail varnish removers can be pretty harsh and smell quite a bit (it makes me dizzy) but this one was so gentle and didn't really smell of anything strong.

The Nail Repair worked really well and I say its effects within the second round of use. My nails are super strong and this is a definite recommend to those that have weak and brittle nails.

How gorgeous is this colour! Lol, I've just seen my double watermark in the corner. Anyway, that's not important, this colour is gorgeous and I was very happy when I cracked it open to paint my nails. This colour is called Raspberry Kiss and it's so pretty. Not only does it colour your nails, oh no, it has six other amazing features. This varnish strengthens your nails, protects them against drying, speeds nail growth, leaves your nails with a lovely sheen, it's long-lasting and is flake resistant. So yeah, it's magic. I was super impressed with nails after using this (I used it on the days between using the Nail Repair).

I've done it again with the double watermark, what is wrong with me? Top coat. I'm a big fan of tops coats and this is no exception. The Nail Wonder can be used as a top coat or just as a clear varnish. It's supposed to dry your nails quicker but some of the paint actually came off my nails. I probably used it too early knowing me. This does five things - I'm loving this multi purpose products! The Nail Wonder acts as a top coat sealant which increases shine and durability, it's a colour freshener, smooths out the nails - filling in the grooves and ridges, and it also acts as a clear nail varnish to protect the nails. I love this product!

You can shop these Micro Cell 2000 products here.

What nail products do you swear by?

Until next time...

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These products were sent to me, courtesy of Micro Cell 2000 and KLM Beauty, for reviewing purposes.


  1. Really enjoyed this post! The products look lovely! Xx

  2. I love nail stuff!!! that red colour looks great! Nail remover repair!! that sounds awesome!

    Sophia xo //

  3. I swear by the Sally Hansen Clear for Take Off base coat and any Barry M polish! Loved the post, it was great xox

  4. Sounds like something I could do with.... I'm a stick on nail girl so my real nails are kinda wrecked underneath!! Great post xx

    1. I get you, you should definitely give this a go! Thank you xx


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