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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Spotted Sunday

Hi again fellow readers. Today I am going to be....drum roll please...................SIMON COWELL - but a nicer version ;)    There was nothing on TV last night, I did a little hunt for some rare talent. Haha! Okay, but really, I think these people are rather special. So, I thought, why not give them a shout-out? I've got a feeling that this, is going to become a regular thing.... only if you guys help me! Contact me about any new talent that you have come across, I may include it in my posts...Spotted Sunday!

Just A Little Update

Hi. I know you probably hate these types of posts but I can't help myself. This update has no relevance to anything what-so-ever-I just feel the need to post something. I want to say that I am so thankful, you, my readers, mean the world to me and are the best thing that have happened to me in the past year. 

New Products

Hi guys, so I might or might not post this since I am busy with studying, but if you are reading this, then I love you and I posted it! Haha! Okay, a few days ago I went and bought a new foundation, mascara and eyebrow mascara, just because I wanted to. I have been using them since Thursday and so far the final look has been pretty good, so why not share the product names with you guys?

May Favourites

Hi guys, so this is my first post on my month favourites. I hope you all enjoy it! I did want to add my concert tickets but considering the concert is next month, I will do them in a months time!!

The Creative Blogger Award

Hi guys, so I have been nominated by my lovely friend to do The Creative Blogger Award. Thank you Abbie for that!If you have time, go and check out her blog the link will be at the bottom! 

Smartie Flapjack Recipe

Hi guys! So this week I am going to do a post giving you my secret recipe for my famous flapjacks. Nobody knows this recipe until now, most people in my family and at school know me for my flapjacks, so you should definitely try it out. This must be one of my favourite recipes ever and should be used if you ever have company. Okay, lets start...

Bargain Beauty - All Under £5

Hi guys, I have been looking at my popular posts and Bargain Beauty's seem to be popular with you all. So I decided to do another one, this time instead of them all being under £3, they are all under £5. 

Seven Weird Facts About Me

Hi guys! I wanted to do a small update halfway through the week so I was like, why not? When I was thinking what to write about today I thought about how you don't really know much about me as a person. So that thought developed into weird facts, so here I am writing seven weird facts about my self. I am just going to go straight into it.

Dress and Hair Options

Hi guys, I mentioned in the last update about Prom that I would do a post about the dresses that I have tried on. Since I have ordered some of them, I have had to wait to do this post but now that they have it is! So, some o these dresses I look back at and really don't like them, I don't even know why I tried them on. Some dresses, I tried on but didn't get to take a picture since the changing rooms were a bit busy and it was a tad awkward. Haha!


Hi again! I know that a lot of you are going to start worrying about Prom soon (I know I am) and you might need a little help on what sort of dress to buy, what colour will look good on you, etc. I need a little bit of help with that as well. I like to try on my dresses to see what style I like so you should do the same, even if you aren't going to buy the dress. On Saturday, I went Prom dress shopping with my Mum and I tried on lots of different styles. I am going to show you a few of the ones that I have tried on and some that I have ordered off websites since they weren't in stock. 

A Catch Up

Hi again guys! So yesterday was this weeks main blog update, but as it was a special one I decided not to put anything else in it. Therefore, I am doing a post today about everything that I need to catch up on. 

Exclusive Interview With Will Black

Hi guys, as you have guessed, I have a very special update today! This is an exclusive interview with someone called Will Black, he is a new and upcoming artist. He messaged me yesterday about his music and we got chatting about his career and my blog. We got talking and he agreed to do an exclusive interview for this weeks update. 

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