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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 22 and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Exclusive End of Tour Interview with Hollywood Heartache

Hello! So as I promised, there is more on the guys from Hollywood Heartache. This time, we arranged a Skype interview which we did whilst they were still on tour in the UK. I hope that you enjoy it, it was so much fun to do!


So you are in the UK and have had some shows already. How’s the tour going?

Kevin: Yeah it’s been absolutely amazing, we didn’t know really what to expect when we came here because it’s a new country but the fans have been really accepting and welcoming. It’s such a positive response. Its blow us away so thank you guys.

I have had a bit of contact already on twitter from some of your fans.  One of them gave you a blow up princess crown. Do you remember that?

Josh: Oh Yeah, that was so cool.

Have you gotten used to the time zones yet? I know you have been waking up at 5am, which must be difficult.

Josh: I think we are used to the time zones now aren’t we?
When we first got here it was pretty intense, we slept the whole time and couldn’t do anything. We wanted to go and see some sites but we couldn’t. But we are good now.

How did you meet Room 94 who you are currently supporting?

AJ: Actually I am from the UK originally so I go back and forth a little bit, I liked their music. When I heard they were touring I thought why not look them up, one thing led to another and.

Josh, Kevin, Will: Here we are.

AJ: Here we are!

Have you been spending time with the guys from Room 94 in your spare time?

Will: Yeah before and after the shows we tend to hang out a little bit, we play some football. We are Australian so we are not very good at football so they have been teaching us to play. We miss every time! They are such great guys and so welcoming to the tour, it’s been really good.

Is there any chance of some collaboration with them in the future? Such as writing songs together?

Will: Yeah well we all write our own music, we’d be open to it.

Your manager was previously in a band and toured with people like Britney Spears and Westlife, how is having a manager who used to do what you are currently doing?

Josh: It’s good, I feel like you don’t get some experiences with some managers but I feel like we have learnt things earlier with him because of what he has done. He has told us what to do and what not to do. He is keeping us in place.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

Kevin: It would have to be’ Sarah Says’ that was our very first song to be released. It’s a popular song, people always love it live, even people who haven’t heard the band before, they still like getting to it. It’s a great catchy song, we love playing it and we always play it last in the set as it’s a great way to finish off the night.

Do you have a pre-show ritual? Like One direction have a toast with Haribos?

Josh: We do actually, on our Australian tour we do this thing, 

*the guys all put their hand in the centre and chant as they pull them upwards and out.*

We are not proud of it but!  When we do that noise, everyone else has to say it too, it’s a rule.

Have you managed to see any sights yet on your travels?

AJ: We have had like no time on our hands, from hotel to show to napping before a show, honestly the only sights we have seen are the insides of a van or the insides of the hotel actually. Yeah if continentals are sights, we’ve seen sights. Its time!  We see like cool churches and stuff at the side of our van, there’s all this history within the cities and stuff, but its back to shows, there’s no time.

Have you tried our famous fish and chips yet?

Will: Yeah we did actually, the other day we had fish and chips. Yours are cool actually, back home we put chicken salt on ours and they go yellow but over here you can actually tell it’s a potato and it’s fresh.

AJ: That doesn’t make sense

Will: At home you wouldn’t have a clue that a chip is a potato but over here, they actually look like potatoes so it’s good!

Kevin, you said in the last interview you wanted to save this question for this time, Can you tell us one embarrassing thing about another band member that maybe happened on stage or in the studio?

Josh, Will, and AJ: Be careful Kev!

Kevin: Err well, Josh likes to fart a lot! No matter where we are.

Josh: That’s not nice

Kevin: He does it a lot

Josh: If there’s a smell it’s me!

Kevin: AJ snores a lot! I have lost a lot of hours sleep due to that.

AJ: It’s a lie!

Kevin: Sorry guys

Will: Actually last night in the hotel, you were all like…… (MAKES SNORING SOUND)  It was like, ‘Oi, Wake up!’ It was pretty bad.

Now you have played in the UK, do you plan on coming back next year?

Kevin: Yeah absolutely, why not sooner, we love the people here, they have been absolutely amazing to us, so welcoming. It’s such an amazing country, we cannot wait to come back.

AJ: The sooner the better!

Finally, do you have a message for you fans?

Josh: We do, this is not just for English fans this is for everyone, Just Thank you so much, we wouldn’t be able to be here and travel the world and such, not every band gets to do that so we are so grateful. Everything counts to us, all the message we get in social media, everything helps we are really grateful.

Will: The songs that we write back home at Kevin’s house

Josh: In our underwear!

Will: You know to see people singing the lyrics overseas and other states is just insane. Thank you for just loving our music.


I hope you enjoyed it, like I said before - I did! Go and support them because the lads really deserve it.

Until next time...

Sophie xx


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