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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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My Superdrug Haul

The other day I decided to treat myself since I had come to the end of my exams. So I thought how else than to spend my money on even more make up? Let's just say my bank account wasn't very pleased with me by the end of my trip. I had gone in a few days before, with my sister, and we had already planned out what I was going to buy...I didn't really stick to that much.

The first few things I picked up were a couple of nail varnishes from Barry M - who can resist? I was a massive fan of the Coconut Infusion nail varnishes last summer and I can't stop adding to my collection. This beautiful colour, Popsicle, was just screaming 'pick me, pick me' and I couldn't help myself. One of my favourite colours is pink and this is just my ideal nail colour. If you don't know already, the Coconut Infusion range contain coconut oils which keep your nails hydrated and healthy. I bought this stunner for £4.99

I decided to pick up the Super Mani from Barry M, for £3.99, too.  This is a basecoat that should be applied for the 7 benefits to occur. Yes, 7 benefits! It contains Keratin, Argon Oil, Vitamin E and Bamboo Oil, I thought that it sounded pretty cool and decided to give it a go. From what I have seen during my few trials, it has strengthened my nails and made them look shinier. I am quite impressed with this product.

I also purchased the So...? Fruity spray fro £1.97. This was a last minute decision as I was walking by the shelves and I had heard so many good thing about So...?'s latest range that I just had to grab one. I had a quick sniff of them all and decided to go for something a bit more out of my comfort range. I'm usually a floral scented person or a heavily musky scented girl and there's no in between. This Fruity spray has a tangy and addicting smell that I wasn't sure of when I first wore it but have become hooked to. It's so refreshing that I'm devoted to wearing it in the heat because it makes me feel a lot more rejuvenated.

These were an absolute bargain! There were about four or five small boxes which held five FREEDOM matte lipsticks in for £5 - how is anybody supposed to say no to that? I'm not a massive bright lipstick wearer so stated off with grabbing the nudes (Naked Mattes). I may have to be a bit more adventurous on my next visit to Superdrug and buy some of the brighter colours. The colours (left to right) are Protect, Real, Naked, Raw and Truth. My favourite shade has to be Protect as it compliments my pale complexion. They are all matte and have lasted for a while throughout the day, a couple of re-applies were needed but when aren't they?

On one of my previous visits to Superdrug I had bought one of the Revolution Eye Palettes and got addicted to them. I saw the pink shades on this Flawless 3 Resurrection palette and had to add it into my basket for £8. I'm a massive fan of gold and pink shadows and am pretty sure I own far too many palettes with similar colours in but a girl can never have too much eyeshadow, eh? I couldn't wait to crack open the palette and start using it. I love the shade 'On' and also 'New Dawn' I got a lot of compliments when I wore those. All of the colours are pigmented and don't have much of a fallout so I am very very happy with this purchase.

I have never tried a matte lip kit before so thought I'd give this Revolution Retro Luxe one a go in the shade Grandee. It's great, there's an easy and smooth application and doesn't dry out easily like I know some can. Not much is needed to look good. The only issue that I found was the colour, the packaging had shown me a darker more flattering colour but when I tried it on it was super pink and didn't suit me at all! I have to match it carefully with my hair, eye make-up and outfit now if I want to use it as it only works well with specific colours and hairstyles. Other than that - it would be a fantastic lip kit and could be a cheaper version of Kylie's lip kits, costing only £6.

I love MUA so much, they are super affordable and are amazing quality products. The matte lipstick, in the shade Mystic Marsala, that I purchased cost only £1. It last pretty much all day and the shade is so pigmented. I bought the last one on the shelf and every time I have gone in it has never been in stock so I'm assuming it is a high demand lippie and I can understand why! It has a smooth application and I have so many compliments whenever I wear it so that's always a bonus.

The second MUA product that I purchased was the Undress Your Skin, Pink Shimmer highlighter - this is actually my second time buying it as I loved it so much the first time around. The colour is beautiful and gives a lovely shine with only a small amount on the brush. I actually tried this on my grandma and she made me by her some - now that's got to say something! For only £3 I will be using this throughout summer and possibly much longer.

Overall I spend about £35 on all of this, which I don't think is too bad considering how much that I purchased. What's your favourite make up product is at the moment?

Until next time...


  1. All these products look really good, especially those lipsticks 😍 I want to try all of these X

    Abby |

    1. They honestly are good! I can't get enough of the lipsticks xx

  2. Looks like you had a good old spend up!! I loved looking at what you brought. That Revolution eyeshadow has such stunning colours in it, I didn't see it in there when I went in last but I want it now lol. You can ever go wrong with a bit of freedom!!!

    Sophia xo //

    1. I definitely did! It was probably sold out 😂 You should totally buy it - for £8 you can't go wrong! I'm looking at buying the Freedom customised palette ❤️

  3. you picked up some really pretty products! I love that MUA Highlighter I use it for work on the daily. Barry m are amazing too probably my favourite nail polish brand! -xo

    1. The MUA Highlighter is the best! I think it's the sheer amount of different shades and style they have, Barry M have amazing quality too!!

  4. Great post - I love seeing what people put in their baskets! The MUS highlighter is my absolute favourite too, it's beautiful!

    Sarah |

    1. Same here, although it means that I buy more which I probably shouldn't be doing when I have no money...

  5. The lipstick set from Freedom looks gorgeous! Unfortunately it doesn’t look particularly dark skin friendly, :(
    When I opened this post it reminded me a lot of my sister, because she is, like you, a fan of the Barry M nail polishes. She literally has a whole drawer full. I really like the shade you have, though, it is lovely and bright. Considering I don’t wear nail polish that often, it is kind of expensive for me, though.
    Once again, lovely photography!
    Rachel x


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