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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 20 years young and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Helping You Get To The Front**

Are you really getting the best seats possible when buying your concert tickets? You may think so but are you considering every option?

My very first concert was back in 2015 when I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour, I loved it. I remember surfing through Ticketmaster a couple of weeks after the initial sale was released. I was ecstatic to find three tickets in Block 4 Lower Tier, on the front row for great value for my money. We got there and the view wasn't as bad as we expected it to be, I could make out who was who in the band without having to look at the screens. For a first concert, I can safely say that I had a fantastic time. Not only was it my first concert but my first time buying with a ticket company, and they came 5 weeks before the show!

I later went to see One Direction at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham and had to go through Ticket Factory, which have now become my favourite ticket selling site. These tickets were a bit more difficult to get a hold of for obvious reasons, but again we ended up with a fantastic view. 

I remember that I was sat for 2 hours before the sale was released to the public and it was torture. The website kept crashing and it was the most stressful morning that I'd ever experienced. We had four devices on the go and my mum was on the phone as well. When the release was made public is was deadly silent, we managed to get six tickets over two devices, for a One Direction concert, I think we did pretty well. We selected 'Best Available' when finding the tickets, on one device we had Upper Block 6, right in the corner, and on the other device we had Lower Block 4, front row. Unfortunately, we had purchased both sets of tickets and had to sell the Block 6 one off to a friend but she loved her Christmas present that year, I'll tell you!

I have recently tried out See Tickets as well and I managed to get Block 2 Lower Tier, front row again, for the same price as a Block 4 ticket!

Not everyone has had the same experience as me, getting good tickets two weeks after the first ticket sale. 

Ever wondered why all the tickets are gone during the first few minutes of release? No? Well I didn't for a while, so I did some digging around. It turns out that there are these things called 'bots', these robots, 'bots' for short, are the ones snapping up our tickets for sites like GetMeIn,StubHub and Seatwave that sell them at over inflated prices. They are buying them all before we have a chance to even get to the payment section!

There are ways in which we can defeat these 'bots' - and without calling The Terminator in!

The first is to get there fast. Just try to out run every other human being that is trying to buy tickets at the same time as you. I know, it's virtually impossible and extremely stressful!

The second is to be patient. Sometimes, ticket selling sites bring out clumps of tickets at a time and often the artist/band released an added date. This is how I managed to get my tickets for 5 Seconds of Summer. If you aren't to desperate to see the artist/band then I would recommend waiting to see if they bring out another batch of tickets or add another date onto their tour. This way, everyone has bought their tickets in a hurry and there won't be as much of an issue of fighting over them later on. But it's a risk!

Thirdly, sign up for pretty much everything! Once you have signed up to arena newsletters and the band/artists you can find out about any of the presales. Follow the arenas, artists or band on all social media platforms and sign up for their newsletters, they will always release a way to gain access to presale tickets. If you are with O2, if you download their Priority app, there are many opportunities on there to get good value for your money.

There are other websites that you can sign up to such as, they will alert you of any presales are on and advanced tour dates so you can Get To The Front (see what I did there?). 

Just remember to go through an official primary ticket selling website like Ticketmaster, Ticket Factory or See Tickets, or through a fan-to-fan website like to ensure that you are not ripped off!

And lastly...enjoy the show!

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