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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 20 years young and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Become An Autumn Fashionista On a Budget

I thought for a moment that I wouldn't be able to get this post up today as my computer decided to play up, but luckily a quick restart managed to fix my issue! My favourite season in the fashion and beauty industry is always Autumn. You ask why....The colours are beautiful, you can't go wrong with a deep plum lipstick and it's boots season! I think that I wen a bit overboard with this post but you definitely have a wide choice today!

I am not made of money, I'm sure you're not either, so the other day I decided to create a post with all the latest and upcoming fashion. The idea of today's post is to help you achieve that adorable Autumn look, with a small budget. There is no order to this, just how they are coming up in my pictures. I'm going to get on with the post since there is a lot to go through today!

The first comparison that I have is obviously going to be boots, I just love them! These heeled lace up boots go with pretty much anything and barely ever go out of season, if you don't own a pair like this, the only question that I can ask is, why? There is a major price difference between these two boots as you can see, there is also a slight difference in their appearance but that doesn't really affect your overall outfit.

So if you're not a boots person, then you need to own a pair of brogues this season, they have been around for ages and are always dipping in and out of trend. In my personal opinion I would go for a more expensive pair but that is up to you.

Denim jackets are never cheap, But I think this image just shows how much of a bargain you can get on them. Denim jackets are a wardrobe must, they go with pretty much anything - double denim used to be a big fashion no-no, it is definitely socially acceptable to wear to now, I love my double denim outfits! This autumn, you should wear a dark top underneath it or maybe a polo-neck top.

As much as I love NARS, it is just way to expensive.  It is quite easy to find replicas of expensive make up products, they don't last too long though. This doesn't phase me too much, I would sooner pay £3.82 for a similar pallet to NARS' £34 one. If you're going to go dark on the eyes, go for a lovely nude lipstick so it doesn't detract from your lovely blending - a great tip from Victoria Beckham.

I don't know about you (***but I'm feeling 22***) but I love wearing cosy jumpers in autumn. Pink is all in this season and what better way to wear it than in jumper form? As you can see above, you can buy similar jumpers for a range of prices, you just have to know where to look. New Look do a great range of jumpers that I just had to get my hands on last year, lucky for me they've bought the same ones out again!

You always have to have a bit of leather in your life. I own two leather jackets - a nude and a black one. I love my black one, last year I tried something new...I wore a fluffy pale jumper, similar to the pink one above, underneath it and it really complimented both the jacket and the jumper. Just a small pointer to keep in mind.

Nude lips always go with dark eye make up, as I have mentioned. These lipsticks don't have to cost a lot of money, drugstore can be just as good as high end products. The nude really look fabulous with a darker outfit and straight hair. 

This Autumn, splashes of colour are really what we need and why not do it in the traditional style? Oranges are totally Autumn colours, and the best ones too! I love this River Island skirt better than the Dorothy Perking one, purely based on the burnt orange. There isn't much of a price difference in this one.

So these are the complete opposite of the nude lipsticks. Although these are the completely different to the nude colour they are equally as beautiful this Autumn season. These plum colours are the most amazing colours that you could wear with a printed scarf and a warm coat. I think this colour looks best matte but that is your decision.

And onto those all important scarves! This is by far the cheapest scarf that I have seen, Boohoo really know how to pull it out of the bag. I love the long plaid scarves that you can wrap around you more than once. Any plaid scarf will go with pretty much every coat.

Finally, we all need a great party dress in our lives, and velvet is the new favourite for Autumn 2016. These elegant dresses are beautiful for a cheeky mid-Autumn party and I can imagine they are warn and cosy. In my own opinion, I would pay out for the Topshop dress because I think it would compliment my figure more nicely.

I'm very sorry if you were disappointed with this post, I'm not the best at writing about new fashion trends but I try! I have a surprise coming up soon so keep your eye out on here!

Until next time...

Sophie xx


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