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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Interview with LYNK

If you haven't heard of LYNK then where have you been? Made up of Harrison Kantarias (Vocals & Guitar), Andrew Kantarias (Vocals & Keys) and Matt Kantarias (Vocals & Bass),this three piece pop rock band from Australia are the new and upcoming band. What makes this band so great is their shared enthusiasm, not only towards their music but their fans too.

After a long and hard journey, LYNK have been an official band since late June this year. Taking the world by storm they have been in the studio making new music for their fans to enjoy. With over a million likes on Facebook and a trip to the Philippines, these guys have nothing to worry about. 

I hope you love this interview as much as I do and that this will be enough to contain your excitement for a little longer until they release their new music!


Hey! Could you do a quick introduction for yourselves please?

Hey what's up! My name is Harrison , I'm Andrew and I'm Matt. We’re a pop rock band from Australia! 

When did you all agree that you wanted to form a band together?

Andrew - Ever since we could get our hands on instruments we knew we wanted to be playing music together and now it felt like the right time to create a band.

Where did the name, LYNK, come from?

Harrison - Being brothers we have a really tight friendship and family bond! With music it's the same. We have the same thoughts , sound and vibe. We really feel in our music that we are almost the name was there just needed different spelling!

Now you have a new name, what do you call your fans?

Matt - Well we thought we'd leave that to them...although we've seen some really cool ones. "Lynkanators" "THE LYNKON ARMY"

Are you writing any new music at the moment?

Harrison - Yes, so much music that we can't choose our favourites! 

Matt - We are so keen for you all to hear it.

Could you give us some hints as to what to expect?

Andrew - Something new, we are really vibing this new age sound. Big guitars and anthemic choruses!

You’ve recently been touring in the Philippines, I’m guessing you really enjoyed that based on your posts on social media?

Harrison - The Philippines is an amazing country! The fans are incredible and it's somewhere that we love to tour!

Have you got any plans to tour anywhere else?

Andrew - Tonnes of plans! But first, it's getting what all our fans want...some new music!

Which country would you love to visit on tour if you could and why?

Harrison - Oh man, the U.K. For sure! Seems like it's really hot right now for the "live band" scene! We are also massive football(soccer) fans so it would be rad to catch a couple games!

Being brothers, do you argue regularly over small things?

Matt - Of course! We wouldn't be brothers if we didn't!

Do you have any party tricks, if so what are they? 

Harrison - We can all open beers with our teeth? Haha can we say that? 

In school, were any of you in a band with your mates?

Andrew - No not really, like the occasional lunch jam sesh but we never really had mates that were heavily into music. 

For those just starting out, do you have any advice?

Harrison - Just do it! I know it sounds so cliche but you don't have anything to lose. Music is one of those things where you can be yourself in so many different ways that it makes it so much cooler when you are putting yourself out there and doing what you love!

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Guys THANK YOU so much for always being the most incredible fans ! Enjoy the new music to come and know these tracks are for you! ✌🏼️- LYNK 


I'm going to leave you on that note!

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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