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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Content and Communications Coordinator from Leicester.

I love handbags so much so that I can hear my bank account crying when I go shopping and I'm nearly always listening to music. If you want to send me some new music recommendations that you're loving, please do!

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Different Hair Styling Products and Their Uses - Guest Post

Lily Edelmann, editor of TopTen Products. She is a creative media journalist who has a deep passion for new and adventurous things that can improve our lifestyle. She specialises in beauty, skincare and health topics and gives her truthful review about products she loves and cares about on her blog and @toptenproducts

Hair, our crowning glory, undergoes a lot due to pollution and stress and we don’t do much to relieve it by using all those hair products on it. There are so many hairstyling products in the market today that anyone is bound to get confused. Plus you may not be using the products correctly - use too much of them and they feel heavy, use too less and your hair feels the same.

Like famed celebrity hairstylist Serge Norman rightly puts it, ‘you have to know your hair in and out before you start using products on it. Once you do, just a couple of hairstyling products are enough. If you need more than that, then you may not be using the right ones.’

The foremost thing you need to know is the type of hair you have. Is it dense or thin fine or rough? Do you want volume or shine? Is your hair frizzy? Is your scalp dry? Is it damaged from colouring and using chemicals? Achieving the style you want also depends on the length (short or long) and texture (wavy, straight or curly) of your hair. Once you establish all of the above, you will surely be able to attain the result you desire.

Let’s now look at the various hairstyling products available and what your hair needs

Volumizer – as the name suggests, volumizer hair products like shampoos, serums, creams, sprays and foams plump up fine limp hair and make it appear fuller. These contain oil-control wash components that do not hair down and thus add volume to it.

Texturizer – a texturizer changes your hair’s texture to make it easier to comb without damaging it. It loosens up tight curls making them more manageable and amped up. It is available in the form of cream, lotion, gel, salt sprays etc.

Shine serum or spray – control frizzy hair and make them shiny and smooth with serums and sprays. They even help conceal roughness and split hair. If you have medium to thick hair, a small drop of serum gets rid of dullness. It is advisable to apply serum on wet hair before you begin styling.

Straightening balm – this helps in getting those curls and fly away hair back in order providing thermal protection and frizz control. If you blow dry your hair, use a good amount of balm on wet hair, from the tips upwards to get rid of any heat damage and roughness caused by it.

Hair lotion – hair lotions moisturise and hydrate your beautiful mane. These are essential especially if you have dry hair or if you are simply heading outdoors. These are usually free of alcohol. Hair lotions are ideal for thick, curly hair and should be applied, generously, from roots to tips, on damp hair before styling or blow drying. If your hair is oily, avoid applying lotion to the roots as it will only add to the greasiness.

Hair spray – this helps in keeping your hair in place for longer without a strand moving out of place. These can be found in medium, flexible and maximum hold types depending on the amount of ‘hold time’ you need for your hairstyle. Some sprays also provide shine and cut down frizz. You can simply brush it off using a comb.

Hair oil – this, unlike the above mentioned hair products, is not used for styling hair. Many people confuse hair oil with hair serum. Oil provides nourishment and conditioning that improve your hair’s health. Oil can be applied to dry and wet hair and it also works great as a hair mask. Give your scalp and strands a nice oil massage so they get well lubricated correcting damage like hair breakage and split ends. Exclude your roots when rubbing in oil if you have an oily scalp. Different kinds of hair oils are available for different kinds of hair.

Now that we are well acquainted with the various hair styling products, let’s see when they should be used -
Like skincare, hair care too needs a regime and should be started from the lightest to the heaviest product to get the best results. To keep your strands in check first step is to hydrate your hair with a good conditioner. Keep it on till your hair is almost dry and then apply your volumizing product closer to the scalp area. This acts as a foundation for the next step which includes applying a texturizer, hair spray, serum or mask, whichever suits your hair. These should be put from the ends upwards till the mid-lengths of your hair. That’s it, you are all styled and ready to flaunt your gorgeous hair! 


  1. This was so interesting to read as I am one of these people that likes to change the way my hair looks every day. I really liked reading all of the different hair products and what they do. I love a good bit of Hairspray and a bit of texture!

    Sophia xo //


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